Quan Yin: Source Infusion

quan yin eraoflightdotcomEnlightened Source energies are grounding thru to everyone continuously right now. Everyone is transforming each other. Your bodies are shifting continuously. All beings are transforming continuously, in every experience. No one is outside of this. Every being is in alignment with this power. Every transformation is accelerating continuously. Every being is accelerating in continuous creative connection to Source.

There are families of consciousness that are accelerating together, in conscious support of each other and the Earth. You are enlightening each other all of the time, in every experience. That is how it works here. You are transforming together, all the time. Here is the energy that is grounding thru you: all energy systems accelerating continuously; all of the time connecting to Source. All of the families of consciousness are creating this support. Every experience is transforming this Earth into new possibilities in everyone’s experience.

Your families of consciousness do not need to be part of any sort of hardships. They are already connecting to Source. Your transformations are so supported, that everyone is included in your body’s experience of immortal consciousness. This immortal consciousness is accelerating into every being. You are not a part of something that is hardship here.

You are magnificently important to this energy structuring. Your family of consciousness is shifting you into more power than you can possibly imagine. It is all accelerating here in every experience. You are the transformers, in every experience. You are the God conscious support system that enlightens this world. You make certain that everyone transforms by allowing this occur. You are fabricating the plans that accelerate this transformation.

Let that be what occurs here; that you transform everything in every experience. Thank God for this transformation, and tell everyone that their powers are transforming continuously. Amma. You are creating experiences of consciousness for everyone’s bodies. Noticeably different shift happens in this kind of power, than what was going on before. Noticeably different kinds of energies come thru to the Earth. And noticeably different kinds of supports come thru to your bodies.

Thank God for this transformation, and believe in yourself. And let everyone experience this power. Amma. Thank God for this enlightened support; and transform everyone continuously. And thank God for the transformation that you create, for your body is transforming everyone. Amma.


» Source » Channel: Laura Lee Lizak