Cheri Lawrence: Healing the Cradle of Lyra

new light human eraoflightdotcomHello again family of light! Just wanted to share a little more understanding that is coming in as you all know we are finally down to clearing the fallen angelic realms known as the Nephilim. Our original blueprints as created. We are healing the Cradle of Lyra, the Seraphim and Oraphim, angelic and archangelic DNA blueprints on the planetary grids within and reversing what happened to the universal time matrix when this Atlantian experiment went horribly awry with the infiltration of the wheat.

As I wrote about in my recent post about the “Christed Wheat and the Mind Control” this was a Martian experiment by Monsanto in 5d Atlantis to accelerate the lightbody for very nefarious purrposes. I am just coming into this knowing like you. We have to clear and regain our memories or akashic records as we were not really physical in the Atlantian and Lemurian timeframes, more like energetic giants and celestial bodies or spirals of plasma light as we were in full lightbody quantumly before the DNA and entire universe fell into density. This is bizzare for us to comprehend at this point but the bible is filled with vague references around the so called giants or Nephilim in depicting the fall of the heavenly realms known as christ conciousness quantumly. They weren’t physical giants but energetic giants.

So the experiment infiltrated the wheat which was the plant emanation of Prime Creator. The entire spiral of this universe fell in density and it ripped a hole in the space/time continuum up through Andromeda which is the heart of our universe and path to the higher heavens or multiverse. You can see this as the infiltration and split of the double diamond sun blueprint of Ra and Quetzalcoatl, our omnipresence and quantum christed consciousness. The rip caused a massive vacuum and bleed through from an adjacent universe where the archonic forces resided. They were sucked into our universe and fell in consciousness or density as well and melded with the angelic blueprints somewhat like that Philadelphia experiment. The elemental realm was affected as well and all our carbon chakras got a reptilian overlay. Reptiles are animal elementals. The plant and animal kingdom fell as well with the infiltration of christ consciousness. We are bringing this all back together and healing it here and now from the lowest density in the physical.

I am now coming into this 5d awareness that this was not an invasion and we were not attacked by the draconian and archonic forces but it was a horrible accident from a foolish and irresponsible group in their lust to harness the power of creation which affected everything as we are all one at the highest level.

This group was the Luciferians who continued to chase their lust for power through their religion known as the Illuminati. They retained some of their quantum abilities as they basically hacked the DNA and cloned portions of the lightbody for dominance in the astral realm and control over the time matrix using this technology called Ultra.

This rift in space created a wall in time or these self encased inorganic timelines I see as plastic. Lisa Renee discusses this as the ring of fire and a plexiglass wall in time. It affected all our blueprints. We were all affected but the two most infiltrated soul monads were my Hilarion family (Seraphim) and that of Isaiah (Oraphim) through the priesthood which morphed into the ritualistic abuse of the children to feed the astral. I have seen the horrors in these timelines since the fall of our consciousness which infiltrated and effed up all the blueprints. I come from a long line of unwitting Catholics who never talked about the abuse by the priests. Generational mental illness of our first born males. Ruined lives of my cousins who were all put forward proudly by their parents as alter boys. I have seen in my ancestral timelines the tunnels running underneath the Vatican. The schools where all of us kids were drugged and implanted. The Isaiah monad and Oraphim blueprint was infiltrated by the Illuminati.

As we know power over others is imbalanced energetically and not self sustaining so over time they sucked the life out of everything but most importantly their subsequent generations who the Illuminati fragmented so severely through torture, pedophilia, MK Ultra and ritualistic abuse that starts in the womb. Now they are so desperate for power that they have gone outside the Illuminati family and started trafficking other children to torture and abuse for astral power. They are so sick and demented from consciousness fragmentation they have become ritualistic cannibals here on the physical literally. The entire global power and cultural structure here in 3d WAS led by them until 2016.

In the lower astral they are sadly more like sick and demented children because this is where their fragmented consciousness resides.

In the natural realm everything is symbiotic and created to work together so when the universes bled through these fallen aspects of these other fallen races worked together to create what we know as the hell realms as everything has to have sustanence to survive. The draconian forces are elemental energy, the archons are from a realm of machines. They had control of the lower carbon chakra spin rate through sodomy and sexual abuse which affects the kundalini. There were two main creators in the lower astral, Hemingway who wrote the mind control algorithms or manuscript using the archons to power them and Rasputin the self appointed dark master of the hell realms. A sick, sick, disgusting sexual pervert abusing all living things in these quantum timelines. I will leave it at that.

As you know my team has been working on dismantling these plastic timelines by reverse engineering the damage done universally. All of us are in the process of doing this for our timelines quantumly we just can’t percieve it yet because of the algorithms running through our christed consciousness. But my mission was specifically to clear the mind control and deconstruct the quantum infiltration. I had a spontaneous kundalini awakening right after 2012 and it took me 4 years of being completely bed bound to rebuild my previously ascended Hilarion lightbody and reclaim my chakras in all dimensions and octaves. Once the God particle activated within my blueprint I felt the full weight of the creator come down that etheric cord and into my life. He took me on an amazing shamanic journey and up through the starry ascension corridor known as the firmament. Then the janitorial clearing work began as we repaired the damage to the firmament or cosmic blueprint.

