A Higher Source: Wakeup Spiritually

new light human eraoflightdotcom“The time has come to wake up spiritually now. Finding out who you really are. Going a level deeper by yourself than you did before. Reach another step of your capacity we can say. Choose who you want to guide you on this path. There are a lot to choose from! An “array”, a solar spring of unprecedented kind. These people have previously walked the path you are going to walk, it is time for them to guide you on your path. Sure, you can of course do it yourself too. Sooner or later we will take you into our arms and you will arrive where you are going. However, this message should reach out to those looking for a friend, a soulmate we can say, ie a person who walks in the same ligaments as you we are talking to. We want you to look for your place, your way, your harbor, your arms, your light, your lantern, your path, your all-pedestrian path in front of you, the one that many walk, we then talk about those who have gone before you. You should also walk this stepped path, the one that leads you home to yourself. This can be very difficult for you to talk about down there on your soil. That there is a “home”, that there is another place you should be at, many dissatisfied lead you astray and say no, there is no other place you should be at, you should be happy with where you are today and what you have. Sure, there is a variety of entertainment that can be where you are, there is also a variety of lessons and there is a variety of shall we say … calm that wants to reach you there.

But if you are not satisfied with where you are, with who you are, then we tell you this: Go out and find your place in a different way, in a different place, in a different way than you previously sought. The person who in our case has previously been in contact with this “false epithet” namely the epithet SEARCHER. It’s been so disgusting! It has become so misguided from its original and all-encompassing meaning. That is to say, to seek the path of your heart. That is to say, lead you where you feel led. That is to say, do you feel attracted to give you farther out, farther away from where you were and were born and to a place that you may not yet know but that draws in you – yes then we want to tell you: Go . Go for all your power! Join all your Joy! Go with all your sensuality, discovery and contact with the one who leads you. Because yes, you are in contact with someone who leads you and who wants to lead you to a better place, to the next place. To the next place you go. This may be a motley path my friends, most of you know, but what is life worth living, say, if it didn’t want to lead you somewhere? To somewhere where you feel more … at home.

So with yourselves. For home is where you should be. Where you have been before, purely energy-wise, and where you want to go again. To peace and horizons. To the feeling of eternity and nowhere. To the land and landscape of infinite freedom. These are the words you have, for this wonderful area or condition that you are looking for. AND YOU DO THE RIGHT TO SEARCH! What else would you do, put on this earth to experience pleasure, and weigh away your eyes, deny its fruits and nectar? We tell you: Go out and seek your heart. You will find that. And the place of the heart is where you feel, that you can breathe easily. No one is pushing you, physically pushing you over your chest, no no pushing you there. There you are free. To be. Who you are. And we’ve been waiting so hard to meet you there! Dear friends! Dear channels! Dear … ascents. Dear … physical beings of spiritual blood. You are wonderful. Wonderful to behold. How can we dress in words, the feelings we have, the love we are, the… the longing we feel to unite with you. The channel is now experiencing a pink field. This is what you have to expect.

This is a state of peace, of bliss, of prosperity, of HOME. This is the feeling you are looking for! And again, who would you be if you did not seek what your heart wants you to do? You must seek your further, dearest spiritual individuals, you must seek your home and your dwelling, your true self and your being. This lives within you. The channel is now moving as in trans, she knows that this is of utmost importance and truth, that the message should reach you who should. Seek your truth. What more can we give you advice on the path to absolute truth? The path of love. Yes, to go quietly and quietly. The channel wonders how this is possible, how it rhymes with the incredible force that this message is pushed through, but the fact is that a path of calm and tranquility is good. When it’s right. There is, after all. Everything exists. Everything wants you well. Is it time to rest, rest. Is it time to go, then shoot! Is it time to pack your bag and get off on your journey, then do so. You can never go wrong. You can never get lost. In addition to having us looking for your path with lantern and well-meaning, you also have your own heart and this serves as a compass. We would like to take the opportunity to say a few words about this as well. Many people wonder, as our channel does, about the path of the heart or the heart’s… secret.

Well, a word as good as anything. The essence of the heart, we would like to say. Many people wonder about the essence of the heart and here we want your guide. The heart is … unfathomable. By this we mean, it does not think. It feels. So it cannot be pulled out to be examined in threads, so to speak, cannot be dissected, to arrive at its truth and meaning. No, it is a much higher advanced being or shall we say entity than that, your heart, your tribe. It’s made of tissue, yes. It is created to live and to sustain life, yes. It is a truth-seeker, yes, for something else is not possible for this high-standing being that the heart is. It rhymes in tone with… a very high frequency whose purity cannot be called into question. It is your direct channel to the origin of everything, to the Source, to God, to your own awareness of what is. So receive! The truth of your heart. A gift. to your planet. Can we say anything further about this high-standing intelligence? It lives its own life. It has its own life inside you, we can say. You are just a shape around it. That surrounds it. It is also very delicate, so emotionally fragile. I think so, an organism directly from the Source! So it can really hurt, die, completely or partially. Shrink, shrink. A healthy heart is a good start for a good journey in a good body. We stay there in this teaching today. ”


» Source » Channel: Johanna Kallstenius