US Air Force Secret Space Program: Shifting Extra-Terrestrial Alliances & Space Force

connecting the dots eraoflightdotcomUS Air Force Secret Space Program: Shifting Extraterrestrial Alliances & Space Force is Book Four in Michael Salla’s Secret Space Program series. A brief summary of this book is shown below.

President Eisenhower and the Nordics

Eisenhower was against nuclear weapons, especially thermo-nuclear weapons. Three days before Eisenhower became President, President Truman approved nuclear weapon technology.

President Eisenhower started the ‘Atoms for Peace’ initiative which was spurned by the Russians. Eventually President Eisenhower had no option but to go along with the USAF, Rand Corporation and the Deep State and continue to develop hydrogen bombs.

President Eisenhower was briefed about the continued presence of extra-terrestrial beings in the USA. The brief indicated that there was no need for concern; the ET’s had no intention of causing disruption then or in the future.

President Eisenhower then had a face to face meeting with Nordic Extra-terrestrials from the Galactic Federation. On February the 20th 1954 in the late afternoon it is said he was taken to Edwards Air Force Base.

His excuse for the trip was that he had to have emergency dental treatment. This was to be his story when asked the next day as to where he had been.

First he flew to Norton Air Force base he then boarded a C-45 airplane and continued on to Edwards Air Force Base. The base was shut down for 3 days.

Charles L Suggs Senior a former Commander with the US Navy attended the meeting with President Eisenhower. They met and spoke with the Nordics who had white hair, pale blue eyes and colourless lips. They said they came from another solar system.

A former US Air Force Test Pilot and Colonel confirmed that five alien craft landed at the base, 2 cigar shaped craft and 3 saucer shaped craft. The aliens spoke English and wanted to set up an education programme for the people of Earth.

Another version of this meeting by William Cooper says large objects were moving towards the earth, at first they were thought to be asteroids but the objects began to circle the equator, these were said to be a different group of extra-terrestrials who wanted to establish colonies on earth.

Meanwhile the Nordics contacted the US government warning them about the extra-terrestrials circling the equator. They wanted to help us on a spiritual path.

The condition was to dismantle nuclear weapons and they refused to share technology that could be used to destroy others. They said we were on a path of self-destruction. We must stop polluting the earth and live in harmony with each other.

President Eisenhower was ready to disclose the truth about the extra-terrestrials at this point and his personal concerns about nuclear weapons; this caused a split in the Eisenhower Administration. Eisenhower was stopped by the USAF, National Security Establishment of The Deep State.

The US did not want to get rid of nuclear weapons as they thought with all the alien activity going on, they needed them for the Earth’s defence.

The Nordics understood this but did not want Earth to make the same mistakes that had previously occurred in our solar system. The planet that had once occupied the asteroid belt (Maldek/ Lucifer/ Tiamat) had been destroyed and the destruction of this planet had also caused the annihilation of civilisations living on Mars.

Finally an agreement was made with the German/ Draconian alliance which did not demand that President Eisenhower abandon thermonuclear weapons. They also agreed to sharing technology with the US.

Stargate – SG1

Stargate SG1 received support from the US Air Force throughout its 10 year run on TV. Credits acknowledged the cooperation with the US Air Force and US Space Command and the Department of Defence. SG1 also had access to the underground facility at Cheyenne Mountain Complex.

Two serving Air Force Chiefs of Staff appeared in the series, General Michael E Ryan and General John P Jumper.

Richard Dean Anderson the series producer received special recognition for the positive depiction of the Air Force and the Air Force association.

Whistle-blowers have stated that SG1 was part of soft disclosure of a galaxy wide portal system. Corey Goode explains that there are natural portal systems and current era portal systems, plus ancient portal systems, built on earth and left behind by ancient civilisations.

In the TV show a similar scenario plays out as the crew of SG1 travel through portals known as stargates built by an ancient race of beings thousands of years ago.

The portals are similar to the stargates shown in the show. Corey Goode has also stated that the portals have numerical addresses like they have on the TV show. Earths ends in 606 and Mars ends in 605.

Corey Goode states that the sun is a natural portal and spacecraft use it to enter and exit our solar system. Our natural sun has a magnetic filament linked to every planet in our solar system.

The galaxy is a giant torsion field. He explains that originally the wormhole system was developed by the Antarctic based Germans with assistance from Reptilian Extra-terrestrials, these two groups also set up bases on the Moon and Mars.

Emery Smith said there are several dozen traversable wormholes. Natural and artificial portals exist and they look like three sides of an upright door frame.

Iraq is said to have portal technologies and cylinder seals explaining how to use the portal technology.

Henry Deacon (Aka Arthur Neumann) claimed portals were discovered in Iraq. The invasion of Iraq was to find ancient portal technologies; it had nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction or any other fabricated reason.

Space Force

The space force opens the door for President Trump to open a new branch of the US military.

Initially the USAF will join the Space Command and eventually the US Navy.

The US Navy worked closely with the Nordic Extra-terrestrials and the USAF worked with the Antarctic Germans and the Reptilians, they also worked with greys, tall whites and other extra-terrestrials.

The USAF believed they were the tip of the spear, they believed that they were the most technologically advanced group of the military. The USAF found out that they had been deceived by the Antarctic Germans and the Reptilians and that they had only been given redundant technology.

In the meantime the US Navy had significantly advanced their programmes and were patrolling the entire solar system; they had been helped by the Nordics with their more advanced space programme.

Once the USAF found this out they chose to work with the human looking extra-terrestrials who were willing to assist in their development with space technology.

The Nordics have stepped up in the past to help worlds break free from corrupt influences like the Antarctic German Reptilians and Draconians.

The USAF is now working closely with President Trump to eliminate the deep state through the creation of the Space Force.

Below, I have included the picture in the interview above:

Hawaii – Ballistic Missile Threat

January 13th 2018 at 8.07am a ‘Ballistic Missile Threat’ was announced as inbound for Hawaii.

The message was sent out to the population and advised them to seek immediate shelter, this is not a drill. People fled for their lives;

38 minutes later they were told it was a false alarm. Someone had apparently pressed the wrong button.

Hawaii Emergency Management Agency said a drill was scheduled for early the next day and someone had confused the drill with an actual emergency.

Although in reality a missile was actually launched against Hawaii and was detected in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii. The missile was intercepted and destroyed by a nuclear stealth submarine.

Who did and who could have shot the missile down? The secret space programme run by the US Airforce were capable using maser satellites and microwave technology using a directed energy weapon from a space based platform? The Maui Space Surveillance Site could have tracked and helped destroy the ballistic missile.

The US Airforce could have also had help from their new allies the Nordics. UFO’s were seen and photographed while the incident was taking place. The US Navy did not have the capability to shoot down the missile as in recent tests they had failed in a similar scenario.

President Trump had asked for documentation that would free America from the iron grip of the deep state, this documentation was held in Hawaii. The deep state would not surrender the information to President Trump.

It was known that during an emergency situation there would be a bulk transfer of data to the Pentagon. Was this a false flag attack to get the required information transferred to the white hat alliance? The files incriminated the deep state and the CIA. Or was it an attempt by the deep state to destroy the information?

This could have also been a pretext by the deep state to cause a third world war by blaming North Korea for the incident.


The article above covers just a few of the intriguing revelations in the book.

It is an excellent and fascinating read and has many new disclosures not mentioned in this article, including new information regarding Extra-Terrestrials, Weather Warfare, Project Rand, NASA, Q, Roswell and other Alien Crash Retrievals.

Many questions are answered in this book, for anyone wanting more information on UFO’s and the history of the secret space programmes this is a must read.


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