Yeshua: Creation Of The Future In Every Day

yeshua eraoflightdotcom newBeloved one, the first thing when you wake up in the morning, thank the body for being with you, being your servant for that day. Thank the breath as you take it in, before you start thinking about, “What do I have to do today? What’s on the schedule? What day is it? Where do I go? What do I do?”

Before you get to that place, breathe deeply and thank the breath. Come alive in the breath on the morrow. I will be watching. The first thing when you awaken, take the deep breath and say, “Ah, I’m alive,” and what a gift that is. It is a gift that you give to yourself.

Do not say, “Oh, gosh, I was shopping at the wrong store. Look what I bought.” No, you are the perfect gift to yourself and to others just the way you are, and when you put a smile on the face, it illumines the whole body. Ones look upon that and feel lifted up. Never think that what you do when you give a smile is just a small thing.

When you deal with ones at your workplace and they are not too happy with whatever is going on and you smile at them, you uplift them for a moment or so. You give them a gift of knowing that truly there is a wider world to partake in. You are saying to them just with the smile, “You are not just a small bit rolling around on the Earth trying to find your place, but you are truly the Light of the world.”

And when you smile, you amp it up a good bit and allow others to see their Light, because if you can do it, maybe they can do it. Oftentimes it is the very catalyst that they need in order to, “Try it, you might like it.” Try the smile; you might like it. You put it out there as a suggestion. You smile through the turmoil of ones saying, “But I need…and I needed it yesterday.” You smile at them not because you are laughing at them, but because you are loving them and allowing them to see the Light that there is in every seeming dark situation.

I know ones come to you, they have questions, they have wondered, “What do I need to do? What have I done? If I’ve done something, maybe I didn’t do it right.” Every one of you have ones coming to you and asking for help, either by the words of the mouth or the question of the heart, wanting to know, “Where do I go from here? What do I do?” Sometimes they cannot even verbalize what they are feeling, but you look at them and give them a gift: you smile. You are friend to them. The gift of friendship is the greatest gift that you can give.

It has been said that I gave the greatest gift in giving up my body and deceasing the body for a time. That was not the greatest gift. The greatest gift that I have to give is when I sit with ones and look deeply into the love of them. I reach out and let them know in word and in touch how much I love them.

Then a miracle happens, and it is so easy. The greatest gift that you can give to ones is to be their friend, to be there for them and with them. Yes, you know this. You have seen it.

Now I would speak with you a preview of what your one special week coming up in the summer is going to be [the Summer Christos Advance].

The one special week that you spend together with ones of the heart [the Heart Family] is going to be delving deeper into your spirituality, into your spiritual origins, back hopefully to the place where you know yourself to be the spark of Light. Even before there was what you would identify as a physical form, you were a spark in the mind of God, a spark of Light. That is when you decided to take some form.

Before that you just hung out and enjoyed it. Knowing yourself came later. And now throughout what you would see to be the lineage of time, you have experimented with different forms of life and different forms that you wanted to live on and in. The one Thought your scientists have called the Big Bang Theory, where there was an explosion of Thought—which, by the way, is true—brought forth all worlds, all potentialities of form and non-form, and you have said, “What can I play at and with?”

You as the Light created along the way the firmament—you have heard this; it is written in your holy writings, more than just what you have extant today, your holy writings, that the light danced upon the firmament. Now, who brought together the firmament? And you are still doing that; otherwise, you would not be sitting, standing, walking on something. Every day when you awaken and take the breath, that is the sign to the firmament to please be there for you. When you step out of bed, hopefully it will be there, and it is—at least, so far.

Because, you see, it is on-going. Creation is on-going, and you create every day. You create that which you experience in the day. So I have said to you many times, if you do not like what you are creating, choose anew, because you are the one creating.

In what you call the beginning, which seems in your reckoning as linear time to be a long, long time ago—and in that reckoning, yes, it is a long time ago— there is within memory a knowing of form and a knowing of non-form. “In the beginning…”— there was God; You; the essence of you, the Reality—capital “R”—of you. And it asked of Itself, “What can I create?” And with that thought, all worlds were born. You have done a lineage of creation since then for the purpose of knowing  Who and What you are. Now, oftentimes ones get caught in the creation and say, “This is what I am.” No, it is what you are creating. You are, as there is no separation, you are One with the creative Source— capital “S”—and you are creating all the time. Sometimes you can see what you are creating, sometimes you can feel it, touch it, breathe it. Other times you create—I see you doing this in this day and time—you create a possible future, and sometimes the possible future is good, happy: “It really looks like something I’d like to do,” you say. And sometimes, quite often, if you are not exactly watching your thoughts, you can go forward into what you feel the future of that day and say, “Oh, but I have to do such and such, and it’s not going to be good.” And in that moment, it is not good. The body rebels. The body says, “Oh, it doesn’t feel good; I can’t breathe.”

So you choose anew. And you do. I see you doing this now. For a long time, a lineage of lifetimes, you thought you were controlled by others. You thought that everyone else had more power and they had power over you. There were the kings, there were the queens; they made decisions. You have one now who remembers his lifetime as a king and wishes that he could act from that place—and tries to—but you, being co-creators, every once in a while you say, “Wait a second. Is that what I would do?”

You have some fun, because you go forward in judgment and play with that for a while, and that is good. That is what it is all about: to come to the awakening where you say, “This is being created,” and if you do not like it, re-create. Go out and have some recreation. Go out in nature. Go do something that is fun. Re-create yourself. That is why you have that word.

In the beginning there was Thought to create, and from that one Thought have come all worlds, all form and unformed. You have not always lived upon holy Mother Earth. You came here from another star system. That is why you enjoy your so-called science and fiction. You like your stories because they tickle that remembrance within you. That is why some twenty/ thirty/forty years ago, as you count time, you had a burst of what was called science fiction. Now, that has always been in the background of the mind, what is now called science fiction. And as has been said, it is not science and it is not fiction, because anything you can create, think of, has been. It is a memory, truly.

In a galaxy far, far away you lived, you loved, you had form; perhaps not the same form as this, because you have tried different forms. And you brought forth the creations of, as you call it now in this day and time, technology so that you could travel out of the gravity field of that certain home planet, as you would be calling it, in a galaxy. You brought forth Light, because you know yourself to be Light. And you went with the speed of light to see what else is out there, creating as you went along, because it did not exist before you created it. Take that deeply within the mind and play with it.

When you awaken in the middle of the night and cannot sleep, think, “What have I created in other lifetimes where it has not been on holy Mother Earth? What and where have I been?” Because you are most creative beings. If there is anything, one sentence you take from this message, it is to remember that you are creative beings, and you are creating every moment.

What I say to you truly comes from you and is mirrored back to you, although you think I am saying it as something new. But truly that which you hear, you are creating. So I say unto you to hear me well. If you want something different than what you are living, stop, create anew, because you have the power to do that.

“But Yeshua, I have this really good job. Well, it’s not such a good job, but it pays really well and it’s got prestige to it. I’m not happy with it. I don’t like my co-workers and I don’t like the principles that they live by, but they do know how to bring in the golden coins, and that allows me to make choices and do some of the things I want to do. But I’m not really happy there. What should I do?” This question keeps getting asked of me. “What should I do?”

What do you want to do? If you do not know off the top of your head what you want to do, that is okay. Sit, breathe, think, create; create anew. Everything you experience, you are creating. So if you do not like what it is, get really enamored with Self— capital “S”—and go for it; change what you are doing. It can be exciting. It can be kind of scary, because you feel right on the precipice and, “Well, if I let go of what I have—and I’ve spent a good fifty years putting this together—where will I go, what will I do? And what if I don’t like that?”

Well, then you choose anew. You wake up in the morning and say, “Ah, I am alive. What am I going to do today?” Even if it seems to be the same thing that you have done other days, it will be a new day because you look at it differently. Create a happy heart. Be as young as the new day. You are creating it. Why not?

Holy Mother Earth, your scientists will tell you, is a rather young planet. In other words, have you lived somewhere else with another form before you have come here? Probably yes; but not necessarily. It could be that you just decided out of the one Thought that you are that you would sit by and watch what the other ones are doing, and then after a while maybe you would take form; and you have done that. And there are ones even yet who sit up on the tops of trees and watch you as you play until they get up the courage to maybe have form themselves and come and play.

You did this for a while, because you wanted to see what was being created. “I don’t want to jump into something.” You have a certain caution. “I don’t want to jump into something that might not be too good,” forgetting that you are the one who created it in the first place, so that you can have whatever you want to create. If you know that, blessed are you, because perhaps you are going to create a most wondrous day to be out in nature, and you are going to have the energy that allows the legs to walk, the lungs to fill up with fresh air, the eyes to see the light around the trees, the bushes, all of the animals. You are going to come alive in that day, and you are going to say, “Ha, I am the one creating this.”

You have not always lived upon holy Mother Earth, and you have experimented with other physical forms. You have been the very small ant, because you wanted to know, “How does it look with everything above me?” You have lived as the dinosaur, because you wanted to know, “How does it look when I go tromping through everything? How does it look when I am the giraffe with a long graceful neck, and I can see above the other creatures because I’m tall and graceful?”

You have lived many lifetimes, more than can be counted, and yet it is one lifetime from the one Thought to create. So you have experienced everything that you see, that you read about, that your experts tell you about, all of history, and truly you are creating it moment by moment for the sheer fun of it.

“Oh, hell, Jeshua, my life’s a mess. This can’t be for the sheer fun of it.” Why not? Step out of it for a moment, look upon it anew. Sometimes it takes a bit of discipline to look upon it anew, but when you do, other worlds open to you; possibilities. The facets of the diamond are you.

So in a galaxy far, far away, a long, long time ago as you reckon time… and yet when you think of it and remember it, where is time? It is right here. When you bring it to mind, it is right here with you. Therefore, we come back to the axiom: There is no separation. What seems to have been past a long time is right here as you think of it, right here with you, no separation. And when you think of the future, how can you visualize the future if you have not been there already?

Your science fiction which talks of future time, where do those ideas come from? Well, the writer would say, “I just opened my mind and put myself forward.” Yes, into the remembrance of what you have already done, because you have lived the future. Now, that is a new thought. You have the saying in your world, although you do not quite understand it, but, “You are the future.”

You have your small ones, your children, and you say they are the future. Yes, they are, but so are you, because you are the Child, the Child of the Father, the one Source of all Being, the energy of life, the creative Energy. And you live it every day without knowing that you are living Energy every day.

In a galaxy far, far away and a long, long time ago, you played. Then you decided you would make another galaxy and you would play some more. And on and on, as much as you can envision, you create. You have been the dinosaurs, you have been the ants, you have been the butterfly, you have been the bird, the tiny little bird and the big bird. Everything you can envision, you have created. I will not say that you can create it. I will say that you have created it, for the sheer creativity and fun of knowing, “I can do it.”

Take that message to your fellow brothers and sisters. Tell them they can do it. There are many who despair. That is why they act out, as you call it, because they feel that they do not have any power, that they cannot do anything. So they take a creation that they are making and use it to act out.

Better that they would act in, to come within, and have someone who will dare to smile at them at a moment when it is needed. That also has happened. It is not noted by your news corporations, but the miracle of one coming along just at the right time, not knowing what is going on with the other one, and smiling, offering a word—or not—but recognizing them, that has been the miracle that they needed. It has been a miracle, as easy as could be.

So when you see ones who seem to be struggling, smile at them. Let them know that there is something good yet in the world, so they do not have to act out and take others, seemingly, out.

Beloved one, I look forward to sharing with you more of your history and your future.

So be it.


» Source » Channel: Judith Coates