The Angels: Be Kind

angel messages eraoflightdotcomMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

Be kind to one another dear ones. Your Mother Earth is in need. She can withstand pollution, drilling, and all manner of ills. She puts up with these things in the same way a human mother allows her little children to make a mess of her living room. With the help of inspired humans she can clean up these problems.

However, the one thing that hurts her heart is the divisiveness in the hearts of human beings.

You cannot separate yourselves from Mother Earth any more than a cell can separate from the body. You could fly into space for a time but you would still need to bring the fruits of her soil, and you would remain eternally, energetically connected. Nor can you separate yourselves from one another for you are all family upont his earth. She knows this. She wants her children to love the light within one another.

Many of you feel her unrest now, in physical or emotional sensations of unrest. For some of you it manifests as an inexplicable anxiety, or edginess. In others, strong emotions are bubbling up from within. In some of you there is a sense of fear for no good reason, or a tendency to be a bit more reactive. When the mother of a household is tense, so too is the entire family. Your Mother earth is shaking and quaking inside and you feel her energy as well. Be gentle with yourselves. Be kind.

How can one person make a difference? Love, dear ones, ripples throughout the heart of the earth, as surely as the love of one child can soothe a mother dealing with a family of truant children. Love is the thing that allows Mother earth to feel as if she is fulfilling her purpose in giving souls a place to learn and grow, and practice their abilities to love even when it is not easy. Your Earth gives you a place where in you can witness the glory of the Source divided into countless forms, and learn to see the Divine within them all. She endures so much to grant you this gift.

So do your best in these times, when she herself is feeling unsettled, to simply be kind. Be kind to yourself first. Be kind to others. When others are not kind to you, do your utmost to come from the heart and be kind anyway, and when you cannot, pull away. Allow yourself to withdraw your energies and attention from unkindness, and focus instead on all the good in other human hearts.

Your Mother Earth needs your love now, not only for her, but also for yourselves and one another. Do your best. She feels your hearts and your kind and loving actions, and these give her strength.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


» Source » Channel: Ann Albers