Yeshua: Solar Eclipses

yeshua eraoflightdotcom newIf the theme today is solar eclipse, then the effects of the eclipse are combined with star light, for the whole slant. Music, love and happiness are the lot that the eclipse gives you all. Therefore, meditate with a smile on your lips. The softness of your souls will bring forth unmistakable feelings of inwardness and joy, for the light of eternity is channeled as best during a solar eclipse, and the time after. Enables this light to reach your souls. Meet the light proclaimed by recognized ascended masters. Do not delay going the true way, as recognized masters trampled in bygone times.

The rail can deceive your eyes, dear people. You are not a fruit of the past. You are also not separated from the future. The important thing we want to talk to you about today is that the truth about time is that it does not exist as you think. The truth about time is that it is a glow from creation’s very first streak of light, to the very last streak of light in creation. Consciousness cannot grasp this perspective. It is because the will to understand existence linearly is so strong in you. But there is nothing in the conscious part of eternity that is linear. Possibly the location of the celestial bodies that create an eclipse in the sky. But it is months and years that count when it comes to the “linear time”, which is not linear.

The force is built into all life. The force develops from everything that lives and it develops around a living core. So tomorrow is a layer on the outside, and around the day before. The days lie like another layer on the onion. But each new layer is connected to the previous layer, therefore life develops as a spiral. The beauty of this is that the knowledge remains, from all previous layers of life. It doesn’t matter if you change your body. You carry with you all your accumulated knowledge as a spiritual being through the spiral of the soul. The eternal dance of the soul on the sages of the saliva works in the same way. Consciousness is still expanding. And every turn of the spool also makes the roll larger and larger. The outermost yard is always the largest. No, this is not entirely true, because the spiral time is also characterized by constantly new cycles. It is most evident when you people get children, then a new cycle begins. The new life comes from you, but creates your own spiral. There are very many spirals, but all are covered by a single large spiral. And what’s outside it? There is an infinite number of very large spirals, just as there are galaxies in a universe. Outside the universe there is an infinite number of other universes, which are part of the great universe, etc. …

So if we say that past, present and future, everyone exists here and now, at the same time. Then you think we’re crazy. But we are not. The linear time is an illusion. You are in the past, present and future at the same time. To understand this, you also need to realize that the room is an image that fits your physical eyes. But the three-dimensional space is also a strong simplification of reality. Do not measure life with your physical eyes, because then you do not know the truth about who you are. Instead, measure life with your inner vision. Enables the eternal light to illuminate your existence. The eternal light comes from the eternal room characterized by love, eternal life, truth, timelessness and abundance. Look for your interior how you are offered notions of the true being. Consciousness follows the eternal laws of crinoline around your waist. You have come out of a spiral vortex, and your life is formed from this vortex or vortex.

Creation is formed within and outside of you. What you call past lies in the depths of your soul as living forms of light and love. The beam from this light is here and now, and can never disappear. The important thing for you to understand is that this glow also has a source, a clock point, that you can let influence. The Middle Kingdom, is always a present state, within all living. The middle kingdom is in everything that lives, and has lived. This realm of the middle, you can always reach. You recognize the realm of the center through the supple feeling of the whirlwind that swings up within you. This feeling shows you the truth about the vortex that all life comes from. The truth about the recognized masters who have come before you is that they live here and now. They are all enclosed by additional layers of life and consciousness. These layers allow the knowledge that was inside to flow up to the surface and be illuminated by a new light. Their life is the same as yours. Their lives are connected with your life, in the great spiral. Therefore, you, longing man, can follow the light of eternity inward, and face the masters as they once were. You can talk to them and you can influence them. The great thing about being able to do this is that it also affects the event right up to the layer of light where you live. The visionary light then continues into the future.

The important part to understand is that you also have access to the future, here and now. The state that you perceive as future is something you think has not yet happened. But it is so that the event is something that happens in all layers of light at the same time. What is happening in your eyes is really a being – an eternal being of light. Your life is moving within this spectra of light. Your body ages within this spectra of light, and your soul gets the opportunity to evolve in the spiral form of all life. My advice to you is to imagine a big tree. When the tree is a small plant, the shape of the large tree is programmed in its life codes. The finished form already exists within the plant as a thought form. It takes a consciousness to imagine the whole – the perfection. But perfection is always here and now, in all life. It is your limited brain and sight that sometimes find it difficult to see and perceive the whole, and its perfection.

But the beauty of a consciousness is that it is also a part of the whole and the perfection, so when you start working on letting your consciousness become a part of The End – perfect consciousness – then you also see the truth about the whole. You begin to heal your wounds when the only sight works through you. You begin to understand your own greatness and divinity when you let the only consciousness work through you. Meet yourself alive on the canvas painting painted by the last meal. See yourself sitting beside the Son of God. Meet yourself seated at the table, and realize that the board is not something that happened then, but something that is going on here and now, within you all. Remember what your mission is, and begin to do so, as soon as possible. Trust that when you understand the truth of life and eternity, everything will be revealed to you. Everything becomes clear!

Life doesn’t happen – life is! And it has always been, neither more nor less.

Man has always diminished himself in the great picture of life. It is important that once and for all you understand your role and your being. You have left a limited life behind you, you have put it down in a box and locked the lid. Now is the time to understand the truth of the enormous abundance of life. What you consider future is already here with you. You just don’t see it with your physical eyes. But life is already perfected, just as it is, and as you are. My peaceful message to the people, two thousand years ago, was that they should see their own greatness, and the kingdom of God they all bore within them. With my love message to the world, I wanted people to open their hearts and see the truth, about themselves, and about the fulfillment of life. My mission is not over. Because life is eternal. What is distressing is that the proclamation of my death seems like a picture of the truth today. Which is not! It is the image of my dead body you see, every day when you visit a church.

But what I ask you now is to reprogram yourself from this image, because it is false. It would be nice if I could ask you for a service. You remember that I told you that within you, through the light, you can go into the layer of life-broking where I am, and still live. You can see for your interior how to pick me up from the cross. You let me live within you, and walk freely on Earth. You let my life go up in yours. You receive me with open arms and perpetuate yourself at the same time. You have thus allowed me to arise again. Or rather, you have changed the story. You have reprogrammed the image you have of history. You’ve changed the story. You see now how you and I are one and the same. We live in the same living spiral of spirits, and our life swirls around each other as in a blissful dance, on the ancestors of the saliva.

You and I thus release a new light, where the vortices become even stronger, and spread splendidly, and long for new ones. My love for you is so strong, and I long to have a united with all of you, to lift the eternal light to the surface. It’s my mission, and I’m asking you now for help. Let me get down from the cross. Let the eclipse in the world cease, once and for all. My life is faithful to this mission. Your life is the same as mine. The forgiveness is thus proclaimed and manifested in all life.

With these words, I want to thank you and all of you from the depths of my eternal heart. You don’t know how happy I am. The love that my heart bears wants to overflow. The tears pour out of my eyes, and the wonderful miracles of life are pouring out of me. Time has come, finally! Baptism, when I am born again within you, is now here! Wisdom and love go hand in hand. I see your strong and loving hearts. I see your tremendous power, and you marvel at the beauty of life. The living love can never die. That is the greatest proof of that. I thank you all, most humbly, and of all my heart. Words do not exist for the gratitude I know. Your beautiful life is my reward. Being saved by you is my reward – because it gives echoes and effects into what is not yet enlightened. The new light, lets you finally see, the truth of life, and love. I bend my head, in great gratitude!


» Source » Channel: Jennyli Gustavsson