Life Tapestry Creations: You’re in Dream Limbo

life tapestry creations eraoflightdotcomDear Ones,

Perhaps you pine for something that never seems to appear. You are attempting to create with 3D insistence, but without 5D or beyond competence.

Even though you are a creator supreme, your creation skills are somewhat stuck now for you are attempting to continue the same techniques that once worked for you or someone else.

So it is you want us, of the Universes, to give you the formula to create what you wish to create. Which, of course, is impossible for you are not like us or anyone of earth. You are a unique individual with unique creation skills.

It is your creation needs you are now having difficulties with for your 3D self wants what others proclaim as a success, and your 5D self wants to move in a different direction.

You are now starting to hunker down with your tapestry creation piece – which might or might not be similar to your 3D dreams. So it is you continue to proclaim to yourself, the Universes, and anyone who will listen, that you need financial support, a new love, or job. All of which proclaim to you and others that you are a 3D success. For your 3D successes were based on what others told you would be important or needed.

Many of you are stating that financial success is a necessary reward. We remind you that financial success is only important if those pieces of paper and plastic that represent money remain part of the new flexible structural system. A statement that creates fear deep within you that all is lost in this lifetime.

But then, the restructuring process is coming to fruition more rapidly than you can imagine – and you and all others of 5D are master creators.

It is time to rebuild the structures that are failing. Not in terms of more rigid structures, but structures that allow the flexibility you have not allowed in any earth lifetime. New flexible structures that allow you the joy that financial and romantic relationships once produced in 3D.

This channel is perhaps sounding a bit too farfetched, too woo-woo for most. But such is important information as you realize that what once was important to you is no longer.

Even though your current sense is that nothing seems exciting or worthwhile, you might feel that it would be nice to buy this or that or to be in a romantic relationship. If you review your current interest level, you will discover that there is very little you wish to purchase. Oh, perhaps you want to have enough for rent, your house payment, or food, but other than that, nothing seems to interest you for more than a few minutes. A bit like a child wanting a particular toy for months, only to receive that toy and lose interest within days.

You are in creation limbo for nothing much interests you, so you are returning to 3D dreams just to spark some sort of interest. You feel as if nothing is that important and yet, that everything is. For you want the world to be more loving and forgiving – and if that is not possible immediately, you will settle for something that seems a little interesting.

As you wish something like a new love or financial infusion, ask yourself if that is truly what you want. Or, is it a substitute salve for the pain you are feeling as you listen to media and the news telling you over and over that all is lost? You want that pain to disappear, but since you have not yet fully tapped into your new you creation skills, you have reverted to your 3D small self-rewards.

Even though financial security or a romantic relationship is not necessarily a small 3D reward, in 5D, such a reward is more like receiving a toy that only holds your interest for a few moments. You are much more creative than was true in 3D. So it is that reverting to 3D dreams is a bit like a teen pining for the toy car he or she never received at the appropriate age.

You are different now with new dreams. Dreams that will rebuild the earth structures. But those dreams are a bit in the future as you adjust to the energies that will continue to pummel you the next few weeks. In a sense, you are in dream limbo. For what you once wanted holds only minimal interest now, and what you will actually create is not yet possible.

You feel bored, angry, powerless, or any word that informs you that you are in a short limbo period. For that which you would create now is to satisfy your 3D interests, and that which is your new you direction is not yet fully formed.

So it is you rage at yourself and the Universes for leading you on, for raising your hopes, for encouraging you into a nowhere place.

In truth, you are merely shifting your internal being from 3D to 5D and beyond. Something you have been doing the past six months or so. Once you have fully tapped into your new you creation skills, you will begin your new life, tweaking a flexible structure here and building a flexible structure there.

What interests you? What makes you laugh or smile or feel warm and fuzzy? That is your tapestry piece. Even though that piece might feel a bit hazy, it will be clarified the next few days.

Put away your childish dreams for you are about to burst forth in a frenzy of 5D creation. You are going to rebuild failing 3D structures into new entities that flex with love and joy instead of decaying with fear and hate.

This is rest time, an in-between time in which to gather your creative abilities.

There are now enough followers to pick up where you left off – allowing you to create what you prepared for eons to create. Follow your joy and interests, and you will soon discover your unique skillset. Continue attempting to create your 3D interests, and you will delay your 5D maturation. So be it. Amen.


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