Judas Iskariot: Seek Within

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I want to meet everyone today with the words coming from the heart of your Father God.

I see you. I know you. I love you. You are part of me. I’m part of you. We belong to each other forever, for eternal life is what I gave you, and love is the sign you carry. Within you is now growing the temple of love and a peace spreading across the world. A light has been re-lit on Earth to bring it love and peace. You also carry this light within you, so let it shine quietly and clearly. Let your path be enlightened, that you can follow the truth that prevails in the universe and the eternal laws of the universe that also have its seat within you.

This is your Father’s word to you and his will is now that the Earth, with all its inhabitants, will enter the light. He has heard the cry of the earth for a desire for more light, and that again may enter the kingdom of holiness. The will of the earth is now answered, and more light has been sent to the earth to awaken its entire consciousness. Father God has many aides who follow His intentions to help the earth and humanity rise in their consciousness and in their truth. Understanding the meaning of life and its own search in love. Whoever seeks to find, so it is said and so it is given. Search now, dear burrowers, the light guides you so that you will find your own truth in the best way and the goal you carry with you in life.

There are many who have thought of this break time in a different way than what will be revealed to you – and where will it be revealed? Yes within you, and it will be so crystal clear that there will be no doubt about what it is that you should do. It can be small, it can be big, but it will always be for your own and other people’s best. It can also be for the good of the Earth and the entire planet. There will be a joy and security within you, which will cause any doubt to shorten. Where doubts exist, there is no truth. Joy and confidence should be what dominates your continued journey in life. It is so, dear burghers, that where doubts exist, there is also fear and where there is fear there can be no joy and the truth is obscured in the darkness of fear.

Seek the silence and the truth within you and find the joy and trust there. It is in joy and in your confidence in life and providence that you turn the direction of your life, to live a life of sincere truth and love. That is when you become a real light bearer on Earth and you spread with your wings a cascade of light in the world you belong to. These cascades of light change the direction of your world to a world of light, love and a true brotherhood. It is for this service that you returned to Earth and that is what light is reminding you of. It is like the true light bearer you increase the strength of light and love for the Earth. It is here that your mission lies and it is here that your task clarifies and you understand the true meaning of “density”. It is not just a word, it is an experience of being “one” with everything.

Dear Earthlings, the light is here and your longing can be fulfilled. Is the desire for love and clarity in your life. Search … and you will find.

Great love



» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg