Ashtar: We Feel the RV is Approaching

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomThis is Ashtar Sheran with a message for the lightworkers upon planet Shan.

We feel the RV is approaching its release date for the general public. However we have experienced many interferences from the deep state (cabal/illuminati) as they attempt to slow down the process. Of course this means their livelihood. As we continue to arrest them, working up to the higher levels, this rids your planet of more and more corruption.

These are all positive progresses. However, one area that is lagging behind is the lightworker arena. I must remind you that you are the highest quotient of Light upon your planet, you, the galactic souls who sacrificed to incarnate into a planet experiencing deep negativity. You incarnated in order to help the people of earth to be released from the dark systems holding their energy at lower levels.

Yet many of the lightworkers are also being held at lower levels – by your own choice at times. Your refusal to meditate, to study spirituality and to understand what it takes of you to raise your frequency in such a short time is the problem. Many are waiting for the RV to go, however your high energy puts the RV into a holding pattern. You are the highest light quotient on the planet and all is within your hands. Our galactic light forces can remove the dark but it is your job to remove the negativity within yourselves to prepare your people for this new life of truth and love. With that accomplished, the RV can be rolled out.

Your light quotient is too low right now. Collectively, you are not able to hold the light necessary for the rollout of the RV. The dark is still able to control it. Do you see my point? The galactic forces are not in control of the RV – you are! We need your higher energy to manifest its rollout in completion. Some already have been served their funds but the majority have not. And this is why. The majority is not ready yet.

You represent the majority and most of the majority upon your planet is still entrenched in the cabal’s systems. You need to top up the other end – be the spiritual half of humanity on earth.

Yet so many are still entrenched in these systems as well. Waiting for the RV to release so that you can change the world means you are still entrenched in the third dimensional money control system and its inherent thinking. When you are still entrenched in this system and the beliefs that go along with it, do you feel you can make the correct decisions with the R.v. funding that you possess? Will you pass it along to help others or will you take this money to enrich yourself? How successful do you plan to be with your R.V. funding when you still have a third dimensional money control mentality?

These are the pitfalls we see from our standpoint. Understand that using these funds fraudulently will not be tolerated. The earth will be steered to a higher consciousness of honesty and intolerance of fraud and you will be released from the treachery your systems have placed you in now. In the new reality, fraud will not be taken lightly.

It is best now to prepare your minds to align with the new reality because if there are areas of non-compliance, they will become your pitfalls later. Understand that the funding will be meted out in instalments over a period of years, and should your practices or vibration lower to the point that these funds should be misused, measures will have to be taken, not the least of which is the cessation of payments. All will have a basic income, so you would not be impovershed but your ability to help the world may cease if you misuse it. Life will be lived according to vibrational level as that is the basis of life. Your vibrational frequency will dictate payment issue.

If you don’t have a practice of meditation, please ensure you begin. This way you can communicate with us yourself and receive the guidance you need to raise your vibration.

I love you and I remain with you always,



Me: Ashtar, I can hear them now, “They can’t do that! It’s my money!”

A: To that I will say, it’s not your money. The only part of that money that is rightfully yours is what you paid for it. For Sharon, that value would be a few hundred dollars. The money is given to you to use as a steward of this world. You are to use it for the public benefit, not your own.

If your attitude is that it’s your money, then this too, will stall the initiation of the RV for you.

Me: Thank you Ashtar! I love you!

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