The Collective of Guides: The Light Bearer

the collective eraoflightdotcomGreetings, friends! We are happy to have this time to speak with you today.

We are aware that many of you are facing life changes now that you find challenging on more than one level. And that as you travel through those challenges, there is a Light Bearer aspect of you that is watching the process.

This being is consciously “spiritual,” and seeks to do good and to grow further in the Light at all times.

That aspect, which often bases itself in labels and identities, now notes the unsureness, judgment or fear you feel at times regarding some challenging aspect of your life, and wonders if that is the “appropriate response” for someone of your awareness.

It wonders if perhaps you shouldn’t trust the Universe continually, and not stress over the ins and outs of finances or health, relationships or work matters.

And we would say that yes, it is wonderful to trust that your path is leading you ever further into the Light—into Joy, into true Peace, and into being your full authentic self.

Yet there will be times when you realize how much of the old third dimensional you is still being pulled off and away from your true Light Being self, so that more Light can be revealed and shine out from your core.

You are in one of those times right now, dear ones.

Photo by Penny Christoffersen

The Light coming into Earth streams in ever more powerfully as you head into the 8-08 Lion’s Gate portal and the coming planetary configurations.

These Light codes are shifting consciousness, DNA, the whole human construct—and they will continue to demand truth, openness, transparency, and inner realization of personal responsibility and autonomy from all persons on the planet.

Be aware that the Light coming in is no respecter of persons, you might say. Even Light-filled ones.

Any aspect of your inner being that is still establishing and expressing itself mainly through left-brain thought and reasoning will find itself increasing out of place, as heart-based communication, a quiet mind, and Present Moment awareness come more and more into play.

“How is it possible that even my spirituality would belong to the old order, when that’s what led me to leave the old life behind?” you may be asking.

We would say, that the idea of spiritual growth on Earth, however New Spirituality it may seem, is still rooted in many ways to the old paradigm—the old model of learning concepts and precepts that you then apply to your own life, and remind others to do the same.

While not exactly the dogma of both major and minor world religions, that form of teaching is still only a slight step forward from the experiential inner knowing you came here to experience.

Those experiences that you most need to feel and fully know inwardly, almost no one can lead you to.

At best, others can provide a metaphor that you then apply to your own story, such as a form of meditation that leads you to communicate with your own higher aspects.

That then leads you to explore the Universe in your own way.

You have grown and evolved this way many times, on this and other planets.

Yet now, overcoming the old model of learning—moving from head to heart and inner being—will be nothing less than a complete revelation to you.

This is what the indigenous peoples of the world have understood for millennia—and why their obliteration was deemed so necessary by the invading forces of most continents.

Certainly the European and other cultures wanted the land and “resources” these people were sacred guardians of.

Yet more importantly, they desired to erase from human awareness the feeling, the experience, the example of people living in open and ongoing communication with the Earth and Universe—with Divinity itself.

In that experience, no spiritual ritual was required, except that which was simply pure communication with or experience of some part of Creation.

There is a great difference between ritual that is expression, journey, and sacred realization, and ritual that is performed from rote memorization, that hopes to appease some great power that holds all mysteries and permissions within itself.

You have seen Western cultures returning to the consciousness your human spirits have known in other lives—lives in which you were evolved and aware.

You have also seen Western cultures beginning to awaken and remember their Star Nations origins, finally admitting there’s at least a slight chance that other beings have been visiting, maybe even inhabiting this planet.

Photo by Sherri Bausch

And you are seeing the breakdown of the old structure that has for so long threatened serious punishments for those who dared step outside their overt, materialistic constructs of religion and culture.

Know that the more you can connect with Nature as children do so easily, and as you have done in your lives as Native peoples, the more you will become not a mind with a body and spirit attached, but a Whole and integrated being.

The more often you connect with your own breath—that co-Creative exchange that demonstrates the constant flow of energy in and around you—the more you realize nothing is solid and unchangeable.

All is fluid, fast-moving, and transmutable.

So that the health situation can most assuredly shift and improve, as can the finances.

Your relationships, your work life, your personal journeys on all levels—these are not fixed and steady, such as you have been taught to have been created by an unmoving and unchanging god figure in the sky.

You are part of that great stream of energy that flows with constant reinvention at every second.

That seeks to know itself and to become a brighter version of itself in so many different incarnations.

So we would say to that aspect that feels that it has let down the team a bit with all its imperfections—not eaten as healthfully as you should, not said the Right Things, not handled the finances correctly, or not trusted fully or joyfully enough—All Is Well.

Photo by Michelle Kidd

There is no measuring stick by which you or anyone can call your individual path of discovery right or wrong, good or bad.

You have been all things at different times, and are moving now into a place of nonduality and nonjudgment, allowing your own lifestream energy to flow without labels, without categories, without Good or Bad as its identifying mark.

You are here to know the Love begins in your own being, including Love of self in those moments when you feel to be at your weakest.

You are part of that which holds the stars in the sky, and are not here to beat your own record or achieve any kind of perfection, any more than the artist seeks perfection.

They do not seek perfection, whether they know it or not. They seek Truth.

They seek to tap into that great flow of empowerment that sends the river racing into the sea in endless movements of sparkling Light.

You are the sea, and you are the river. And your journey, only now begun.

Namaste, friends! We are with you, always.


Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan