Sanat Kumara: Gaia is Freed

sanat kumara eraoflightdotcomMy Friends, I am Vivamus seeking contact with you. That’s what is happening on Gaia now. The card house collapses. The skyscrapers of power collapse like dominoes, but made of paper. They are completely annihilated in the case and become dust that is easily carried away by the wind.

The energies above the earth are light and bright. Only in certain places are there densities, but even in the near future they will be dissolved and destroyed. My dearly beloved Friends, you are doing a great job. The waves of light are spreading further from you as rings on the water and light more and more Light earth over. You do your work to the fullest, you do what you have been expecting in eons and you do it brilliantly in the double sense. With peace and love in your mind you hold the Light. In this way, the Light can penetrate into all corners and spread in the name of Truth and Justice. As you know, Light and Truth always prevail and now is the time. Mankind becomes free from the past.

Gaia is freed from the influence of the sluggish energies and can live in peace, love and balance. People, spend a lot of time in nature and enjoy the peace and harmony. Inhale it in your heart and feel gratitude for your Mother Earth for all that she has given you for an incredible number of millennia. This is despite the grim treatment she has endured. Feel gratitude for the beauty that surrounds you, for the contact with the animals and the messages and the love they have to give you. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the journey into Paradise. This moment is what you have been waiting for my Friends. You are there now.

All my love to you, magnificent creatures on Gaia.

Your Friend and Brother Vivamus.


» Source » Channel: Kerstin Sisilla