Judas Iskariot: Kingdoms

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcom.jpgI am Judas Iscariot and I have lived with you on Earth for thousands of years. We all have much experience of how it is to live in this kingdom. In the beginning it was bright and cheerful, something you welcomed as the experience you had long longed for. Gradually, you grew up, rich in experiences in the zone you belonged to. You started to search for something more and began to adapt to a new zone, whose experiences you have not yet properly addressed. It shines like gold on your heads today, because it is the zone of the golden rays that you now seek and seek. A zone of freedom, joy and love. This zone that you are now arriving at has been called the millennial kingdom, or the golden age. It can also be called the human kingdom, a kingdom in which humans appear as the image of God, a son of God created and united with the Father in thought, power, and love. It is in this kingdom that your great creative power can come up because you are then united with the Creator who created you. Your mind is connected to everything that is and you have unlimited power and strength. The power of love is great and it is in love and joy that you create a blessing for all your fellow human beings.

It is to this kingdom that you have taken your first steps and it is in this kingdom that your Father again welcomes you. Feeling inside is the change that has taken place in this life that you are now living on Earth. The adaptation to the new human kingdom or the golden age takes place gradually, but it is unconditional and its output is safe. You have all wanted to do this on any level and that is why you are here, even if you are on many different steps, on your way into this loving golden kingdom. Some of you have begun to experience these golden rays while others have just begun to perceive them. Some have begun to practice their love ability, while others have begun to perceive a light in the dark. In spite of this, you come from the same Creator with the same love ability, light and power to create loving creations for your fellow human beings. It just has not grown up in your consciousness yet. You are, however, equally loved and cherished regardless of which step you are in and finally you will all embrace each other in love, joy and peace.

Your world is now facing a challenge to embrace the loving principle and many people are now awakening to their highest love ability. An ability that Jesus Christ showed you when he walked down here on Earth about 2,000 years ago. It was the light that he brought down to Earth, which was the beginning of the future golden kingdom or human kingdom he belonged to. The first flame was lit so that several could carry it from century to century. Today we find ourselves at the peak of two kingdoms, and the golden rays of the new kingdom shine upon Earth, to revive the people to the loving creations that they once created. They are now another experience richer in the Universe that they belong to.

I think you have to think a little about this message before we return next time.

Know that you are cherished and loved and that God the Father is in you all without exception.

Great love



» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg