Tim of Agartha: It is Time Now

empathy eraoflightdotcomHello friends. I’m Tim in the Earth’s interior. Many of you on Earth’s surface have memories of this. Some remember and others turn off the memories to more easily cure life on the Earth’s exterior. However, the sluggish energies on earth dissolve more and more every day.

Many of you have lived in previous incarnations close to spiritual Masters such as Buddha and Jesus. Even you carry the same knowledge within you. They were and are no more divine than you all are on earth. However, they descended on earth with a specific mission, namely, to bring forth the Truth to humanity. Now is the time and the assignment has been handed over to all of you living on Gaia now. Many of you have lived in indigenous peoples, as shamans with much knowledge, as wise leaders of different cultures and times, wise witches and priests. You have tried in various ways to convey the message of Love. The love of Father Heaven, Mother Earth and all living.

It’s time now to LIVE that Love. By enjoying the contact with nature and the animals you give love to Mother Gaia who now needs it to be completely restored. Through your contact with the animals and nature you also get help by receiving healing, balancing and loving messages. Through the water you regain contact with your origin, the origin of humanity. Memories and knowledge can come to life. The dolphins, whales and other aquatic creatures have a direct contact with us in Agartha. Since everything is one, you find this contact in all living water (i.e. not too poisoned by your poisons). Drink plenty of clean water, swim in lakes and oceans, shower, play and enjoy in the water.

Create a world of peace and love through how you radiate empathy, peace and love for yourself. Look through the illusion and be grateful for the beauty around you. Feel the brotherhood and sisterhood between you all on earth, us in Agartha who love you and follow you and everyone who follows you with great Love from other “places” in the Universe. We are all one and all there is Love, Love and again Love.

That’s all I wanted to tell you this day. You say that love has wings and it is wonderful to see how it is spread across the earth thanks to you.

All the Love of the World to you all from us in Agartha, the inner world of the Earth through Tim.


» Source » Channel: Kerstin Sisilla