The Value of Money GCR

eraoflightdotcom just newsThe value of Money after the revaluation of currency value based on Gold value will be the same all over the world as it represents a Gold value. This will be calculated according to the national currency value determined by raw materials, economy.

This means that politics can and will no longer act as a mouthpiece for the bankers, in order to maintain their power and to suppress the population even longer.

Current politics wants to eliminate cash, but can never influence the value of Gold or Silver anymore, because the power of money creation for private bankers will disappear with GESARA.

Paper money is only a value agreement, which has been grossly violated in the past, as a result of which the money simply isn’t worth anything anymore, a note of € 500 is not worth a copper cent yet.

The current currency does not represent the real value of the money, if it had iron in it, it would rust away.

The fact that Gold and Silver prices have risen does not mean that they have become more valuable, but means that the monetary depreciation (inflation) has increased enormously.

An example in 1971 was the gold price per ounce of 38 dollars, against now in 2019, 1400 dollars, as a result of which the value of the money has decreased by 3684%.

The new money system is digital, with gold certificates covered value.

However, in order not to make the free trade of our daily existence entirely dependent on digital money, it makes sense to start using the freedom of currency at its real value if one does not want to be solely dependent on the internet and digital accounting value settlement.

In order to prevent abuse of deception in Silver and Gold, we can use the lowest purity of these metals, to be used as coins.

Weight and volume determine the value for trading as a means of exchange, this value will be the same all over the world, regardless of the currency value of each individual country.

Which means that there will be a conversion factor per country to pay with coins.

Gold price per gram of purchase

Per 10-07-2019 at 09:00

8 Carat Gold 1- 25 grams 25+ grams

€ 10,61 per gram € 11,61

Silver price purchase 1-999 grams Kilo

3rd Silver content 800 € 0,22 per gram € 260 per kilo

Since Gold and Silver cannot be produced in terms of volume, the value will be constant, and politics will not be able to classify it as unlawful currency in order to deprive the population of the freedom to trade.

After all, the biggest criminals are in politics, banks and multinationals, which means that they can only pay digitally, and any form of abuse will be traced from their side.

For security reasons we can say that a limit on cash payments would be desirable up to 1 to 3 kilos per payment.

This, of course, is an idea, which can be further considered in order to guarantee the personal freedom of trade, and to help promote the local economy.

An additional advantage is that we can replace the euro immediately, and so the fascist EU no longer has a right to exist.


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