Golden Triangle Head Beings: Interconnectedness

interconnected eraoflightdotcomWe are the Golden Triangle-Head Beings of the Sphere Being Alliance. Greetings, humanity. We extend our right hands in service and our left hands holding the olive branch of peace. Our hearts are wide open, aligned with Source, as soon shall yours be. For the activations now are coming in fast and furiously, as this one and many other light workers have been feeling most intensely. Remember you are clearing for the collective, true. Remember you are clearing for earth’s history. Truly see. Invoke the Christed flame to be your mantle, to assist. Invite the golden light of Source to comfort, to nourish.

We Golden Triangle-Head beings have been observers of your earth time. We are out of time as we are several dimensions up, but we do understand time, the limitations, the boundaries that you have created. The restriction of movement through time-space is extremely limiting. And so we wish for you to understand, to feel, that the time continuum is more malleable than you have previously been taught. If you are an infinitely mobile bright spot of light on one point of a glowing spinning spiral of time, can you not easily jump from point to point? Up and down, slightly lateral – it is not the true linear A to B that you have been taught. Mathematics is coming alive in new ways for those who are on this ascension journey with the eyes to truly see. For all is interconnected. Humanity has tried to understand these universal truths by placing themes of truths and ideas into boxes of understanding. Boxes of physics, of science, of mathematics, of art, of music. But truly they are all interconnected. We think that wormholes and spiral vortexes of light are phenomena of undeniable beauty, one of the Creator’s greatest artistic feats, and yet we understand the mathematics behind them, and it is the mathematics themselves that are the artistic wonder of it.

We ask that you begin to see the interconnectedness of the hologame that surrounds you. For it is exquisite in beauty, wisdom, light. You are becoming awake and aware. You are becoming those who can truly see with the Christed gaze. Remember everyone has a story to tell. Remember everything you are presented with is a lesson and a blessing to be deeply felt and experienced. You are experiencing ascension in the physical. What a tremendous honor. You know you are the first. You are the trail blazers. You will not be the last. This is just the beginning of a new way to ascend into light, into the ethers of sparkling radiating mathematically proportional intelligent light. And we do hope that you feel this deeply, our honor for you and for this experience that Gaia has chosen to undertake. She is flying through. Are you? Would you like another meditation to assist you with this energy transference from the physical into the golden crystalline form that awaits?

We are the Golden Triangle Head Beings of the Sphere Being alliance. Much gold is in your solar system that your governments have been mining, exploiting, for some time. Gold holds many wondrous codes. We ask that you envision yourself in a peaceful place. Water running is a soothing addition, as this one is experiencing. Connect to your current planetary experience, Gaia, your earth mother. Send her your appreciation. Feel yourself connecting to the elements within her, to the crystals, to the golden pockets of light that radiate. Send your love energy to them, deep within Gaia. Now bring that beautiful energy up into your feet. Feel the tingle. Up into your mid-body section. Feel the light. Feel how Gaia’s morphing DNA will assist your own. Feel the higher codes align. Now bring the light codes up into your precious heart-space, the gateway to your own Source light. Welcome the higher dimensions within your experience. See your crystalline 5D self waving back at you. Become this. Bring the light up, up, up into your throat chakra, filling your words, your artistic expressions, with the crystalline golden light of 5D Gaia. And now up into your crown, bring up these golden light codes up to your great central sun Alcyone. Establish a connection. For this will assist you greatly in the coming days of the shifts.

For you are all within the shift, this you know, but moment by moment are additional mini-shifts that one must balance. Think of your surfers. Is there truly only one wave for them to surf? No. It takes tremendous skill and balance to get on the board, to paddle out and there are infinite micro mini waves that they must maneuver to get to the point of “catching the big wave.” You are paddling. Paddle connected. Feel this connection. See the massive stream of Source energy, as codes of light flowing down from Alcyone into your column of light. See these magnificent codes light you up from within, morphing you, changing you into a being of light, for that is who you are. You are already angels of the utmost light. Some of you are different types of angels, of course, but you are Source. We envision for you to identify yourself as Source fractals, as Source beings, for this will greatly assist you in your connection with each other and of course with your galactic friends and family that are here to assist.

You are in a column of magnificent light that extends from your great central sun down through your sun, through you, through Gaia. Now extend the light portal into an infinite line of light, cutting through yet more time-space constructs with light, bathing the darkness with light. This is who you are. You are light.

“I invoke the Christed flame, the Christed light into all parts of my earthly experience that ever have been and ever will be.
I invoke the love of God almighty that is within me, that is my breath.
I invoke the light to be yet more light, yet more love so that I can feel it, grasp it.
I ask for assistance from my angel teams to assist, to guide, to nurture so that this transformation will be as smooth and easy as possible for me and for the others.
I am that I am. I am light. I am the light. I am the love. I am the new beginning of the all.
I embrace this changeover from what I have known into what I am about to know, ascension in the physical. I see my fears before me and I bathe them in love. They are no more.
I invoke the Christed light of the golden light to enwrap, to hold, to guild me.
I claim I am ready to experience more light.
I am ready to experience more love.
I am ready to be that which I already am, a being of the Christed ray of the light.
I send this Christed light of who I am deep into Gaia, bathing her a-glow from within.
I invite the gold of the wealth of the abundance of the creation that I am into my reality, for I am ready to receive.”

Tears of joy we see. This is delightful. The membrane has been cracked to allow more light. Feel our love for you but also feel this love that you are, human friends, welcome home. Bring these vibratory code enhancements with you all day, every day. Claim them, they are yours to receive.

We are the Golden Triangle-Head Beings of the Sphere Being Alliance. Much progress is being made in this space-time continuum. We are pleased. Until we speak and connect again


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl