Is Spiritual Shaming Keeping You Silent?

lightworker eraoflightdotcomLet’s talk about shaming in the spiritual community.

As you know, we’re living in a time of polarity. A lot of the shadow elements of the world are being revealed, and it’s hard to witness.

I believe we are shadow workers as much as lightworkers.

You might know, I post daily Instagram and Facebook forecasts. Yet, some days, I’m so horrified…There are some days that I’m actually so horrified by what’s happening, it feels disingenuous to write about angels and numbers, or what’s considered inspirational.

As lightworkers we are required to help people process real world events with a higher perspective.

Sometimes for me, that’s simply posting about letting people know I’m right there with them, caring about the same things they do, so they know they’re not alone.

Sometimes I share action items about ways you can effect change through calling senators or participating in events.

Inevitably I receive a lot of backlash from this. Many people try to shame me into “staying in my lane” by only doing my daily numerology posts and keeping my mouth shut about other things.

Yet as a HUMAN, how could feel comfortable with what’s happening now and say nothing?

The Holocaust happened because good people said nothing.

I want to encourage you, if you’re feeling horrified and even scared by what’s happening in our world, say something.

If the only reason you’re not is because you’re afraid of how people will react to you, that’s the same shaming that’s kept people in the spiritual closet (or any closet) for years. At great costs.

Yes, you will receive backlash, yet those who stay with you will love you for who you are. All of you. Not someone you think they want you to be.

If you need support you have me and millions of other conscious beings here with you. We’ve got each other.

Let’s all be the lights we need in this world!


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