Amazon Removes Documentary Films Showing Better Ways to Fight Disease

truth at the forefront eraoflightdotcomAmazon Prime Video has quietly been removing films from its library that deal with vaccines and cancer treatment. Most recently (May 30th, 2019) Cancer Can Be Killed, Burzynski: Cancer Cure Cover Up, and Behind the Fear: The Hidden Story of HIV. Cancer Can Be Killed was completely wiped off the site presumably because the reviews were so good, the evidence had to be destroyed before anyone could see them.

March 1st was when censorship was rolled out in full force, beginning with a letter from Congressman Adam Schiff (D) to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon asking him what he was doing to control the “medically inaccurate” information on his site. Within hours, vaccine awareness films like Vaxxed, Shoot ‘Em Up: The Truth About Vaccines, and Man-Made Epidemic were removed for streaming as Prime Members could no longer watch them for free. Along with the vaccine awareness films, two other films stood out in their removal . . . Flipping The Script: When Parents Fight Back and from Netflix, Root Cause.

Flipping The Script is a documentary film about parents fighting back against forced long term chemo protocols (2-4 years) for their children already in remission from cancer and winning. The children go off the chemo, then use nutrition and detox strategies to thrive. Estimated revenue from child cancer treatment is $65 Million per day (44 new cases of child cancer times $1.5 Million/child). Root Cause deals with exposing the harmful effects of root canals with a potential threat to a $50 Billion a year industry. I think you start to see the picture. All of these films have one thing in common . . . they threaten the massive financial windfalls these medical industries are making. And for the first time in history, the government and medical establishment are willing to violate the constitution and the right of free speech for filmmakers.

Curious in this cover up and censorship is the media’s lapdog status in reporting whatever these behind the scenes executives want. Because the articles are coming out virtually the same day or within days of the removal, it’s clear that somebody is contacting the media to report on these removals. BuzzFeed News reported on the film removals March 1st the same day, Adam Schiff wrote to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos ( How is that even possible as Amazon is not going to the press about these removals. That means government, the media and Amazon all had to be on the same page to pull the films.

With the second wave of censorship, I was contacted on May 31st, within hours of Cancer Can Be Killed being pulled by Kelly Oakes of WIRED UK asking me what I thought about Laetrile? June 3rd the article came out calling Cancer Can Be Killed a “dodgy” documentary “pushing dangerous cancer cures.” They limited the description of the film to just, “(the film) focuses on one woman who is ‘cured of her cancer in 30 days’ after being given a variety of ‘natural’ treatments in Germany, including an alternative cancer drug called laetrile.”

The article then went on to describe how dangerous laetrile is with no mention of the heart of the film describing the value of Hyperthermia, IV Nutrients and Ozone Therapy. In typical biased journalism, they focused on one tangential issue to discredit it, while leaving out the overwhelming evidence that cancer can be killed without toxic treatments that are less effective. But the question remains, who is behind the censorship and attempted control on information? Why would government get involved?

First of all, the above documentaries are having a huge impact on the marketplace. Understanding that vaccines with aluminum cause harm, or that chemotherapy cannot kill cancer stem cells, or that root canals leave a festering gangrenous organ in the body is something that has so much cognitive dissonance associated with it that a documentary film is the only way for the viewer to connect the dots. For me personally, after years of conditioning in a medical household, there was no way you were going to convince me that vaccines had risks associated with them. It wasn’t until watching my own wife healing with medically proven techniques from cancer in Germany, that I was able to start questioning the status quo. And since Cancer Can Be Killed came out, thousands of patients have reported back to me their healing journeys and how they are now cancer free without chemo, radiation or radical surgery.

Since the government has just pulled the films from the Amazon Prime streaming service and not other paid services (iTunes, Google Play), it is clear that they are concerned with the 100 Million Prime subscribers worldwide that could potentially watch these banned films for free. Content providers get paid based on the number of hours the films are streamed. Cancer Can Be Killed, and Flipping the Script, my two films, along with most of the other films that were removed are still located on iTunes, Google Play, and Vimeo on Demand. But they are not free, and the government seems OK with that because people can’t just stumble on the damning evidence that there are better ways to treat disease.

Speaking from my own personal experience, Congressman Adam Schiff who was the spokesman for the film bans, is not an evil man, I rather like him. I have met with his office staff multiple times, (he won’t meet with me personally any more), and they are lovely human beings. So, the conclusion I’ve come to is that Adam has a job to do and that is to protect the industry that pays the bills in Washington.

The federal government simply can’t afford to lose the massive windfall that comes from both tax revenues and payment to government agencies for regulation of these markets. They do what they have to, pay whatever media outlets they can to keep a consistent message that certain treatments are “dangerous” or “dodgy.” If nothing else, most politicians have the unique ability to compartmentalize information and never let it impinge on their consciences. I have played video of a child screaming in pain from methotrexate chemo, and it barely registers a response. After hearing the video, State Assemblywoman Laura Friedman (D California), refused to deal with medical issues in my state saying, “that’s not my area of expertise, I handle the environment.”

But make no mistake about it . . . there is a huge cost to what Adam Schiff and the government is doing. They are killing, injuring and damaging thousands upon thousands of lives. Censorship is never a tool of a strong robust economy. It is a tool of fascist regimes to keep control. As word gets out that the very people in place to protect us are in bed with the victimizers, public trust falls even lower and people start to actively search for alternatives. But democracy takes a hit and this is something that multiple true journalists are very concerned about. The excuse that the government or even our doctor has our best interest at heart can no longer be tolerated unless we want to die an early death from an industry that is profit driven with no safeguards in place against conflicts of interest.

Knowledge is power. We have been forewarned. Our government has lost its way. The media is no longer unbiased. The only source for real news anymore are individuals we can trust, that seek only to examine issues from all sides rather than just the for profit “experts.”

Two things stand out for me in this latest wave of censorship. One, to limit or suppress information that can save people’s lives is not only a threat to our democracy, it’s the kind of shout from the rooftops, protest in the streets, pull out all the stops violation of human rights that requires immediate attention. We can no longer be silent. The tactics used by the current medical establishment has been to limit testing, then ramp up the propaganda machine to extol the virtues of sub par treatment methods and ways of creating immunity. But we are in an age of enlightenment right now. We are challenging all the profit driven methods and recognizing there are lots of solutions that don’t involve harming the body. And second, documentary filmmakers have exposed the lies and provided alternatives so well, that for the first time in history, the federal government had to step in to block them.

Think about it . . . we now know that children in remission from cancer no longer have to undergo 2-4 years of chemotherapy if they are treated by a new health team that understands how to use nutrition and detox to keep the body healthy. Adults no longer need to have their breasts, prostates, bladders or any other organ removed if the cancer can be killed with focused heat, IV nutrients, cannabis or any variety of immune-boosting cancer killing strategies. Children no longer have to be maimed and injured with vaccines that have been banned in other countries just to keep federal revenues stable. There are other ways to support the teeth without root canals that have a catastrophic affect on the immune system. What a wonderful age to live in, to have all these answers at our disposal for such a small cost.

The truth always wins. The trick now is to awaken the masses to what’s possible.