Ashtar Sheran: All Roads Lead To Rome

ashtar eraoflightdotcomThis is Ashtar Sheran and I have a message for those upon earth.

At this time even your news corporations are broadcasting news of extraterrestrial craft, and are beginning the steps towards disclosure. Those of you who invest more time in knowing the truth upon your planet have been accosted with news about pedophilia, satanics running your world in positions of power, cults running your world and of Light leaders coming forward to move your world closer to GESARA compliance.

You are in the middle of a spiritual war where the prize is your consciousness. Eventually this will lead to gross physical enslavement if you don’t wake up and see the Light. You came to earth to allow yourself to be swayed by the dark and to learn to fight back through love, which many are. There is no institution upon your planet that is not run by your dark controllers: your governments, your medical systems, your religious, your militaries are all dark run. Only now the American military has been taken back by the Light and banking will soon be liberated.

If you understood the complexity of politics upon your earth, you would know that your countries are allied with alien forces. It is difficult to bring your world in agreement with GESARA as they confer with the extraterrestrial beings that they run their countries with, and you can see who are the hold-outs. England is one of them. Not aligned with the light at all, this country aligns with the draconis race. Germany is another. Aligned with the Archons. That’s why it’s necessary to rid your countries of the dark representatives that face your people every day, with a broad smile and promises of justice for all. The fakery must end. What you call politics is actually defined as exo-politics and it is corrupt due to extraterrestrial influence.

Which brings me to the reason I asked Sharon to create this video: you are all aware of the draining of the swamp. One by one, these middle managers of your earth’s nefarious systems, are being arrested and tried. More and more incriminating evidence is being revealed. Eventually these middle managers will bring down their managers – those at the top of your systems. And when all the cards are overturned, you will see who is at the top of it all, and you’ll be shocked when you discover that your beloved pope is the top dog in your system of lechery, treason, ill intent, destruction of life and warring upon your planet. Yes, he is.

Many will be shocked when the time comes as you may feel shocked now, but it is your job to support them as best you can.

Ironically, those in positions of highest trust are the ones most treasonous to your souls.

The being that lives within the bodies of your pope, present and past, simply moves from one to the next as a new pope is appointed. And you see that there is no democratic process where your pope is elected – it is done for you because their god has appointed its next minion, not your God or you.

All roads lead to Rome. Watch how your trials continue. Eventually they will lead out of the States and towards Vatican City.

The dark controllers upon your planet have set up departments, much as they would any big business, and have elected department heads but they all report to the man at the top. It is not the Rothschilds nor the Rockefellers, these again are smaller players.

Me: So Ashtar what about countries that don’t have Catholicism or Christ-based religions?

A: You see how the big business model of the west is moving into all foreign lands? The fight in the middle east for domination of the oil industry is but a ruse : there is a battle going on between warring factions for control of your earth’s systems.

Their thinking is if they can’t control them through religion, they will control them through economics. And you see this is working better.

There is a battle between ET races for dominance of your planet and you are the pawns. They do not compromise well; they compete and you see this as your world is constantly at war with itself. Split into factions, and extraterrestrial influence is why.

However, all religious systems are compromised by the dark. There are no true leaders of light in your religions. Your people are being deceived at many levels. There have been attempts to overtake all religions under one umbrella but they were unsuccesful.

There are more negative ET races than the reptilians, draconians, annunaki and the archons. Many more, and many have an interest in exploiting you and your world. (NB: Bear in mind that these races are not completely negative. There are positive, more enlightened factions of these races as well.)

I am Ashtar Sheran and I remain at your service.



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