Judas Iskariot: Rainbow People

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I have come today to wish you luck on your journey through the energies of the earth. There are many different energies on Earth today, energies from the mineral kingdom, energies from the plant kingdom, energies from the animal kingdom and energies from the kingdom that you belong to the human kingdom. There are also some energies from the kingdom that are filled with wisdom. Your most intuitive creations originate from there. The earth and your bodies consist of this diversity. That is why you are called rainbow people. It is related to Earth’s current energies. These energies exist in all living things on Earth today. It is the basis for the significance for the rainbow man, even though it is used today in other areas.

Equality, fraternity and understanding of people’s differences is something that is noticed and grows in the minds of the Earth’s population. It is part of the development that the Earth and all its inhabitants go through, but to its origin it is the Earth’s various basic energies that grow and develop. The same applies to all the “I” beings who are staying on this planet. The earth leaves a heavier energy for a lighter one, and the same goes for all the kingdoms that belong to the Earth. There is therefore no doubt about where humanity is heading. They follow the planetary cycle and now also rise into a lighter energy. Their minds change and they slowly turn to the whole again. They begin to feel more like “one” with themselves and they no longer see their brother as so separated from himself. They see more similarities than differences and understand that they come from the same origin. Their original energies are of the same kind and they begin to understand that they have deceived themselves by their belief that some people are very different to themselves. On closer reflection and with an open mind, they have realized that this is not the case. They have discovered that they are more alike than different. What seems to be different can only be more interesting to take part in and try to understand in a more open perspective. Your life is enriched for every person you meet from another culture and you get a greater understanding of yourself and the human phenomena.

Be happy that you are living today. Today you have the opportunity to change your life for the better. You have the opportunity to grow in compassion and love. You can draw on the energies of the love light and let it illuminate your interior by seeing your brother in the light of yourself. Today you stand on a wider platform and the light of the new age has already begun to be discerned in the world. There are bright forces that seem a little everywhere on Earth today. Net builds up and extends in different directions. New networks are captured and the network becomes larger and more sustainable for each network that is connected. Maybe a network can break, but it will soon be replaced with a new one. Nothing can impede the progress of the Earth into the energy she has already taken a step in. The lighter energy is the goal of the Earth and its inhabitants, and they go purposefully and without any major obstacles to the goal that leads to a world of love and light .

The love energy has made its entrance on Earth and vibrates with an increasing speed and its light is now leveling out the darkness into a brighter variant, so that the contrast decreases and the balance is restored.

This was what I wanted to convey today.

Great love



» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg