Yeshua: Light Aura

yeshua eraoflightdotcom newToday we will talk about the light of love that shines ever more powerfully on Earth. What is this light then? It is a lighter energy with a higher vibration that is now growing stronger on Earth. A stronger light aura has begun to appear around Mother Earth. An aura that lovingly caresses the space around it. She is now attracting loving beings who help and strengthen the love energy that has now begun to radiate around her. The same energy has also begun to radiate around humanity that has grown in love and compassion for one another. Humans have also begun to have compassion for their presence, for example the animals, and they have begun to understand the importance of nature in their lives.

The love energy that shines on Earth today opens up a new vision and greater intelligence than you have experienced so far. A new era has started on Earth, a new era of love and light. People are now growing in love and wisdom and for every step they take there is a change on the earth they trample on. They are shaping a new world according to the love spirit that has now begun to grow in them. A world full of beauty, good health, peace, harmony and joy. You rise in your love and in your creation and giving. You grow in your insight and understanding of what the meaning of life is. You have begun to understand that love is all that is and that is what you all are. The light of love makes no distinction but it is one with everything. The sun shines on everyone and the light of love is in everyone. I see all light as small dots on Earth. Some shine brighter than others but all shine just as clearly. Some have begun to work with the energy of love and they have deliberately chosen to spread its love.

You are currently in a wave of love energy. It affects you in many different ways both mentally and physically. I’m not going to list all the symptoms you can get here, because it can be so extensive, depending on your many differences and experiences. Feel the energy and receive what you can receive right now. The body can be a guide and the mind one. Listen inwardly to what your intuition is telling you. Feel free to rest a little and try to follow what you get to do. Don’t worry if your head feels a little hollow and empty. The energy of the wave goes over and the balance will be restored. Some insights you have gained will remain, others will be forgotten for some time, but will germinate and emerge when that time is up. New tracks are laid where the old ones have been and a new view of life may emerge depending on whether this is what you have just chosen. Some choose to follow the early wave, others choose a later wave. There is no right or wrong in it. It just is and it can’t be any other way. Some must begin to build the new foundation of the new loving world. There is no one who can escape the waves of love energy, they affect everyone and everyone will grow and mature in the light of this energy.

Everything is already healed, clear and blessed.

Great love



» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg