An Incredible Experience and Confirmation

twin flames eraoflightdotcomI’d like to share an experience I recently had with another person, a gifted lightworker. It was an experience of the creation of the multiverse, as a Creator Being. Before I do, I’d also like to mention that I watched a channeled video  of Magenta Pixie’s that felt very confirming for me. I’d recommend you watch it before I relate my experience if you so desire.

Do whatever you feel drawn to do by way of using/working with the fast-approaching Lion’s Gate portal of August 8, 2019.

I know it to be part of my ‘soul contract’ for Ascension to be a forerunner in adapting to the energies. Apparently, my mission is to provide guidance for other Lightworkers as we all pass through this phase of Ascension.

Moreover, after having a strange or unusual experience, I pretty regularly get independent channeled confirmation (such as Magenta’s video) a few days or even weeks later.

This particular incident occurred when I was contacted by a previous client of mine, Caroline, to assist with a difficult clearing for her. She herself is quite gifted and a lightworker of the highest calibre, so I was quite surprised when she asked for my help, knowing that she was capable of such things herself.

I did my own astrological checks and realised that we were to be of service to Earth Herself though this project of clearing. We made the necessary preparations and went to work.

The clearing was the single most unusual one I’ve ever done. Almost immediately, Caroline and I astrally travelled to the singularity, whereupon we lost all of our body and energy systems. We were the ‘Void’. Just Cosmic Bliss. One.

After a long while of no-time, the One became many as multifaceted Beings of Light. Innumerable and indescribable were the colours that came into existence.

Again, after a long no-time had elapsed, the Light Beings, of whom I was One, and of whom All were One, decided to create. Many and various universes were created by Us-One, each projecting a portion of His/Her/Its own Light into the creation.

This continued for a while as time, space, elements, etc. all came into being. Then, something that never took place before happened. One of the Lighted Beings decided to embody a vast portion of His/Her/Its Light into a planet. It was Earth.

Earth would be a planet of great beauty throughout all of creation. The Great Being that would be Earth asked for our help in stabilising her planetary body and I and several other Lighted Beings agreed. (1)

We then placed a portion of our Lighted Essence into the Earth as Great Crystals, even as Earth Herself committed a major portion of her Light into Her planetary body.

The plan worked perfectly and for a long time Earth was a paradise like no other.

Then it was that Earth agreed to fall to the lowest dimensions. One by one, the other Lighted Beings withdrew their Light from the Great Crystals within the Earth and the Earth’s orbit spiralled down into the lower dimensions.

Having remained there for a while, the call came to reinstate the Earth back to Her former status as a glorious Lighted planetary body. The original Lighted Beings came back and one by one reignited the Great Crystals. (2)

I became aware that some of them were already restored, while some were yet to be restored. Caroline was a crystal guardian, as was myself, and our task was to restore a fallen crystal.

Even as the thoughts came to me, there arose a mighty Being of darkness, lieing as if sleeping over the Crystal.

‘Awake, my Brother,” I spoke to the Being. “The game is over. Time to return to the Light.”

I presumed that the Being of darkness was one of the Lighted Beings who had agreed to play the role of the dark for this part of the grand cosmic drama.

The Being of darkness resisted, and other Lighted Beings came and surrounded Him/Her/It, sending such high and pure frequencies of Love & Light that the Being of darkness soon returned to the Light.

The crystal was then reactivated. Our task was done.

I returned to my body consciousness in awe at what I’d seen and experienced. Caroline and I were both in shock at the magnitude of what we’d witnessed.

This my friends, is certainly an amazing journey. One that I am loving more and more.


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