Ra: Sending Love

horus eraoflightdotcomLoved friends at Gaia. I am Ra who wants to send you Love. Enjoy a world of beauty. See how everything changes to a brighter and more beautiful reality beyond the facade of illusions. Feel the contact with loved ones that you now find in your heart room. We all now come closer in the name of the great Love. Go into the arms of the Great Love and reunite, find your friends in near and far – on earth, in the earth and even on other planets and in the Heights of Heaven.

There is nothing to be scared of, there is only Light and Love as it always has been. See the Light and Love also in your former enemy and see everything transformed in this Metamorphosis of Love. Forget the media and understand that it is in your own everyday life that you meet yourself and the small obstacles within you that may still remain. They easily overcome you with love and again love, acceptance and joy. Amuse yourself instead of worrying, take advantage of the moments of joy in the present, capture the moments of the flight / moment and do what engages you, but remember to do everything from your heart to everything that is meant to be.

Your best teachers are the kids, the little open kids who are always in NUET. Marvel with them at what grows in the earth, the beautiful stones, the play in the water and all the little creatures and creatures of nature. Enjoy the pets’ trusting love and the song of the birds.

Carpe Diem, Capture the Day My Beloved Friends, Enjoy the Journey and Be in Light and Love.

I love you all so much and am with you in this moment as I always have.

Your devoted Friend Ra.


» Source » Channel: Kerstin Sisilla