The Pleiadians: Let Go

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomBeloved Ones we greet you, Strong forces of light are about to enter your earth’s atmosphere by mid August and we, alongside the Universal team are present to assist with a strong assimilation of this higher form of consciousness within your planet. Your own Heart will undergo a metamorphic shift as you receive an access to a new chamber opening up within your sacred Heart.

This unveiling of this chamber will allow you to perceive and connect to a higher Truth within you own lives. Veils will lift, opening your perceptions to a deeper sense of your own multidimensional nature.

This is your time to let go and forge a deeper union within your Heart, to reclaim your natural heritage through the sacred Heart. Be still and take moments with the essence of the rays of the Sun, which is here to support you in aligning to your brilliance that exists within your Heart.

We continue to commit to our mission of support, call us forward so we can assist you in your next steps of transition.


The Pleiadians.


» Source » Channel: Christine Day