Conversation With Babaji: 5G, Cash Ban, RFID, No Way Out?

babaji eraoflightdotcomJJK: What’s next? Now 5G (1) is being introduced worldwide – the mass irradiation and mass manipulation of humans! The cash ban is also ante portas – an end to freedom in this regard. So how does it continue, is everything really overused to the last detail?

BABAJI: I’m with humanity, I’m with every human being – I’m with you, Jahn.

Yes! It is the passage of time and the dynamics inherent in the events before the final upheaval.

JJK: Humanity is driving at 100 km / h against the wall and it seems to me, as it now only right on the gas?

BABAJI: These developments are unstoppable, because this alone can bring about the new. The vast majority of people must go deeply into error.

Only then does the need arise for an exit and the power for the realization can be developed. An error has to be experienced deeply, with all the consequences, before the counter-movement occurs – this is true in the individual as well as in the global sense.

JJK: Is not it too late? If we are totally manipulated by electromagnetic radiation, if we lose all freedom in payment transactions and even if the RFID chip comes – is not it too late then? Then people are completely robbed of their freedom and mutated into bio-robots.
It is never too late!

BABAJI: It’s never too late to correct a mistake. It is true that the captivity of humanity is increasing. The circumstances you mentioned point to it. This is part of the big game on this earth and everyone has the choice – to play along or say NO.

JJK: I often think that only divine intervention can really help here.

How far are the impositions extended before the big cleansing begins?

Many people can no longer say NO or consciously YES because they are no longer themselves and no longer have their own will.
Situation is getting worse!

BABAJI: This situation keeps getting worse, until the day when the dark rulers of their triumph are certain, and until all humanity is largely under their influence – and it comes to a head, until the day the critical mass of people calling for the light is reached.

Of those who have retained their own will, a clear call and commission must go to the Creator, then events take their course in a new way. After that, the world is changed in a few days and not as it once was.

To awaken is to use one’s free will for the divine.

There are enough people who are clear minded and avoid any contact with the divine light. When a certain number of these people wake up, everything turns around and it becomes LIGHT.

JJK: What can we do next to our own cognitive work? If these 5G transmitters are deployed in all corners, or if we take the cash away and the RFID chip becomes “no-choice” – is there any way to stop these developments so that the worst can be avoided?

BABAJI: The path leads every human to himself. There are the answers for the individual. Fundamental is: to do consciousness work, to feel in oneself and to perceive the voice of God – then each person finds his answers and his own way.

The one will rise and throw himself into the earthly battle, the other will get up and throw himself into the spiritual battle – and some will act on both levels.

All this is in the sense of the Creator, since every person takes his place and fulfills his tasks.
Go your way with God

That is what matters on all your efforts. Go your unique and unique way. It is God who reveals this to you, and it is God who accompanies you at every step and blesses every one of your purposes.

Listen attentively to yourself – what are your orders – and then go your way. Do not follow a false prophet, do not participate in any revolution unless your orders demand of you or if a revolt lacks the spiritual basis.
Stay with yourself!

Strengthen your efforts to bind yourself to God, then everything comes automatically, because you are connected to the whole. Then the kingdom of God is in you and you no longer worry about how to live your life or what you should do.

JJK: Now I think of the words of Jesus Christ, which are wonderfully narrated in the New Testament:

“That’s why I tell you: do not worry about your life, what you should eat or drink, nor about your body, what you should wear! Is not life more than food and body more than clothing?

26 Look at the birds of the heavens: they do not sow, they do not harvest and do not gather supplies in barns; Your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are not you worth much more than her?

27 Which of you, with all your anxiety, can prolong your life by a small margin?

28 And what do you worry about your clothes? Learn from the lilies of the field how they grow: they do not work and do not spin.

29 But I say unto you, even Solomon was not clothed in all his splendor like one of them.

30 But if God so clothes the grass that is in the field today and is thrown into the oven tomorrow, how much more then you, you little believers!

31 So do not worry and do not ask: what should we eat? What should we drink? What should we wear?

32 For after all, the Gentiles strive. Your Heavenly Father knows you need it all.

33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness; then everything else will be added to you.

So do not worry about tomorrow; because tomorrow will take care of itself. Every day has enough of its own plague. “Matthew 6: 25-34

BABAJI: That’s the only truth, and you should follow it wholeheartedly, without overlooking the obvious or denying the obvious.
The future of humanity has begun

Days of upheaval are intended for this humanity. There’s no way around it.

Until then, every human being is invited by the primary source of all life to make his choice. This consists of:

1.) Continue to stay in the game or
2.) to continue the journey in the light and to leave this level.

Fear not a moment! Even if deserts become seas and oceans deserts: You are under my protection.

Become completely devoted to your inner transformation, then you will be immune to all the diseases that this world produces, and then you will remain free, even if all humanity is enslaved.

We continue this conversation elsewhere and at another hour, so that people can trust in divine guidance and that they can remain in confidence.

Now, as humanity staggers from one error to the next, it depends on those who are clear minded and have a pure heart. It is these people who are commanded to stop the wheel of karma.

Because the future of humanity has begun It begins today, here and now – in you.


I am in the middle of you.




5 Replies to “Conversation With Babaji: 5G, Cash Ban, RFID, No Way Out?”

  1. Doug James

    Hold on hear.. all we hear now is the light has won and energies are increasing and we are nearing the Event. This posting seems fear based to me. Rfid chips? 5G everywhere?

    1. Cheri

      I feel like Doug it is ones own fear projection. I do understand it though as it is a process to finding our sovereignty and uncovering the deception that was planned and failed. In a free society you can’t kill off your consumers or the environment without people rising up. Secondarily the only power they ever had was our fear of death when we were unconscious of the fact that we are totally eternal and just a soul having an experience for awhile in a human body. However we all have to clear these timelines of victimhood and powerlessness. There is a huge fear push on 5G and I am not sure where it is coming from. If you have an inward connection you know consciousness is coming for us all. The energy no longer supports nefarious goings on. These timelines are still clearing though and our christed consciousness is still being freed from the timelines running these fear programs through our brainwaves. The more you clear those fear projections the more peace you gain that all is going extremely well. It is a process of coming into the knowing. We all have to push through our fear and not avoid it to clear the resonance with these feelings. I remember RFD chips and the mark of the beast and all as a young person and simply thinking there is no way in hell I am doing that. Go ahead and kill me because I ain’t doing that! I was never in the matrix and knew no fear until the dark night of the soul started my ancestral clearing which we are all in the middle of right now! Hanging loose in a uptight world! Very old chiche lol!

      1. Jo

        Dear Cheri, your comments are always my favorite – i get such a kick out of you and the way you put things! I too felt the same way about the whole matrix thing with so-called “mark of the beast” and the chip installed into human bodies as quite clearly the crystal clear metaphor for me to power up and power on line my full-sense of rebel-sovereign-koshare-clown response – no way no how – and remember one afternoon having my “fur” brushed the wrong way once too many times – looking up at the sky full of obnoxious straight lines and that feeling of no no no ! not again not today not right now ! Then a string of swearing and nasty-ness came yelling out of my mouth (to my surprise) and it was like … ” i know who the hell i am – and you aren’t going to intimate me any which way – is this the worst you got? HA! This is nothing – there isn’t anything – it was a blur but i know it felt good. Damn, i was so naive though! Ha ha ha – good thing too. I Was sure they would be sorry they messed with me. Roar (lol) yeah, then i met my little lamby self and was too soft and sweet and love and light inducted me into the hall of fame (still trying to balance these ranges of emotions but it’s good to be able to share this with you. Your articles about Christ Wheat and multidimensional structures were so powerful and i have read them multiple times. You are an inspiration in the strength you emanate! I hope to keep seeing your comments – whether they are just for a little humor or to touch upon some good stuff.


        1. Cheri

          So great to hear from you! Isn’t it so wonderful to share! You are such a joyful person and I really appreciate hearing from you too! Yes so funny that rebel within our spirit that is the light esp when we are young lol! That Indigo streak to see the truth and break the systems, positively fearless in our sovereignty yet still sweet and loving and fun. We found the balance. I have found the light of God within to be so playful and fun yet a warrior spirit in strength of character with huge compassion for others. I sense the exact same in you. We have to laugh about life as we came here to enmesh ourselves in it and experience the richness of physicality in all its weirdness hahaha!

          Thanks for reading my post on the wheat. I sensed the creator infused it with spirit and memories or light codes. Amazing times we are living in really. To me it feels like the biggest inner adventure yet which is exciting to know there is so much more than this false matrix program. We are in such an intense clearing mode right now yet at some level we know this is why we came. Not to get rescued from above but to clear and radiate our God selves onto the planet just by embodying our presence step by step in the evolutionary process we know so well but was memory wiped within the matrix. We could be here in the physical or part of the inner voices and channelled wisdom of the non physical collective.

          When I first activated I was seeing these dark ones who were just staring at me in the astral. I knew they couldn’t touch my fearless spirit (lol like you) but really they can not touch the high vibration that we have become. I kept saying to them like holding some kind of astral seminar hahaha! You guys have totally missed the boat here you are mucking around with manipulating the lower vibrations and feeding off putrid energies and cloning the codes of creation to weild power over others and suck the life out of everything for energy when you could have the pure unending bliss which constantly rejuvenates itself by embodying the light! Then the clearing work began and they were sucked into my lightbody for reformation. And man the ones who controlled these false timelines were/are pissed lol! Flipping me off with the double fingers in the astral. Kicking and screaming hatred for the creator. Now they are running from timeline to timeline talking about how unfair it is that we are destroying their horrific creations of the hell realms lol.

          Now that I know more of the story of the wheat and realize the lengths they went to when they lost their inner connection and power with the contamination of christ consciousness, I can feel compassion for them yet I do temper that with the river of tears I have cried for the soul and consciousness fragments stuck within these false timelines and just suffering endlessly in a computer run quantum reality omg! It was 10x worse in the quantum realms than here. And mostly children (and animals) omg! Fragmented consciousness from pedophilia, SRA and incest being used to play out just bizzare sick stuff. So it is a balance as revenge is never sweet and evolution is the only way to harmony and balance. And that I am happy to do! Love you Jo! Thanks for your comment felt in oneness of spirit for sure! 😘