The God Within

lightworker eraoflightdotcomWhile I was in the astral last night, I sat down at a piano and was thumping away at it. Then I decided to not “play” the piano, but let myself flow through the piano. At this moment, I started playing very beautiful pieces of music in total clarity. Mind you, I have never played the piano in my life! I knew not what keys to play or how they worked. After playing for a bit, I opened to my higher self, further still, and great symphonies, equal to or better than Mozart, Chopin, and Beethoven started to play! The great creator within me was coming through.

In another travel some time back, I was shown some beautiful paintings that were beyond belief. I was told that I had painted them. I could not believe it. I simply did not possess this kind of artistic talent. But then, I was put in front of a canvas and asked to paint something, but using my will and spirit. As I opened up, the picture started to form into the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Ịn front of my own eyes, my higher self, the God within, was doing what is the most profoundly important thing we do; and that is to Create.

We all have this God within. As I have said before, every cell of who we are is a microcosm of God. Unfortunately, few see this. Through my travels, I now know this beyond any doubt.

I mention several of the great Masters in my articles (Jesus and Buddha in particular). But there were two phrases that Jesus said, that always struck me with wonder. One is, “Ye are Gods.” And the other is, “Even greater miracles than these, ye shall do also.” I know what Jesus knew, and that is, we are Gods within. God is not external to us. We cannot be any closer to God, and yet most every religion separates us from God. This is why we are not doing miracles of old.

People say, “You cannot do what Jesus did for he is the Son of God.” Okay, fine, but why did the Son of God say I could? This makes the original statement false. The fact is, we are all sons and daughters of God, but we have lied to ourselves for so long that we have forgotten this. And if we say it is so, it is blasphemy.

Any great poet, artist, composer or scientist simply has a brain that allows that greatness to come through more easily than the rest of us. The brain is just a filter, but it is not the source. But even though they were born with some areas more open then the rest of us, I still think we can learn how to bring this forth. How? Well, there must be a use for the remaining 90% of our brains that we’re not using! Maybe that’s what our miracles are waiting for us to tap into. Jesus was not performing miracles in his teen years so he too must have received information on how to open himself up to his own Godliness.

So why aren’t we creating miracles? Well, because we continue to live in false truths; we don’t know how to open up as I did in the subtle realm and Jesus did in the physical; because of ego; we’re an externally expressed and experiencing society and not an inward one; we don’t believe; lack faith; have polluted our minds, bodies and environment, and a bevy of other reasons.

And to think of what my existence will be like when I pass on is mind blowing. The reward in the next plane of knowing the God within, and that I create my reality (and having done so over and over) is something else. But I know I’ll just come back here and keep reminding the rest of you… 😉

I don’t think I was shown these gifts on a whim, or by accident. It is my commitment in this life to go inward, believe, trust, open and let go, so that I can let BE the God within.


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