Avalon, Atlantis, Alchemy, Unleasing Magic (Client Co-Creation, Realms of Gaia)

anchoring paradise earth eraoflightdotcomBe sure to watch the “Realms of Gaia and Opening to Magic” series to learn more about the connection between Atlantis and Avalon. This is a client co-creation session that opened soul memory of my client’s time in Atlantis and Avalon. This is meant to open activation of deeper energy transfer between soul memory and conscious mind for my client and for anyone who resonates. “Sanctuary Souls” (souls strongly connected to the Realms of Gaia and fulfilling greater missions working with Gaia in the physical plane and non-physical Realms during ascension) are coming online and opening the doorways (physical vessels) for magic and balanced creation energies (Trilogy energies: Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine and Christ Consciousness energy) to open into the collective consciousness.