President Trump, Baltimore, RV

eraoflightdotcom just newsKejRaj: As always discernment is key.

Phoenix at the Patriot Intel Report has some great info in his latest video. Watch from 5′ 30″ – President Trump’s sudden interest in Baltimore is tied into the RV…

Phoenix: ‘President Trump met with evangelical leaders in Baltimore and they urged him to use Baltimore as the showcase project for what he’s going to do across the nation. And that’s what they are doing – they are drawing attention to it, and they’ll start on it really soon. This ties in with Robert Steele talking about he’d heard that 1.4 trillion dollars would be injected into the economy from private sources within the next few weeks – he said it a few days ago…’

‘Private sources?’ Well, dear IDC friends, that would be us! He is referring to the RV.

There is more to the Baltimore story…President Trump wants to shine a spotlight on the massive corruption in these impoverished cities before he cleans up the mess. Obama gave over a billion dollars to Baltimore for wide-spread improvements. What happened to that money? It vanished.

But there is still more…It transpires that Pelosi’s father and brother were both previously mayors of Baltimore. The corruption runs very deep. No wonder the city has never seen the money it so badly needed.

Speaking of corruption, it seems that Obama, Prince Harry, Katy Perry and Leonardo diCaprio, among others, are whizzing into Sicily in their private jets – 114 jets in total. They have been invited for ‘an urgent “Google Camp” summit on climate change’.

Yeah, right. What is really happening is obvious: they are panicking. BIG TIME. They are desperately trying to come up with Plan B. Their only problem is THERE ISN’T ONE. Scroll down Lisa Mei Crowley’s Twitter feed until you find Katy Perry’s name…

On another subject, it is heartening to see a legal case being mounted by the NYC Fire Department in the face of ‘overwhelming evidence’ that there were explosives planted in the Trade Centre towers ahead of 9/11. The truth is pouring out from all quarters as the D5 avalanche quickly gains momentum.

Finally, astrology has a role to play in major events on Earth, like DECLAS and the RV/GCR. Mercury, planet of communication, has been retrograde for several weeks. It would have been unlikely for the RV to happen during a Mercury Retrograde cycle. Mercury goes direct this week and there will be forward movement. And to spice things up, Jupiter (planet of abundance and blessings) and Saturn (planet of major karma) BOTH go Direct this month.

Watch this space…

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Where We Go One We Go All.

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