A Gift From Gaia: Follow the Star

we are ne love eraoflightdotcomPlease fasten your seatbelts we are about to enter some turbulent pockets of changeable frequencies… The gift of cosmic magic is in the air as we move ever closer to the point of lift off in just two days with the New Moon, Mercury Direct and a possible blast of solar wind to move the collective into a new space, new timelines are about to become visible but before we get there we now receive some incredibly interesting energy to assist us in releasing more layers of outdated coding we have been holding.

The Sun Square Uranus can be quite unpredictable as far as cosmic surfing goes, for those who have mastered the understanding of our programming will have learnt to observe and choose consciously how to navigate, and yet those unaware of the behaviours of energy become quite reactive, which at the time may well feel unhelpful but the truth is the reactive folk create the perfect mirror for you to see the truth within you, FOR your opportunity to take the responsibility, to realise the magnet within that attracted the timeline thus giving you the opportunity to clear away the experience and put it to rest fully.

You see once we have mastered the wisdom that everything experienced is happening FOR you and not TOO you we realise the old programs of judgement and defense are unnecessary, this is where we realise that boundaries are just an outdated psychospiritual tool that stagnates the journey and that old magnet continues to pull in the experiences until you realise the block these boundaries cause, boundaries hold defense, boundaries stop the flow and there can be no forgiveness whilst you hold those karma dogs of protection.

Boundaries are separation

And once we step out of the people programming that creates singularity we realise the gift in every connection we make, we return to a space of One, we see the spectrum and realise the blindness, and once this is Seen we understand that blaming a blind man would be nothing short of ignorance, and that is something that most definitely doesn’t exist in The Alignment of Light.

Sun Square Uranus will be allowing you to witness the contradiction of heart and mind, the lower mind, the ego and all its NEED as these Divine messages begin the interference with the current status quo, things just seem to be KNOWN from within, gut instincts arise for the sleepy surfers and clear concise knowing for the super surfers and all requested to move within the guidance for a smooth flight through the turbulence, try making a turn and you are likely to feel the bipolar energy of nervousness and then excitement, just another physical body symbolic message requesting that you connect, and listen, that you release (Uranus) the ego (sun) attaching to the reality and allow yourself to be guided by those internal whispers.

But once we have moved passed the lower aspects of these transits and are following the guidance we get to witness the abundant opportunities that these amazing shifts create, the trick to not get sucked into this erratic, changeable, unpredictable energy is to literally detach as Uranus requests, to see all on their own individual path and simply follow the gems of conscious BEing.

The moon today will be passing over Sirius, already fully charged and tuned in the moon opens the feminine channels and draws in the new codes whilst conjuncting the North Node, more new opportunities for us to See what stagnates us or what will expand us, both are one of the same in truth, but for those hitting the perceived brick wall or groundhog Day the cryptic clues of the block are often not even visible, if you need some assistance in understanding the programs there are some interesting modules over in the file section of the A Gift from Gaia GROUP.

And whilst this newness enters of the moon, north Node and Sirius we are therefore in opposition to the South Node and Saturn.

Perfect alchemy to breakdown that karmic wheel you have been circulating on for lifetimes, perfect time to release outdated beliefs, relationships and all associated old programming.

But remember the whole point to these movements is to evolve, which means all clearings must reveal you in a place of neutrality, in other words there are no boundaries of defense and judgement, there are no fingers pointing out blame, this means in order to expand, it is essential that the experience is realised as the gift it is, that gratitude is given and complete forgiveness which of course leaves you open in the energy of renewal, if the other is also consciously moving through respect and responsibility then there is a beautiful space for both to move into and if not, the renewal takes place for those open to the new frequency timeline.

In order to expand we make our new understanding our experience which is how we move into the space of innerstanding….we become and it is through our becoming that we stop experiencing the old ways, the old patterns.

It is down to you to do the detective work, here and now, no requirement to go back into the past, we are quantum, all is just a pattern repeating now in this lifetime and if you want to shift from the old then the hardwork within must begin.

Today is likely to be reflective of the British Summertime, who knows what might appear next, hot one second cold the next, screaming anxiety and then peaceful and gentle, and through this observation you will learn to slow down, observe, choose consciously and learn to surf whilst you witness the collective get churned over in the surf.

Keep your focus purely on the rebuild, what can you create, what are the whispers within guiding you to choose…..

Follow the Star!


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