The Crystal Kingdom: Emotional Beacon

the crystal kingdom eraoflightdotcom.jpgDear light creatures, dear people on earth,

There are those of you who wonder why you do not feel a joyful range of emotions in the New Times first interval. You have waited a long time for the New Age and your ideas if it has been many. You are not at all at peace with how you perceive yourself or what you have been waiting for in the New Age for so long.

To all of you who are angry, sad, abandoned and perhaps desperate about what you are experiencing now, we wish to explain that it is not the light of the New Age that makes you feel bad without the fact that the new light’s presence in you now illuminates the most low-frequency parts of you that you carried on in eons of time. These dark feelings have steered your life and when the new light shines on them, you are forced to see them and then it hurts, emotional feelings are experienced and you suddenly understand nothing.

You are your own emotional beacon, you have lots of old feelings that have steered your life at a level that has not previously been consciously available to you. You simply have not had “lung capacity” to swim down on the bottom of your own beaker as the depth in it is greater than you previously thought. You have often experienced that you have not been able to create what you have previously wanted, but you have not understood why even when you meditated, communicated with guides and did your best to understand. It has been tough times for you but in truth many of these low-frequency parts have not only been uncomfortable for you, you have actually not wanted to live without them either and when these parts are now lit up, your old structures are suddenly questioned and your life is put in rocking.

There are those of you who are not interested in rooting in “old garbage” in yourselves. For you, the trip now looks different. You choose to go further into the light without bringing down the light in your old emotional cup and gaining insight into what you really had for you in the last hundred lives or so. You have put out a new path for yourself and simply choose to leave your old emotional life and move on without further analysis.

Many of you are not ready to let go of your old feelings yet. You will not at all mourn this, but will follow your own direction and be at peace with it. You will not experience that you have left behind but feel that you now finally want to create a three-dimensional life that you are more at peace with than before.

There are endless more ways to go for you now, these are just a few of them. You could say that you are now at a crossroads where you have more choices than ever when it comes to your continued path. Common to all of you is that you will not hesitate on your continued path. You will all clearly know whether you want to create a three-dimensional life that “works for you at last” or if you would rather move into a more high-frequency world where light and love are more important than high material status and powerful courage to be the ones as you feel you always wanted to be. All roads are created by yourself and no one is worse or better than the other. All choices are made based on the desires and needs of experiences your souls have. All souls bring with them a plan that makes you safe when you now move on into the New Time in a way that suits you and all guides, angels and light beings are fully aware of what your soul has for your plan.

With these words, we therefore wish to explain to you that all feelings that are currently blooming in you are entirely in order. Those of you who move on without gaining insight into the old have a simple journey purely emotionally right now, but you have and will have moments of emotional emptiness instead. You all have a way to walk that is fantastic for you and together you constitute an extremely exemplary weave of experiences that from a higher perspective is a true energy-related masterpiece to view.

We therefore propose that you settle for peace, take root, in yourselves and let your own being, your own feelings and your own desires be the ones who govern you. Be aware that now you are all leaders in your own life and that only you yourself know exactly what you want. Don’t allow yourself to be influenced by others’ choice of road, as these roads can look fantastic at first glance but certainly not fit you when you have your own way to go. Feel for a moment every day how you stand firmly grounded in yourself.

We love you all and wish that you respect, accept and are at peace with the path that you have now chosen for yourself while you in your heart choose to accept and love everyone else in your vicinity who has chosen to walk other ways. You have created a new starting point for who you are and will be from now on into the New Time. There are only the right paths and everyone will naturally find their way even if it is now feels doubtful for many of you.

Recall that “from the greatest chaos comes the greatest insights”.


» Source » Channel: Carina