KaRa of the Pleiades: Raise Your Vibrations

kara of the pleiades eraoflightdotcomI am KaRa. I enjoy these times when I can be with you and share with you, and continue to give you parts of the bigger picture.

I say ‘parts’ now, because we cannot give you the entire picture all at once, but we can give you the parts. The parts that we are playing. The parts that you are playing. And you are all playing your parts to the best of your abilities at this point. So allow for all of this process, this ascension process, to continue to move you forward. And if you allow it to move you forward, it will.

Continue to find yourself in those higher vibrations, as Archangel Michael has given, as much as possible, whenever possible. And know that the energies, as they continue to come in, are leading more and more and more to disclosure. Not only disclosure of those of us, what you call ‘the ET’s,’ but disclosure of all of the truths that are coming forward.  Because these truths must be revealed. The truth shall indeed set you free.  And that was given long ago and has been reiterated many, many times over.

And those truths are coming forward now and bringing those that have been in the shadows for so long, bringing them into the light.  And as they find themselves in the light, they cannot handle the light.  They cannot handle the truth themselves. Because as they try to understand the truth, it brings them right back into the old illusionary comfort zone that they are used to.  And that comfort zone they will remain in.  And that is not something for you to be concerned about.

The only concern [is] with where you are in this entire process and to this entire vibrational lifting-up process that you have all moved into.  Because as you continue to do so, you will continue to find yourself moving closer and closer to matching those of our vibrations.  And as you match our vibration, you will come closer and closer to full contact with us.  And that is the process that we are working on now, in bringing that contact to you, as you bring your contact to us.

Be ready.  Be ready to open up to the higher vibrations so that you can meet more fully with us in a more physical fashion.  Those of you that want to do this, then you can bring this about.  Simply create it within your minds.  Choose it for yourselves, and you will move closer and closer to making that a reality.  Those that came in with the contracts to allow this to happen will, of course, bring this about as well.

But even those of you that did not create this within your contracts before coming into this lifetime, even those of you now can choose to do so and can bring this about.  You can alter the contract that you came in with as you are ready to do so.

And that is what this group, and many other groups, are working toward now at this point.  For we, those of us, all of the civilizations that come from outside of this planet, are working toward bringing this contact to you, and you to us.

All of my peace and love be with all of you as we continue to move closer and closer together.


» Channel: James McConnell