Monthly Astro-Forecasts July 2019

astrology energy eraoflightdotcomMessage for July 2019

July looks set to be a month of continued release as we let go of more of the ‘stuff’ and clutter in our lives. We all have it; whether it’s physical clutter around the house, a cluttered laptop or a stuffed-up mind. It’s only natural to accumulate stuff and clutter on our journey through life, after all, we’re naturally inquisitive and curious beings. However, when we continually collect without letting go, we can become bunged up and stodgy as our sense of self fades under the weight of everything we carry around. Over time, we start to define ourselves through the clutter and, as a result, we risk becoming lost and disconnected from our sense of Self. We can end up with a kind of energetic constipation where we’re unable to move freely as energetic beings, as we’re so cluttered up with stuff.

Obviously, the concept of stuff means something different to each individual; for some it’s anything other than the essential in life or ‘energetic minimalism’ and whilst this cuts out a lot of clutter, it does run the risk of the strictness acting as its own form of restriction and energetic restraint. For a great many others, it’s more about the extra knickknacks and window dressing: those things we pick up along the way because they look interesting at the time or simply because they’re there. There’s no right or wrong as we’re all unique, but the thread that unifies us is the willingness to acknowledge that the stuff exists and to realise the need to let it go.

The more we hold on to, the more stagnant we become. Flow is important as it allows us to breathe more deeply into life as our lungs are freer and less unencumbered by clutter. The more we can set free, the lighter we feel, whilst this does allow us to welcome in the new, it also gives us the opportunity to breathe freely into the spaces created. Space is a good thing and it doesn’t need to be immediately filled with more clutter. It’s time we let go of the need to do more, be more, see more and achieve more. This isn’t to say that we should all give up on our hopes and dreams, but we do need to give up on the constant quest to be better as this suggests an unwillingness to accept and love ourselves exactly as we are. This then keeps us disconnected as our hopes are future focused rather than focused on the present moment.

We are complex beings living in a complex world, and for many, stuff brings comfort and reassurance, and it can help give us a sense of belonging. Yet, at the end of the day, stuff cannot complete us as only we can do that ourselves. In the end, clutter becomes a distraction and it can become bigger than the sum of its parts as it can take over like ivy creeping through an old building.

We seem ready now to travel more lightly and to set ourselves free from many of the conditions and restrictions we place on ourselves. Life really isn’t about how much stuff we can accumulate as it can’t make us happy. Stuff is just stuff; it only shapes and defines us if we allow it to. It’s time now to shake free and to find new ways of living that allow us to flourish, thrive and blossom…

For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As you continue to breathe life into the fire within your heart and soul, there is a sense of a powerful awakening occurring right at the core of your being. You are a wise and intuitive soul, and your creative effervescence frequently drives you into pastures new, yet there is a part of you that holds back and hovers on the periphery, tentatively waiting for the right moment, the right sign or the right opportunity. Caution is often a good thing as it means you don’t run before you can walk, but it can also stifle your creative flow as it can act like a chain around your ankle, holding you down and tethering you in one place. It can therefore be hard to know how to act as, on one hand, you want to fly free, but on the other, you are content to proceed with caution as you try to optimise the moment; this can leave you tied to the spot, but struggling to pull free.

The key to unlock this seemingly paradoxical conundrum is to realise that the chain is metaphorical and energetic, and whilst these have great power in the way it can shape your life, if you can begin to shift your perspective, you will see that whilst the chain may be around your ankle, it’s not actually attached to anything (unless you choose it to be). It therefore seems important for you to set yourself free from the perception of being tied down and also to begin to realise that rather than being reckless and throwing caution to the wind, your free spirit really does have your best interests at heart. Balance seems to be the name of the game now and it’s time to nurture and cultivate this in order to wholeheartedly connect with the fire within your heart and soul…


The concept of honouring yourself looks set to take centre stage throughout July as you begin to see your life from a new perspective. You have spent a long time trying to be the best version of you that you can be, and you have sacrificed so many of your own hopes and dreams as a result. Over recent months, you have started to see the ways in which you give and over-give, as well as the ways in which others take and, well, over-take. Although you don’t like to admit it, there are some who do take advantage of your good nature and this has started to take its toll on you; it’s not that you begrudge helping others, but you are beginning to realise just how much this has sapped your spirit and depleted your energy over the long-term. Yet, you can struggle to stop this pattern, and then the frustration grows as you feel you should do more to resolve things. This then, undoubtedly, creates more pressure and more frustration, and so the cycle continues.

You have gone through a fairly intense and challenging period of self-doubt, self-exploration and bewilderment, trying to make sense of what motivates you to over-give and what causes you to let others over-take, but maybe the time has come for you to stop looking for the reasons and to instead make a conscious choice to create change? Making a choice to declare a new way of living and being is easier said than done, but you are a visionary, strong and creative soul, and where there is a will, you have the way. Try not to think too much about the things you have given up or sacrificed over the years, try to instead think about what warms your heart and soul, and make the present moment matter the most…


As you continue to come to terms with the deeper side of your nature, you have also been exploring what makes you tick and why you are the way you are. Although these are immensely complicated and multifaceted issues, this has been something of a natural progression for you as self-understanding has always been your key to self-evolution and self-awareness; in short, you like digging! This hasn’t been an easy undertaking though and it seems your emotional being has been put through the ringer, but you’re a complex soul and whilst your complexity has made this task challenging, it has also made you even more determined to keep trying to unravel the intricacies of what makes you, you!

You have experienced some profound lows in your life, as well as some magnificent highs, and both of these can make it hard to travel the middle way as it can seem a bit bland and uninteresting. Yet, the middle way isn’t really the absence of highs and lows, it’s more a blend of the two, and an ability to ride the highs and the lows with conscious awareness; it’s more of an equaliser of moments than a canceller of experiences. You have always been good at turning to face the truth of your nature and you are open to acknowledging the less straightforward aspects of your soul, and whilst this has enabled you to understand yourself more deeply, it has also created many layers of confusion as although you’re keen to see the wood for the trees, sometimes looking too hard at the wood makes the trees, the forest and the planet vanish out of focus. It’s time now to stop trying so hard to unravel yourself in order to be re-born, it’s time now to realise that you’re perfectly imperfect exactly as you are…


July looks set to be a month of inner revolution and evolution as you begin to gain a clearer sense of knowing as to what you truly want in your life. It’s been a question that’s been floating around your consciousness for a very long time, but you have usually been too busy keeping on keeping on to even contemplate it, let alone consider the answer. Even now, although you are eager to create change in your life, there is a sense of trepidation that change actually means change, and you wonder if upsetting the apple cart is a good idea (yes, it’s complex being you!). Sometimes standing in-between two moments can be harder than taking a step into unchartered terrain as the energy it takes to procrastinate can end up being exhausting. Yet, why are you caught up in procrastination?

For most people, this would suggest that the thing you think you truly want perhaps isn’t what you truly want, otherwise you would feel a sense of knowing to move forward. However, you’re more complex than most people, so it may be that this isn’t actually the issue for you, it’s perhaps more to do with wondering how your choices will affect those around you. It’s a bit like throwing a pebble into a pond and watching the ripples created, you’re just not sure if what you truly want is just too big of a boulder for the pond of your life. Of course, the pond is the size of your choosing, but it’s grown smaller over time as you have let go of your dreams in order to keep on keeping on. However, now is the time for you to realise that the pond is not finite; try not to think in terms of what you cannot do, it’s time now to embrace what you truly want…


Your creativity and intuitive prowess look set to take centre stage throughout July as you turn to face a new chapter in your life. You’ve been on the periphery for a long time now, sensing something new on the horizon, but not being able to articulate it as it was more of a feeling than anything else. Even now, you’re not quite sure what’s around the corner, and, as a result, you feel a buzz of anticipation and you feel ready for change, but it’s hard to get excited without knowing what you’re getting excited about. Yet, even though you’re not sure what lies ahead, you still feel ready for something new; it’s as though you are nearing the summit of a mountain peak and although you can’t wait to see the view, at the moment even though you’re in thick cloud and surrounded by rock, you’re more focused on the thrill of the climb and knowing that the summit is within your reach.

Of course, no one ever knows what’s around the corner, every step of life is unknowable and uncertain, yet there are times when you feel a confirming sense of knowing that you are moving in the right direction, and you have an inkling as to where the path you’re walking is heading. When you get these feelings, they are hard to interpret but they warm your heart and soul, and this is what you tend to use as your guide. At the moment, although you’re ready for change, you’re hesitant because this change isn’t, as yet, warming the cockles of your soul. However, try not to let this shape and define what happens next, instead try to breathe into the moment and realise that there are different ways to know you’re on the right track, and it’s time now to trust your intuition and let it lead the way…


As the concept of ‘not doing’ continues to weave its way through your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to gain a clearer sense of what ‘not doing’ really means. It would be easy to think ‘not doing’ is the opposite of ‘doing’, and in many ways it is, but this isn’t about doing nothing or giving up, nor is it about shirking any of your responsibilities; in this context, ‘not doing’ is a willingness for you to rest in the moment and to begin living your life more consciously. Life isn’t always about things to do, people to see and places to go; whilst you excel at all of these, there are times when you realise this can all come at a cost of not living your life more in accordance to your true essence. Whilst the concept of ‘not doing’ feels quite alien to you, intuitively you know it’s an important concept to grasp hold of now as you have reached a choice point in your life: to either continue as you are or not to.

Yes, you have achieved a great deal, and yet, there is still a sense of disconnection, a feeling that you’re not wholeheartedly connected to the path you walk in life. July presents you with an opportunity to re-evaluate your life from the inside, out, in order to think about your true priorities. In many ways, ‘not doing’ is just as important, if not more so, than ‘doing’, as it’s the spaces in the moments in-between the busy-ness where true wisdom resides. You may be a ‘do-er’ but there is doing in not doing; intuitively you know this to be true as sometimes ‘not doing’ is more proactive than ‘doing’. This isn’t a riddle, it’s simply a request for you to listen to your intuition in order to live a fuller, richer and more enhancing life…



At the core of your being, there is a deep sense of inertia that seems to have grown in shape and form over time. This inertia is slightly nebulous and hard to articulate as it’s more of a whirring in your solar plexus than a clear cut, well-defined ‘thing’. Whilst you’re used to the nebulous, wafty, undefined nature of life, it’s hard sometimes not to feel frustrated when you’re unable to grasp your own depths as you long to stand on firmer ground in order to regain your balance and focus. There are days when you feel as though you’re perched on a log in water, running on the spot, trying not to fall in – your focus is immense, and the concentration is making beads of sweat drip from your forehead. There’s no doubt that you can keep this task going for a considerable length of time, the question you maybe should be asking though is, ‘do you really want to?’.

Yes, you are determined and driven, so your desire to keep pushing until you break through the inertia is understandable. However, there are times, when inertia is a saving grace, it’s a force of patience and biding your time. Sometimes, pushing so hard to move forwards means you miss the point of the present moment and whilst your efforts at log running are admirable, the time seems to have come for you to realise the other choices you have from sitting on the log and floating, carving out a canoe, diving into the depths, swimming to land – the list is endless. In other words, it’s time to shift your focus towards the bigger picture and away from the nebulousness; it’s easy to get lost in nebulousness, but take a deep breath, blink and your focus is back. It’s time to regain your poise and composure as you discover a new way of living and being…


As you continue to re-evaluate your ‘to do’ list, there’s a sense you are beginning to gain a clearer sense of the things that nourish you and the things that don’t. Although you’ve always had a good awareness of the things that deplete you, it’s been hard to manage as these are often the things that you feel obligated to do. So, over time, you’ve found ways of incorporating these into your life even though you know they are not necessarily good for your heart and soul and, over time, you have slowly taken on more and more things that deplete you. It’s not that you are trying to give yourself a hard time, but you want to help, support, nourish and nurture others, and so you find yourself giving even when you haven’t anything left to give. Whilst most of this occurs on an energetic level, this is perhaps the most important, as unless you’re balanced within, then all of your life can feel higgledy-piggledy and wonky.

As you’ve taken a closer look at your ‘to do’ list, you’ve seen just how many items on the list are connected to the hopes and dreams of others rather than on what sets your own soul on fire. Undoubtedly you are a loving, generous and giving soul, but when this comes at the cost of your own energy and passion, then you know things have grown too out of kilter. Of course, knowing this doesn’t fix the issue as the only way to shift the balance is to do something about it, and although you may not be keen to upset the apple cart of your life, it is important for you to seek out new ways to thrive. You are an intuitive, wise and creative soul, so use these gifts now and let them lead the way…


As you continue to explore the theme of compromise in your life, there is a sense that you are beginning to feel a growing sense of restlessness to up-anchor and sail away towards pastures new. It’s as though the more aware you become of the compromises you’re making, the more you want to run for the hills. Whilst this is certainly an option, intuitively you sense the need to turn to face these compromises in order to stand up for what you know is right. Of course, compromise is a part of life, but compromise in this instance is actually not really compromise, it’s more about you giving and others taking, as is often the way as you can find it so hard to honour your own needs. You see it as compromise because you’re not sure you want to see it in the clear light of day as the notion that you give whilst others take doesn’t feel too palatable.

However, it’s only when you see it this way that you can begin to look at the patterns and cycles in your life in order to bring about change; the only compromise you’re making is in letting things carry on as they are. Now this isn’t to say that you need to shatter the dynamics around you in order to break free, this is more about the need to think about why you’re so happy to let others run circles around you. Whilst this isn’t happening all of the time, now you’ve seen the pattern, it’s hard not to spot it in many of the nooks and crannies of your life, so it seems important for you to find new ways to honour yourself rather than running for the hills when it all gets too much. You are an amazing, warm, wonderful and incredible soul, and it’s time now for you to start believing this…


July looks set to be a month of renewed determination and drive as you begin to seek out new avenues to explore and pathways to walk. You’ve been treading water for a long time now, and you finally seem ready to expand your boundaries and discover pastures new. This is more about a desire to experience new things than a need to shake up your life, and whilst the two may inevitably feel like they come as one package, you will quickly realise that it’s perfectly possible to expand your horizons without creating giant waves. Of course, there may come a time when you want to create waves in order to bring about multi-level change, but this isn’t inevitable and it’s important for you to acknowledge this otherwise you may find yourself holding back through a fear of creating one too many ripples. Yes, whatever choices you make and do not make create ripples, but life isn’t always about something ending so something new can begin, sometimes it’s more about appreciating the different layers and welcoming new opportunities to complement your experience rather than to completely change it.

It therefore seems important for you to start thinking about which pathways you truly want to explore, rather than the ones you feel you ought to explore, as your heart and soul are longing to be set free. This is a time for you to step beyond the four walls of your everyday life and to realise that you are a vibrant and interconnected soul; the more you breathe life into this idea, the more you will realise that you are not only defined by the things you do, you are also defined by the things you don’t do as well. You seem ready now to stop holding back and start opening up to your creative and intuitive gifts. It’s time to rev up the engine and soar to new heights…


As you continue to find new ways to step beyond the ordinary in life, there is a sense you’re beginning to realise that the more you look, the more you find! It’s similar to the more answers you seek out, the more questions you have. Exploration may lead to knowledge, but it also leads to a sense of knowing just how little you truly know. It’s not that you have been going out of your way to be awkward or different, but you intuitively know the importance of living in accordance to your hopes and dreams. You have never been one to conform to the ‘norm’, and you have spent much of your life exploring what the ‘norm’ really is as it has often baffled and perplexed you. After all, everyone has a different definition of normal, so you can see how divisive it can be.

Yet, despite intuitively knowing the importance of walking your own path, you have found it difficult at times as you have often sought ‘safety’ by blending in. It may seem a bit paradoxical to want to be different, but to want to blend in at the same time, yet in many ways, this makes perfect sense for you as you are more of an everyday warrior in life; trying to make the extraordinary ordinary and within reach. Being unique and special is something you see in everyone, so in many ways this is your true ‘norm’. In essence, you seem to be on a mission at the moment, and that is a mission to the core of your being as you try to bring the inside out. Let your true magic and colours shine brightly, as your willingness to love, honour and cherish yourself exactly as you are is something of a beacon for others. This willingness is also an important step on your pathway towards joy…


As you continue to explore the currents and tides of life, you are finally beginning to realise that you are a creator of the currents rather than a passive piece of driftwood. Whilst you have intuitively sensed this for years, you have been reluctant to take ownership of this as it has somehow felt a bit brash and self-indulgent to you to feel like you have any sense of control of the direction of the flow of your life. Now this isn’t to say that you are in total control as you’re not, but you do have far more input than you often like to believe. It’s not that you like to avoid taking responsibility for the currents (the choices and decisions you make), it’s just that you so frequently can’t see beyond the mêlée of your everyday life and therefore just can’t see where or how you have any sense of control. However, if you pause for a moment, close your eyes, take a deep breath and re-centre, you will quickly regain your sense of focus.

Being a creator of the currents isn’t about ego and it’s not a negative thing (after all, everyone creates the currents in some way, shape or form), but it’s still important for you to acknowledge your role in your own life, otherwise you can end up feeling more and more like that piece of driftwood, with your sense of self slowly drifting away. Undoubtedly you have been through some challenging times and there have been moments when it has all felt like to much, but as soon as you take a breath and re-centre, you quickly begin to regain your poise and balance. Life is rarely straightforward, but it seems that the more you begin to reconnect to your heart and soul, and the more you open up to the currents you create, the more you will find a deeper and truer sense of peace…