Archangel Michael: Continue To Work On Yourselves

archangel michael eraoflightdotcomI am Archangel Michael.   It has been a bit of time since I have been with you.  But of course, we’re not measuring these instances by time. We are measuring these instances by vibration, and how vibration is shifting and changing across the planet, and how the timelines that you have been experiencing for some time now have been merging together until there are but two timelines left. That is not complete yet, but it is coming to that point where there will be two timelines merging together, and then splitting off.  And they are coming to the point now where they are going to begin to split off:  one time line leading to the higher vibration and the higher dimension, the other timeline leading to remaining in a three-dimensional understanding and frequency, and therefore the continued illusion.

This is what is coming now, rapidly, where you are moving.  You, those of you that resonate to these words, are moving rapidly into the timeline that is taking you into those higher vibrations.  You have all been experiencing more and more a sense of a heightened vibration, a sense of heightened frequency.

You have been feeling it in your bodies.  You have been feeling it through your central nerve system.  You have been feeling it, giving you the understanding and the knowing through those symptoms of ascension that you have calling this.  And yet they are symptoms of this ascension process.  Many of you are being able to handle these energies more and more, which may be the reason why you have not been having many of the symptoms as much lately.  Some of you still are.  But some of you have not been.  And this is going to continue.  Those that are having these symptoms, they may continue yet a bit longer.

But know that everything is moving according to the great plan at this time.  And those of you that have been acclimating to these energies and continue to do so, and continue to move onto this new timeline that is drifting apart from the old one, the old one that you have become accustomed to that has given you a sense of comfort, a comfort zone that you have held on to.  Because this illusion, this three-dimensional illusion has been somewhat of a comfort zone.  Some of you may look at this and hear these words and say ‘not so comfortable to me.” But know that it is something that you have become accustomed to.

But you are moving away from this, and you are going to move out of this comfort zone.  And as you move out of this comfort zone, change is coming into your lives.  And the change is going to increase rapidly throughout all of you.  And as this change continues to increase, as these energies continue to multiply, and the waves of energy keep coming in, and they are coming in and they are going to get stronger and stronger, because those filters that have been being used throughout by those of what you would call the Ancients that have been holding these energies back are not holding the energies back as much any longer.  They are still filtered, but the filters are being taken away more and more, now.  And the energies are coming in stronger.  And they will continue to come in stronger and stronger.

And those of you that continue to take these energies in, and I do mean take these energies in, accept them, allow them to come into your central nerve system, allow them to come in through your meridians in your body to release those energies that have been blocked up within those meridians as if there is an acupuncture or acupressure that is coming in and releasing those energies.  See it as this.  The energies are being unblocked, because they must be. And as these truths are coming forward, it is helping to unblock these energies as well.  Because the truths are coming out.  And they will continue to come out.  Those dominos, that have been spoken of, have begun.  Not the biggest ones yet, but some small ones have started.  And they are going to continue, and it is going to lead to those larger dominos.  Or, as some have called it, the avalanche that is gaining momentum coming down the mountain.

All of these visualizations, all of these ways of understanding what is happening.  And we can give you different understandings, different visualizations, different pictures to begin to understand this, but none of this will do the righteousness to all that is coming that will give you the complete understanding, complete picture.  Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  And we can give you thousands of words, and give you many, many pictures, but nothing is going to come close to what is actually going to occur.

So, all we can continue to say is continue to be ready.  Continue to be ready, continue to take these energies in, continue to work on yourselves at being in the NOW moment.  Because as you continue to be in the NOW moment, you will find yourself in those higher vibrations and higher frequencies.

And, as you are in those higher frequencies, you will find that the illnesses, the symptoms, the various things that ail one that is in the lower vibrations will no longer affect you.  Know this:  know the illnesses of the past will be gone.  Know that the medical conditions of the past will be gone.  The cancers, the immune deficiencies, all of these things will be gone as you continue to move into these higher vibrations, so do so in every waking moment find yourself in those vibrations.  Just simply raise your vibration:  you can do it with your mind.  You can do it with your visualization ability.  Do it more and more.  And if it helps to be out in nature, and often it does, then do so.  Whatever it is that helps to work for you, do it.  Don’t delay any longer.  BE in those higher vibrations.  BE those higher vibrations.

I am Archangel Michael, and I leave you now with my Sword of Truth to continue to hold you steadfast in your journey forward, to continue to allow for this Sword of Truth to cut through all of the vibrational frequencies that continue to hold you down, those ties, those binds, those psychic ties that continue to hold you back into the third-dimensional illusion which many of you, most of you, have now almost left for good at this point.

I leave you now for another to come through, your Beloved Sister, Pleiadian Sister, KaRa, will speak momentarily.


» Channel: James McConnell