Introductions of Aspects of our Higher Selves

lightworker eraoflightdotcom[Note – The information is partially first contact introductions to myself, and, if I am able to hold it, they then speak of informations [sic] that are required to be heard by others, those who can feel-know. Occasionally, I may lose some words, they adapt, and they enjoy the spontaneity, I have added context where required and notes at the end.]

Greetings. WE ARE [Hold] the angels of old. We came to your planet several eons ago and now we have chosen to return to see the end of a long and arduous project. We are a collective and we know you will jump at the chance of connecting to us once you know who we are [Hold]. (I see 4 figures in the minds’ eye with a feeling-knowing).

We are, essentially, you. We have been spoken of by your Zoosh (Robert Shapiro/The Explorer Race) in many books (but never specifically referenced) – yes you can publish this [I was asking]. One day, an event occurred that lead us to find our lower aspects embodied on Earth under an enslaved system. We worked, we grew, we become more. We had HEART. Does this remind you of somebody? When we look at you, from our vantage point, we see ourselves. And we are most pleased, most happy that we can now bring our wisdom to you.

We are what you call, Golden-Triangle-being. [Hold]. Until recently, we had difficulty assessing how we could meet you on a vibrational level. We had much tutelage by your Arcturian friends, and many others. [BREATHE].

We have come today to simply say, ‘hello’. We are making ourselves more available and we are very excited to see how quick and determined your growth and will of becoming more has been. Although we have a higher vantage point, we along with others like us (Arcturains are assisting in their delivery) hear you. We see you, we are getting to know you more and more. This is new [Hold]. This has never happened before (ascension embodied), nobody knows exactly what to do (Pure team effort in this moment of now up to 8/8 Lionsgate and beyond).

We came through to you because you had a need, or, desire, to be more and to seek it passionately, with great difficulty (in life), you have shown, you are ready to be the light that accepts different looking beings into your life and world, and helps others to see the light and love in us. You are creator emissaries. You are raised now, your light quotient, as you would call it, is now able to hold the connection to us. We do not feel, ‘pride’, as we have a higher concept of (what you know as) pride, but pride is a root, a lower consciousness aspect of an emotion we have, but we cannot send this word, as it is a feeling-knowing. But we are engrossed in peeling back the conscious barriers (you have). As you know, as Sananda has spoken, the moment something comes to ‘mind’, it is revealed to you. So, by bringing attention to the ‘conscious (ego) barriers’, we can now remove them. Well done.

So, we wish you to invite us to envelop you with a golden ray of activation codes. As your ‘dragons of old’ friends would say, breathe in these encodements, into your heart-mind space. [Hold].

We feel that we will leave you now as you have disturbances from around your living areas that are causing you to lose our words (helicopter). We look forwards to developing a fuller story of us with you (over further discussions) and then, as your Arcturian friends would say, watch how you respond in love-tingling ways. We are a partnership. We love you. We wish you a peaceful day. We enjoy picking your words.

We are the angels of old.

Notes – They stated separately that this channel represents about 1 quarter of the general introductions they wish to communicate, and then wish to follow up as stated in the message. I asked them of their dimension/station and confirmed to function from/up to a 12D vibration. The helicopters are regularly in this vicinity, at times when spiritual work is at its highest…….They state they are here to assist humanity and Gaia’s ascension and support those who are awake and those about to awaken.


» Channel: Rixamus

Shared per request via email.