Surfing the Extremes; July 2019 Energy Update

new earth eraoflightdotcomSurfing the Extremes: Alignment and Rejection, Elevation and Depletion and Realization and Reflection.

We are definitely in a period of EXTREMES – with extreme speed, extreme transformation and extreme and unexpected happenings in our lives waking us up and shaking us up. As we go through July and August, that unexpected and extreme energy is going to come into sharp focus – both for individuals and for all of us as a collective.

The main themes for July focus on how we can SURF THE EXTREME ENERGY:



The theme of alignment will be showing up strongly in the next couple of months. Alignment is when we connect with the people, places and things that we’re meant to connect with because they are right for our soul and right for our path in life. For example, you might meet someone who is going to be a step on your journey to what you want to do in the world (perhaps they’re an old soul friend). Or you may be invited to visit a place you’ve never been to before, and when there, you have a really profound experience, “Wow! I’ve never felt like this about a place before!” So these new and ALIGNED experiences will be showing up.

But the other extreme of Alignment is Rejection, and this may be a theme which surfaces in a new way this next month or two. Rejection is one of the most uncomfortable wounds around love and connection that we have on the planet. And sometimes rejection shows up for us because it’s something that we need to heal or have perhaps been playing out all our life. Often, if we had traumatic experiences of feeling rejected earlier in our life, we will play those out again. We’ll enlist someone else who has a habit of rejecting us – or we think they have a habit of rejecting us because they’re not quite giving us the attention that we would like – and we interpret their behaviour as rejection. Because that’s the way we are seeing and filtering it based on our past experiences. Or sometimes, we will reject a person or opportunity first before we can be rejected.

Alignment and Rejection are connected – they need each other. If you learn to depersonalize rejection, you will remember that rejection isn’t usually about you – it’s that the other person is not seeing your (or the value in you and your) connection with them in the way you would like them to. But that will often have nothing to do with you. What tends to happen for those of us who have a rejection wound is that we’ll start chasing rejection over and over and creating patterns and people to play that out with us. In doing so, we end up re-traumatizing ourselves repeatedly rather than thinking, “Oh wow – I should not be going after this person who is running in the other direction”, or, “I should not be banging on the door of this opportunity that keeps telling me ‘no’, over and over again.”

There will always be the steadfast among you who will think, “No – if I keep banging this door, on the eighth try they are going to open it!” Those of you who are not affected by (or thrive on) ‘the chase’ will be fine with this approach. However, if you are one who finds yourself off-balance emotionally and starting to feel rejected in this scenario, let go of replaying the wound where you lose your sense of power and connection. Why? Because if you are chasing people or opportunities who are rejecting you, you are missing the alignment opportunities that are waiting to come to you from another direction. Remember: if one person says, “No”, it will leave the door open for another person to say, “Yes!” Rejection and Alignment are deeply connected in that way.

There is an incredible healing arc playing out around alignment and rejection in the next couple of months. Can you trust the things that you are feeling rejected by or the things that you are choosing to reject in your life? Maybe you’ll be surprised, “Wow, I’m no longer behaving the way that I used to, I’m no longer playing out this pattern, I’m no longer aligned with this person.” Remember that if you go into the TRUST of what will come next, and lovingly agree to let go of the grief as you feel it and move through it, then a new alignment will come in for you. As we let go of one thing we create space for another – new alignments, new opportunities, new gifts. So, when and if rejection shows up, the trick is to ask yourself:

• How do I feel about it?
• Do I have an opportunity here to feel differently about it than I did in the past?


The second theme to come through in July is Elevation and Depletion. Again, this is to do with ENERGETIC EXTREMES. There can be a rapid feeling of TRANSFORMATIONAL ELECTRICAL ENERGY in your body. Your heart might feel bigger than ever before; your visionary mind might see the most amazing thing; or you might have the most profound experience in nature that you don’t ever remember having at this level. But then the opposite can happen just as quickly – a feeling of depletion.

The question to ask yourself when you go into depletion is:

How do I deal with the fact that my energy has run out and I am feeling depleted?

A lot of us will think that there’s something wrong and that we need to fight it. In reality, the gift of depletion is that we are all having an ‘accordion-like’ energy expansion on the planet. You get to open up, to feel more expanded in your life for a while but then your body, your soul and your energy field say, “Now I’m going to bring you back down again so that you can get used to it.”

The state of elevation often feels euphoric and reveals that you are deeply connected to everything. Depletion is simply the end result of a new high; the high speed, the high empowerment, the high shift that we’re going through.

So when we’re depleted, we need to ask ourselves, how are we grounding? If you are someone who is surfing the highs and really struggling with the lows, ask yourself where you might need more grounding practices in your life. Grounding is very specific and practices for grounding your body on the Earth are really important at these heightened times. It might be doing some yoga or going into your garden for 30 minutes a day – whatever it is that specifically grounds you. Ask yourself:

• What grounding tools do I need?
• What grounding person, activity or place do I need a little more often in my life so that I can surf these waves of elevation and depletion?


Epiphanies are wonderful things. As we go through our lives, as we age and as our experiences expand, we see things differently. We have REALIZATIONS about past events, current events, the way we see the world and the way we see our life. And then we have a moment of REFLECTION. We take that new way of seeing and we can look back from where we’ve come – whether that’s looking at the history of the planet, the history of humanity or just looking at our own personal story. You may see ways that you behaved in the past that suddenly give you a light bulb moment, “Oh god, I now see why that was the best I could do back then, but having had this epiphany, this realization – I know I could do that better next time. I can now move forward differently.”

So realizations require reflection for us to make useful change. Often, if you don’t ground epiphany or realization energy, you can find yourself running around like a ‘headless chicken’ and just repeating the same pattern. For example, the realization might be, “Oh my god, I’ve just realized I need this kind of person to be in love with and I’m going to go and find them now!” It’s good to have the realization but then it’s equally important to have the reflection time before you act – to let the energy come back down into the body and settle, so you can then go, “I’ve had that epiphany, so let me take a good look at my patterns of behaviour and how I created and agreed to what I experienced before. Now let me look at the patterns up ahead.”

So for those of you who are going through very fast awakening stages – feeling like you are changing faster than ever before, feeling like you don’t yet know who you’re becoming or what you’re doing next but you know that something profound is happening to you – REFLECTION IS THE KEY. It doesn’t mean overly navel-gazing or obsessively looking at your own life, it means taking moments to stop, breathe, look at what you’re learning and what you’re experiencing differently in the world and then go, “Okay, how do I want to apply this and what does it mean to who I am, who I’ve been and where I’m going?”

There is an incredible power in PRESENCE and STILLNESS right now and that’s what this gift of reflection gives us. Realizations, epiphanies are happening faster than ever before but they become SUPER-POWERED when we take time to reflect. When we reflect, we can make NEW decisions and be conscious about the new pathways that we’re creating. And that’s what’s birthing on the planet right now – more conscious creation and more conscious people. Because consciousness is slowly seeping into the unconscious parts of our old society, so that we can move forward in a very different way.

So although July and August are fast energetically, you will probably find there’s a POWER in SLOWNESS and STILLNESS – more than in speed and action. There’ll be a few of you who are having a great time and getting a load done via speed and action. But for most of you, the power will come through taking your time, letting things filter in and giving them time to land – and trusting that you’re not going to miss anything by sitting and being with your new elevated thoughts. In fact, that is the very state that is going to create more abundant realities for you in the future.

Have a great month everyone.

Big love,

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