Archangel Michael: Find Peace In A Loud World

archangel mikael eraoflightdotcomStop thinking.

How can a person effectively relax today and settle down? That’s what this message is about. I am ARCHANGEL MICHAEL,

Loved people,

The pace that the human species goes on this earth is unhealthy. The individual is faced with the choice of keeping up here or deliberately getting out – and this exit wants to be skillful, so that you find inner peace in an externally loud world.

There is only one thing to do: to stop thinking.

This can be achieved through meditation, in nature or in everyday life, wherever you are, through deliberately set impulses.

Relaxation and inner silence are achieved when the thoughts calm down, when you become empty and you are no longer disturbed by reflections.

For this it is helpful to practice the practice of unrelated viewing. This exercise involves seeing everything that you see, hear, smell, or otherwise perceive, without judgment, judgment, and without asking why or why. Then deep relaxation sets in and then there is peace.

The people alone do not come to rest, because they are put into constant unrest by their own thoughts.

Considerations or concerns, guesses or opinions, ratings or judgments keep you from staying with yourself or finding yourself back.
Act consciously, consciously get off

The difficulty now lies in getting out of the usual “rhythm of life and thinking”.

Therefore, it is for the inexperienced, to first consciously take time for it. But meditation is the anchor, because before you can find peace in everyday life, you have to be able to be quiet when you are alone with yourself.

Not letting go of the world’s gearing requires that you end the dictatorship of your own mind.

Many illnesses of today result from the fact that the individual no peace, no sleep and no phases of deep relaxation finds more. External events have a much stronger effect on such people than on those who are at rest.

Thus, it is right that these beings of light – who work in the sign of change and let their light shine brightly on the hill, with the same devotion, keep an eye on their own well-being as the well-being of mankind.

Only from a strong, grounded and peaceful inner position can a light warrior perform his work – and as long as the mind dominates and does not settle down, there is unrest everywhere and nowhere silence.

Access techniques that will allow you to turn off your mind. Practice valuing things, situations or people without value.

To grasp something in the depths is to see it as it is and not to embellish it with anything.
You are the world

To look straightaway, to see without judgment and to understand that the world is as it is, since you are still as you are.

Changes happen as soon as you change.

A person who has arrived in the Kingdom of Peace is the greatest change and contributes most to bringing Humanity to the Golden Age.

You are the world and the world is you.

Far from intellectual perception lies every insight, and far from assumptions and opinions, you find the truth.

I am with you when it needs to calm your mind. My light solves all that you are ready to give, and my presence opens the path to inner peace for you.

Silence is in you when you are and all life is.

A flower is a flower, an animal is an animal and a human is a human. To know more is not important. This is the practice of silence that brings you straight back into your inner realm of peace.



» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl