Ivo of Vega: Lightworkers and the RV

ivo of vega eraoflightdotcomMY POST TODAY: So the lightworkers are all waiting around for the R.V. so they can change the world. You want to have this money so you can change the world. You believe you need more money, lots of it, to be able to change the world.

You’re still caught in 3D thinking.

You don’t need money to change the world. You need to realize that your mind creates this world and the way to change the world, which is a projection of your mind experienced as a physical realm, is to change your mind.

When you believe in the power of money more than you believe in your own power, you stay stuck.

And the deep state / cabal / illuminati continues to delay the release of the RV funds to lightworkers only. Is that a coincidence? I think not.

They have you stitched up and you’re cooperating, as usual.

If you want to change the world, use your mind to do it now. You’re more powerful than a dollar bill.

Me: Ivo, this message needs to get out. People need to stop hanging around waiting for the RV to go. They need to do something now. We have light power, the power of love, which created everything in this universe, at our disposal. Money is part of what we created. Yet here so many are, waiting for money to change themselves and to change the world.

Think about it. I keep getting these flashes of insight faster than I can write! If you were born on this earth as a caveman, if there ever was such a thing I’m not even sure now, did you have money? But you still survived, didn’t you? If you’re born as an animal or an insect, you don’t need money, do you? Why do you need money? Because we have structured our societies to require the use of it, and there are systems set up to keep you in debt, keep you short of cash (inflation and taxes, for example) and to keep the rich getting richer.

The trick is to extricate yourself from the system. Use as little of it as possible. Stop being a consumer. And then you’ll start to see how it saps your power, your energy, your life force.

So now we live in this industrialized/technology based society which uses money as a means of barter. That is not a problem because you can use your energetic powers to change your fortunes.

I’ve been made aware recently, of how many lightworkers are struggling, and like me they seem to live beneath the poverty level. We live in a money-based society and there is the accepted way of earning money, but then there is the way that we, the lightworkers are to bring abundance into this world. Yet so many don’t know how to do it.

You have to use the law of attraction, and again, many aren’t familiar with universal laws. There are rules that apply to this game of life here on earth and throughout the galaxy, and these rules are the rules of love energy. So they can’t be bad. Everything is love because that’s the only thing that exists.

You are love. And you can use these rules of love to create more abundance for yourself. It depends on how much you love yourself!

So stop complaining about what you don’t have, how poor you are, how hard done by you feel and start being grateful for what you do have. That’s one thing that can ruin your ability to bring more abundance: negativity.

One good book to read is Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer’s book: Creating Money and Abundance. I read it years ago and it works. You can learn to magnetize anything you want to yourself. But you have to understand your level of consciousness, you have to understand what’s going on in your head and you have to understand what you say to resist the abundance you want. So you have to have self-knowledge.

It’s perfectly do-able though. Many years ago I used to say, “I need a permanent vacation. I need a rest from this.” Working and daily life was so stressful, being an empath working in the downtown business core, I ended up burning out. I had one doctor write me onto Long term disability and the insurance company ended up screwing me out of my lifelong benefits – as they will do. If you have to deal with an insurance company, especially concerning L.T.D., lawyer up because they’ll try to trick you and not pay it out. Truth. The fact is, the insurance companies are NOT ethical businesses and are not above using trickery to deceive you and rob you of your rightful earnings. Don’t let them!

I had to work for a while after this again, and ended up on welfare. At the welfare office, my caseworker told me, I didn’t even ask her for it, she told me…. you need to apply for disability pension. Your depression is interfering with your work ability. I did the forms and tests and 2 years later, when I got my disability pension, my doctor said he’s never seen anyone like me get approved before. Usually you have to be almost dead before they’ll approve you. But I got approved and I’m still on it.

I created that. With my mind and my light power.

I got the car I wanted when I didn’t have the money to buy a car. I got the money and I got the car.

I got the apartment I wanted – exactly as I specified.

How many times have you gotten what you wanted out of life? You called yourself lucky maybe. You’re not lucky. You aligned with that thing and you magnetized it into your life. You attracted it. You’ve been doing it all along, now you just have to learn how to do it consciously.

This is going on all the time, and you have to realize it, look back to see when you did get what you wanted, and then understand you have that power. It wasn’t your parents, it wasn’t your boss, it wasn’t the government – you got that for yourself.

Like we keep saying you’re responsible for your life whether you take responsibility or not. When you take responsibility to the level of creating what you want, you understand how powerful you are.

Ivo: Yes, the lightworker forces on this earth need to step up and take their power back. Many are giving it away. This is part of the process on your planet but we need more forces to help us. Your people are to be the light holders for this higher 5D vibration. If you cannot hold that much energy consistently, then you will not go to 5D. It is basic science. You must align with the frequency you wish to have in your life. You need to be it, in other words.

For the RV to go, you need to let go of your expectations and attempt to empower its roll out. Just sending your energy to help out helps to battle the dark intervention in its roll out. This is the light vs. The dark in the fourth dimension. It is duality. So the light must become more empowered and the lightworkers have chosen to come here to do this.

Empowering something is as simple as thinking positively about it. It is that simple. When you bring in white light energy through the crown chakra and empower your thoughts with these higher energies, you are helping to create this new situation. Do this with the RV now. Not when you need it to go, but in the best time for all.

Me: I feel more lightworkers have to step into their creative powers.

Ivo: Yes, and stepping into your creativity is a question of not allowing your 3D systems to hold you back anymore. Understand that you are beyond them and they cannot control you unless you let them. You can create more money for yourself right now, better jobs, the lives you want, peace for the world, and more loving friends. Anything you want, set your mind to it and it will appear in the correct timing. You must align with the vibration of the thing you want.

In your post, you said that “you’re more powerful than a dollar bill.” In fact, the lightworker gives their power away to the dollar bill. You invest your power into the economic power of a dollar bill, but in fact it is your power. Money is simply printed paper, minerals and electronic figures. That is where the matrix has you tricked: in believing in its contrivances rather than yourself. You believe your automobiles are powerful, but if you were too afraid you would not be pressing the gas pedal so hard. You would be afraid of the power of that car. So it is your power, your lack of fear, that powers the car. The car is only a contrivance. And of course, on your televisions you see advertisements saying that these cars are powerful. It is you that holds the power, not the automobile. It will only sit in the driveway without you behind the wheel. You are its power. It does what you tell it to do.

Me: Thank you Ivo!

Ivo: In the same vein are your bodies. They do nothing without your soul within them. Your soul holds the power. You go to the gym to work out your bodies and you pride yourself on your power, but you have met people with a powerful physique but with weak character so they do not come across as powerfully as they would like to, yes? The body fools nobody. The soul is the power. Your money is not your power – you are the power. Not your cars, not your controllers, not your bodies even… you are the power that powers this world and so you can take your power back, own it to change your life and better the fortunes of all upon it. Yes. You do not need money to do it.

Ivo: My love, you understand that some days when you drive, you turn up Led Zeppelin, roll down the windows and drive over the speed limit because you enjoy the power but it is your power you are feeling. How can you feel the power of your car? You cannot. You can only feel your own power which also gets revved up when you rev the car up. No, I hear you resisting. Everything you feel is your own power when you sense the speed of the car. You are not the car. You are yourself and you feel your own reaction to the speed of the car and the vibration of the engine. You are a sensing device, remember.

Me: True.

Ivo: It is your power. So when it comes to changing the world, what can you do? You can sit in your power, or bring in more power through the crown chakra. Ask your godself or your christ self to send in power to you, and then charge that power with your thoughts. “I want peace on earth. So be it.” “I want a better home.” “I want more income.” Of course, as the book instructs, you must be very specific about the details, the more detail the better, and do not employ negatives. Do not say what you do not want because you will get that as well. The universe is positive. It does not employ negatives and does not understand negative thinking. So when you say, “Don’t send me only $100.,” you are most likely to get $100. only.

Me: Ivo, I keep seeing something from my childhood that was really disempowering. My mother used to say, “Gimme gimme never get,” when we asked for something we wanted.

Ivo: Your parents were narcissists, my love, they did not want you holding any power. Asking is power and providing to others is gratifying them. It is part of the cycle. You ask of the universe all the time and it is perfectly okay to do so. Your mother did not like your power and wished to control you by disempowering you children. So you got an understanding of the matrix’s tactics very young in life. It is advisable for all who wish to take their power back to see what comes up for them as resistance as this “gimme gimme never get” comes up for Sharon. It is still standing in her way. Asking is fine. It is the first step in your creative process. Next ask for these resistances to be healed.

Me: Okay, well, I’m off to do the light column meditation. It’s Saturday 2 p.m. EST and that’s on every week, so I’ll be meditating for peace. BTW the only reason people meditated in numbers is because it’s more powerful, but you can do your own meditating. It changes the collective unconscious.

Ivo: My love, we will get there. We will change this world on all timelines. Remember this.

Me: Thank you Ivo.


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