Epic Crossing of the Water

earth the one eraoflightdotcomClimb aboard we are soon to set sail for an epic Crossing of the Water, known as Procyon, also known as the lesser Dog Star.

Some will jump onboard with no struggle and full conscious awareness that we are moving into a new period.

Some will spend the next couple of days getting bitten by their karma dogs and decide to leave shore, albeit through perceived force…..but is it, perhaps it’s just that Withinner Self, guiding you towards the light of Procyon, and once you get to the edge of the shore you realise there is another choice, one that will set you free.

How you experience this is always dependent on your frequency and what may make you run for the shore is likely to be an over distorted reality, Procyon really does begin to shake and crack the ground beneath you as the mirrors you have collected, that which you have valued is likely to be showing its true purpose along your journey.

Your out there reactors are likely to show thick headedness, jealousy, ego needs, wants, attachments and the energy of your field will leave you in a space that you know it’s time to leave it all for the dogs….

Reminds me of a dream I had this morning, a friend had been savaged by a wild animal, there was no way I could carry the friend, miles from anywhere and already weak myself…..

I had to choose to leave the friend and as I walked away I heard the beast rip the body apart and the screams echoed in my head for a while after…

For me it was a walk or die myself….there were no other options

And this is where you now must consider this space you are in.

It’s a do or die…you take the old into the new and the result will be a rejection. A timeline loop to rediscover the truth you have been avoiding.

This journey is fully about respect and responsibility without attachment to out there….however this manifests. You will know your attachment as it pulls on the chords of desperation and despair

Only now, in our coordinates of July 2019 this choice counts more than ever before.

In front of us we have the river of heaven, the Sea of the Gods, an opportunity to fully trust the process, taking us closer to the truth of the Gods, within.
Procyon favours wealth, health, it supports planning and action but there is a flip that we must be aware of.

You see all are welcome to take the boat however not all have their seafaring legs.

Are you climbing in the boat because you are now free and ready to move or are you clambering in the boat to escape your fears….those who are wobbly will fall over board and sent back by the current to finish what they never really and truly started.

Procyon supports the TRUE however to those speeding through their minds, reacting hastily, starting quick fire relationships, in fact anything that raises the blood pressure into excitement is highly likely to be one of your biggest lesson experiences in your life.

Take the time to consider what it is your heart beats for, within you, not external to you and from here you can allow everything to zero point, neutralising any fears and separations and take the boat through safe passage and into your new awaiting Sacred Field.

Attachment will be clear during the days leading up to the Galactic New Year on the 26th. Your intention, your commitment to Self matter more NOW than ever before….

Procyon favours The True, and brings good fortune to those knowing their value

All aboard!!


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