Father God: In The Beginning

new light human eraoflightdotcomHello, children! This is Father God. “In the beginning was the word” is what you have been taught. You were with me there in the beginning, do you remember? We planned, we created. That is what you are doing now, only in this realm, where your powers appear limited. They are not limited. I assure you there are no limits, for that defies my nature, and I created you. Children, you are like me. I made you like me. I am limitless, I am formless, for I am all forms and yet in the void. Do you see? Perhaps you will remember.

See the nebulas dance and spin, as Mother likes to say. There I Am, and there you are with me. You have had immeasurable experiences – playtimes – throughout this space quadrant and many, many others. You are ancient, timeless – another limiting belief. You are not 20 or 40 or 60 or whatever. That is your human body’s age, and actually, you all are so much more. Fractals of fractals, light of light. Do you see? The only limit you have upon yourself is your mind, is your own beliefs, ancestral, deeply ingrained with lack. No more. Let us shift this.

There are trillions of stars, and yet I know all of them well, and all upon them. We are one. The universes are my body, the galaxies, my fingertips. I am vast. You are a part of me. Become one with me again. Remember my love for you, my children, nothing can ever take that away from you. I am your golden ticket. I am, we are one. Do you see the irony of the great mystery: being that you are what you seek, for there I AM?

And so be at peace children. Be comforted. Your world appears to be in chaos. It is only how it appears, how it is broadcast. Actually much is quietly going on behind the scenes to ensure that it, the changeover, occurs as smoothly as possible. Rest into me. Rest into my presence, my lap. Sit on my knee and let us feel the joy of being in each other’s presence again. I have missed you. Have you missed me? I am not who you have been told. I am so much more. I love you. I do not judge you for that would involve conditional love. Do you see? I love you fiercely, tenderly, completely, all the messy bits of you. I am your nurturer, your healer. Come into my presence and sit with me awhile. This is your church, your sanctuary, the great wall-less church where the Christ consciousness intermingles with the great I AM and his/her creation. For all is light, all is creation of love, of light. There I AM.

I am your Father God. The time of the great awakening is here now, and you are it, light worker team of the ages! You are bringing these encodements, these prayers of renewal and most importantly the visualization, the light work, the heavy lifting, the clearing – you are doing all of these and have been for so long, without complaint. Job well done, I say. We, your Mother and I, love you all so much. Metatron is giving a thumbs up, which is highly out of character for him, he must be excited. Indeed, we are all excited for your progress! Indeed we are. I love you! Can you feel my love? It is a strong hug and a gentle breeze at the same time. It is the rays of light bursting through cloudy weather. It is the laughter of a child. It is your loyal pet friend who follows you about everywhere. You are immeasurably loved, supported. There I am. I am within you.

I am your Father God, your biggest fan! There, I’ve made you smile. Be in joy, children. Be in joy and be at peace, at one with me, for that is a lovely place to sit and be for awhile. And soon you will realize you can chat with me wherever you are, in any circumstance, for there I will be with you. Your angels surround you already. Are you thanking them? Asking for assistance? They are eager to serve. This creation of 5D earth is quite a wondrous project! I can’t wait to see what you creators create in love, in joy. Much love and joy are in your future children. Much love, much joy. Feel it. Pull it to you like taffy as Mother says. Pull the joy into you and claim it and thank me for it already being so. This still point of being you have reached just now, this is that blissful neutrality that you speak of that you and many others have sought through the centuries. This is why stilling the mind and activities are so important. New Earth will have plenty of space-time for you to recharge to be, to breathe, to create! Be in joy. I am your Father God. Talk with me anytime. No appointments necessary! And of course, no returns or refunds on this most beautiful life, this moment that you are creating. Spend it well children. This is one for the history books of the ages, for sure. I love you. Now, go have an amazing day, filled with love and light! Light up Gaia and all you interact with. You are the light switch for this project. See how many light switches you can switch on today and be in joy. I will cheer you on in every moment of forever. I am your Father God.

» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl