Anna Von Reitz: Dear Mr. Trump, You’d Better Move Now

its time eraoflightThere are many reasons why continued delays are not in the public interest.

First, the closer to the elections, the harder it is for you to make sense of it all for people. Many Americans are still asleep. They may make the mistake of thinking that you and the Generals are at fault, especially given the ownership of the media conglomerates purporting to provide us with so-called news. Instead of thanking you, they may react in fear and think that some kind of illegal takeover is happening.

Yes, I know that is entirely ironic, but the point is that you have to have time to explain it and clear the air BEFORE the election cycle kicks in, in earnest.

The alternatives — to shut down the elections or convert the nature of the elections back to being public elections — would have mammoth repercussions of their own. If you shut down the corporate elections, you have foreign governments howling and causing trouble and accusing you of a military take over. If you convert the elections without sufficient public education and time for people to declare their proper political status, you have a flawed election process.

This is far from ideal timing in any respect, but continuing the status quo and leaving the rats in place and in power isn’t an answer, either.

The longer this investigation process goes on, the more time they have to stage False Flags and kill people for the sake of their agendas. These are, after all, criminals that we are dealing with. They do what criminals do. Giving the investigators time also means giving the criminals time to commit more atrocities.

Any vain hopes of carrying these investigations out to capture all the vermin involved are doomed from the start. These evils took decades to develop and ultimately involve over two million people in the US alone; no matter how much effort is applied, correction will not happen overnight. The web will continue to expand and corrective action will take continued long term effort. The most you can do is make a good start, focus public attention on the problem, and garner support sufficient to keep the effort rolling.

Whatever firestorm of media malignancy your opponents can come up with, the facts will speak for themselves and putting the perpetrators in jail will make it considerably harder for them to cover up the facts and orchestrate distractions. Round them up and let it all flow downhill.

Dealing with the criminals will encourage not only your supporters– it will encourage the whole world and bolster the economy, once the initial shock and uncertainty is set aside. Put the rats in jail. Show us that nobody is above the law. Make the words have meaning again.

The media has been under gag orders since the First World War and is even now having every story vetted by subcontractors of the Defense Department and the British Reuters News Services and Associated Press. This presents a monolithic threat both to our political process and the Freedom of Speech. This has gone hand in hand with consolidation of media conglomerates. You would be doing us all a favor to set aside the DOD/CIA censorship machinery and bust up the media monopolies, just like Reagan busted Ma Bell. It’s time.

It’s also time to expose the names and addresses of the people running these specious corporations like the “UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT” and “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and the “GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES”. Don’t take the heat for them any longer.

Let the people know what has been going on and the people will take care of the problem. Guaranteed.


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