Although I can percieve the creator shapeshifting (Oraphim DNA) into all these timelines reversing the repair, it has been a journey to finally be able to understand what is being done. Because of the massive interference in our 3d brainwaves we can not percieve the quantum nature of the work we are doing in the higher realms. I asked my higher selves once in frustration why they won’t talk to me lol! And he just said “we are not at that timeline yet”. Some of us projected ourselves before the fall of Atlantis into the future now to do this repair and restoration work. I have done this work for 7 years full time and still don’t have a clear perception of the quantum immersion I hear is coming as we are finally finishing the cosmic repair.

This is what I know. We starseeds are reversing the damage to the entire time matrix and reengineering it back to fully organic. Each timeline we clear reverses the damage to our entire ancestral line as everything is a fractal. We go back to the time of the infiltration by extracting the cellular damage or mind control, healing it through our lightbodies and collapsing the infiltration quantumly. The creator through me is shapeshifting into and dismantling these inorganic timelines and returning the parts and pieces to us to transmute within the light of our presence. This heals the entire realm!

As we heal, everything returns to it’s original state before the fall. The timelines will then fractalize organically and all our ancestral lines will carry on in parallel realities both past and future as the fractals unfold without the trauma of the infiltration, rip in time, and inorganic bleedthrough between universes. At this point the Illuminati has lost all power in the quantum realms. Rasputin is running from timeline to timeline screaming about the destruction of his hell realm timelines lol!! A few things like some of the infiltrated elements have had to be returned to stardust and some soul damage was so severe it went back to the central sun for reformation. We have completely deconstructed the thoughtform known as Satan which was bound by astral alters of broken children’s fragmented consciousness that was being used quantumly to play out these bizzare scenarios of the SSP and funky looking aliens, apocalyptic destruction and invasions from space. This was the matrix and the mind control. I just found a fragment of my mom who was ravaged by Alzheimers this lifetime and trapped within one of these timelines (huge relief as my inner voices kept saying she was in hell. I lost her body in 2011, her mind was gone 10 years prior). The creator is now releasing the last of the fragmented children whose consciousness was powering the hell realms and SSP. With tears of joy pouring out from from me I can hear them saying goodbye to each other now which after 7 years is music to my ears. So sweetly as just beautiful disincarnated and innocent children in all these timelines together being used to play out all these quantum consciousness bizzare and perverted simulation programs. Remember some of these pieces being released are from our soul families to heal whether we remember them or not. I also have taken alot of astral crapola and abuse from Rasputin as he was super pissed off slinging insults at me and hatred towards the creator lol! Nothing can touch our light and vibration unless we allow it to affect our emotions. I have oddly known no fear doing this work. We just dismantled the last of the black magic grids and have released hundreds of fragmented consciousness from congressmen and politicians all over the world bound astrally through blackmail using the children.

This whole thing has always presented to me as an astral rescue mission, reversal and timeline repair. Because my soul is Arcturian, I hold the Arcturian corridor within my DNA. This is the corridor of light that souls follow into the higher heavens which is why I can do this work.

This, along with the white hat allied forces here on earth will stop the flow of children to fragment which was the only astral power they really had. That and the astral weapons running through our brainwaves to keep us asleep. The creator stepped in to fix this madness. This is the reason things are taking so long. We are all in a holding pattern here until the last of our christed consciousness is reclaimed so the entire creation is once again organic which changes the trajectory of all quantum and parallel realities for the entire realm. We are the vessels in the physical anchoring our light to the the earth and allowing the clearing to flow through. My mission began as an investigation by the creator into every timeline to assess and reengineer the damage. It has taken longer than anyone expected because it was pure chaos run amok.

I don’t think the old guard Illuminati currently incarnated here will be able to heal (to me they look like they are decaying before my very eyes) so we need to lock them up as well as all the criminal class and cartels who will do anything for money. But the children are extremely resilient and can heal once their consciousness is free.

Just know what follows is the return of our christed consciousness that we hardworking starseeds and lightworkers will embody as a group together sometime next year. The system will be organic once again so the rest of our source reflections can awaken naturally. Younger souls can funnel through within a system that supports their lessons within a beautifully organic system.

We are all here with different gifts and missions to start once we embody our full 5d consciousness once again. We will be the leaders and creators of the new earth and systems as she will fully support our multidimensional expression once again.

I can’t quite fathom quantum immersion yet but I feel that those of us ready and currently in the holding pattern for creator to finish this work on the Divine plan and soul reclamation will be able to transmute ourselves into full and sovereign lightbodies. This is done once we embody true christed consciousness like that of the ascended masters before us. It is done by our DNA bliss codes which phire up and quantumly spin the fully crystalline chakra system multidimensionally. We will then be able to walk into any of our multidimensional soul timelines both past and future and become fully immersed within it while fractalizing ourselves out organically in full potential affecting them in beautiful ways because we will hold our current awareness and akashic wisdom that we have embodied through this process. We in affect become our ancestors within all time periods prior to and after this now moment we are healing called “the fall”. Most of us will choose to keep our aspect here and help usher in the golden age yet fully aware and participating in a multitude of parallel realities simultaneously.

The divine mind or christ consciousness is like a giant mansion that you are aware of and doing something different within each and every room. This includes our ET incarnations as well. Both past and future will be unlimited potential once again! This is the souls journey. Unending discovery and wonders within an ever expanding creation.

This is a somewhat simplistic interpretation but the best my 3d brain can explain it at this point. A magnificent symphony as I can start to hear my soul song playing in the background! Thank you for reading my post it helps my awareness to share!

Love on light warriors! We are almost there!

In loving service! Cheri of Hilarion, House of Ra, Order of the Seraphim.