Yeshua: Salvation

yeshua eraoflightdotcom newI am Christ and today we will take up another subject. A topic that I think many of you are thinking about. What is meant by salvation and what is meant by forgiveness? Can one rule out the other? Is the one who is saved free from forgiveness? Yes, they dispute the scholars. Can a saved man ever sin? It is possible? Are we sinful people or are we unconscious people who make mistakes? Are these these mistakes to be forgiven and who does it? Yes, it is a question that can be a little tricky to answer. Have we all made mistakes or is there any man who has walked on Earth through this heavy dark period, which has not made any mistakes. No, so it may not be, we have all made mistakes and we have all learned how to correct the mistakes. In this way our mistakes were corrected and new experiences could flow in and new mistakes were made that were again corrected etc. In that sense there is no sin and there is nothing to forgive.

You grow in your compassion and in your consciousness, your mistakes become smaller and smaller until you completely put them in the hand of God and let you be led by him. Under the direction of God, your mind is cleansed and you become one with his mind. You now understand your role on Earth and the function you have here. Your purpose is to forgive yourself and the world by mistake that has been made so that a new and better world can appear on Earth. A world of love and peace. In every heart where peace and love live, there is a savior for the world we have created. It is the light that spreads over the world today and that is the light that builds a new world beside the old one. The old world cannot be united with the new one and the new one cannot be formed above the old one. The old world will disappear in nothing when the people have awakened to the great truth. The true reality of how Kosmos is built and the laws that prevail there. Only the laws of God are available and only His laws are the firm principles that hold the Cosmos together, for everything is one with Him. We live and exist in him and we are his co-creator in the great “Kosmos”, which we have no ability to understand at the moment. All we create, we create through Him, everyone’s Creator or God.

It is to this understanding of understanding that mankind is now on its way and it can feel like a big step to take, but the culmination is reached and the first conscious light rays have reached the Earth so that people with a higher love ability can capture them, and become the saviors that the Earth needs both. Earth thirsts for love and peace just as most of humanity does. In every part of the Earth’s corner there are searching people who yearn for the light. Some see the light and catch it. Others perceive it and are strengthened by the rays of their fellow human beings. What lights up is the light in your interior. The closed gate in your heart opens and the light can come out and your mind can be healed, it can be safe again and completely. At the same time the fear disappears and a peace spreads within you. A peace of joy and love that is so strong that the whole Earth can perceive it.

Isn’t that what you want, dear brothers and sisters? Isn’t it a loving sister or brother you want to be, to the joy and peace of all your fellow human beings on Earth. It is through you that peace begins and it is through your light that you save the world for the mistakes that have been made or made in this or the past.

I am found in the light of your hearts. Follow me and your mind will be filled with love and peace again.

Your eternal brother, Jesus Christ.


» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg