Yeshua: Treasure Within

yeshua eraoflightdotcom newI am Jesus Christ, I am your brother and your savior. I went before so you could go after me. I walk beside you so you can support me. I whisper within you that you will remember my words. That’s all the good you are doing that is leading you now. It is the fastest and easiest way. What you do in jealousy or rage strikes back at yourselves and can delay your path to the goal of peace and love that you are on your way to. It is intended that the Earth should become a place where the human race has made peace and where they cherish and care for each other. The kingdom that has now entered Earth has only love as its goal. Anything that is not in love will dissolve and disappear. War exists only with the imperfect man who has not yet reached his perfect manifestation in love. But love grows and grows, it grows and grows in every human being on Earth today. Some have fresh seeds, others have small plants, some have flowered.

You are all on different steps and a comparison between them is impossible. You are exactly where you are supposed to be and the world is growing with you. Some of you may still be at war with themselves, while others will sing the praises of love. You who sing the praise of love also sing it for your younger brothers and sisters. You are all part of the journey even if you are on a few different steps in the beginning of the journey. You only help your fellow sisters and brothers through your way of being.

Please do not judge, for as you judge, you yourself will be judged. Let go of all judgment and ask for the power of forgiveness instead. It is a force so strong and penetrating that it can do everything in its own way, only it is used properly. Pray to have it (forgiveness) shown to you, in the way it does the most good and you will understand its undeniable effect. “Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing” is still a phrase that can be used today for anyone who wants to practice the true art of forgiveness. Forgiveness is not bound by the laws of the world, it is beyond all judgment. It shines like the sun on both old and young, on those who make or do not make mistakes and on those who work for the truth as well as on those who are stuck in the snares of illusion. Understand the true meaning of forgiveness and you have the truth in your hand. Forgiveness and truth are followed, where true forgiveness is there, there is also the truth. The forgiveness begins and ends with yourself. The circle is thus closed and the meaning of the world has now been revealed to you.

Within you, you have a huge treasure, dear children on Earth. When you have been aware of this treasure you have started a new hike. A walk to the love and freedom you have so long sought. Be assured that your Father always leads you home. That is and remains his goal. In your inner self there is this certainty and you know that it is true.

A new journey has begun and the rays of sun shine brighter and more joyful for every step upward that mankind is now taking on its journey towards the kingdom of light.

I go with you to the kingdom of light and love.

Is eternal brother Jesus Christ.


» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg