Life Tapestry Creations: Your 3D Graduation Gift to You

life tapestry creations eraoflightdotcomDear Ones,

You likely want to be part of something, anything for you feel as if you are in an ongoing void. Many issues are now floating across your path that you thought you cleared. Yet, there are fewer people with whom to discuss issues. So it is you feel as if you are alone as if nothing you have done to date has been worth the effort.

Even though there are friends and acquaintances here and there reporting unexpected rewards, you are not among those people. So you are beginning to believe that your transition efforts have been for naught. As you most often did in 3D, you feel that your glass, your world is half empty instead of half full.

Think of yourself as a pot of water starting to form small bubbles before a full boil.

Others experiencing some of the joys you hope for are closer to the boiling point than is true for you. But no one of 5D is fully boiling for the rewards reported by your friends and acquaintances are merely extensions of their 3D dreams. Your 5D dreams have not fully materialized.

Even though you will achieve your full 5D potential the next few days, you have not yet reached it. Many of you label this energy period as the Lion’s Gate. It does not matter what label you provide for the energies pummeling you – and pummeling is the correct word – the past few months are rapidly transitioning you from a 5D wanna-be to 5D.

The rewards others report that you may be a bit jealous of are merely setting them up for their 5D maturity. Perhaps their dream fulfillment is housing, friendship or activity – all of which were attainable in 3D once they cleared their fears and discontent. So it is those rewards are from their past instead of their future.

The shift you have been part of for the past few months is to jettison you beyond your 3D dreams. So it is you are creating the last few 3D dreams you needed before taking your final step into 5D. For without that, housing, friendship, or activity, you would not feel complete enough to continue.

Perhaps it will help you understand that the rewards you or others are creating now are similar to a 3D graduation. Completion of one stage, allowing you to enter the next stage without pining for what you believed necessary to successfully close that phase.

No one of 5D is boiling yet, but many are close to doing so. Before many of you do boil, you want the security that your current dream creation provides.

Perhaps you wonder why anyone needs that security, that closure. Even though such is not necessary in Universal terms, you were of 3D earth before you transitioned to 5D. And 3D earth requires indicators of completion – pieces outside of yourself, allowing others to proclaim your rightness, your success. So it is that some of you are creating your 3D graduation phase now before you are willing or even able to create your new 5D life.

Your 5D creations will be larger than you now anticipate for they are Universal creations. Even though a house, car, job, or relationship might be part of your 5D creations, they will not be the end product as is true in 3D. Such creations are merely stepping stones to your new world.

Of course, you wish for us of the Universes to define what you will create after the completion of this current energy burst. We have no idea. In 3D, society dictated what you needed to create. Now that you are a unique individual in a unique role, you will create those aspects that best suit you and your role.

There are no creation guidelines or graduations in 5D. You merely follow your joy, and the rest falls into place.

You are creating your final 3D comfort zone which allows you to propel yourself fully into 5D. And once you do so, you will no longer pine for that 3D house or job because you will have more significant issues to contemplate and create.

For just as was true in 3D, you cannot imagine joy if your immediate housing, food, emotional, physical, or emotional needs are not met. That is what you are creating at this 12th hour as your water bubbles begin to break into a full 5D boil.

This phase is your 3D graduation gift to you. So be it. Amen.


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