Timothy of Agartha: Collaboration

earth shining eraoflightdotcomGreeted at the ground plane in love with you.

I am Timothy and live in Agharta. I am a deeply developed creature and now work with the work of active contact between the surface plane and the inner earth. We have lived here for a long time in a peaceful world and are on the way to your role models and predecessors. Now we are all pleased that the contact can start more seriously and a convincing collaboration can eventually come about. In here, various breeds and groups live side by side and the whole thought structure about war, mockery, duality and aggression aversion is obsolete and has no form.

I really want to call it an outdated form of thought, because it will be so too for you in the future. It will then be so difficult to understand that one would give in to someone else who had a different position, skin color, hair color or the wrong sex.

It will be the same for you when it comes to religions. These will eventually become historically interesting. You will tell that; do you remember when we had different forms of religion and did they fight between them? You will laugh, my God was the right one and your God was the wrong one. You will perceive it as folly just as you today perceive it foolishly that what you thought earlier that the earth was the center of the universe or for the part that the earth is flat.

We are here and ready for contact with you when you take the first step. There are several who already have contact with us and many have it on an unconscious level, but it takes a while before we can get general collective recognition. The latter will be in tune with when, when it becomes more widely known that there are plenty of extraterrestrial civilizations, also present on the Earth’s surface.

I Timothy is an old, wise developed soul and has previously also been incarnate on the surface. My last life was in the ancient Egyptian kingdom and the canal perceives my skin tone slightly bluish in its radiance. We are here in Agharta in physical manifestation and I am especially interested in working with energies linked to sea and water. Also in Egypt I was interested in boat constructions and I have chosen to further develop that interest here in Agharta. I go into the finest details and develop the most beautiful ships you can think of. Some would argue that they resemble a tad your early medieval ships, a mix of them, Egyptian boats and high-tech craft.

The interior of the Earth’s civilization and the surface plane have always had contact via the large seas. Mermaids, dolphins and whales are a kind of connecting link that can swim in and out between Agharta and the earth plane.

The storms in you in the world you live in but I want to remind you to see the beautiful moments of the earth. See the beautiful leaf development in the dazzling summertime, see the wavequake that connects her with other worlds that are only behind the corner both up, down, inside and outside. Look into all the viewing animals’ eyes that are around you and see that there is a reflection of the starry sky’s brilliant, sparkling glimpses.

We are patiently waiting for your steady development towards the light and we look forward to a reunion’s joy that resembles that when the lost lamb returns to its real flock.


» Source » Channel: Beatrice Madsen