Judas Iskariot: A New Breakthrough

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I have come today to ask you for some things. I would like to ask you to have a great patience with yourself. Development can never happen in one day. You expect so much without thinking that it has taken millions of years for you to reach where you are today. Now it is so dear Earthlings that you are on the last journey into a new time of love and happiness. The time has come but it can be a bit difficult to release the patterns that you have previously built up. It is when you follow the flow of the now established energy on Earth that you reinforce your new reality. The new flow of energy shows that you now have a greater capacity for love, which leads to a greater humanity in the world in which you live.

Be kind to yourself and take good care of yourself, and you will see that life meets you in the same way. Accept your own truth and meet life as lovingly as you can. There are now so dear friends that we can only take care of ourselves. It is when you take your steps up into the light that you help others go the same way. We are guides to each other. We do not walk alone, we walk many on the same path.

Our Earth has undergone many and major transformations over time, and now she is facing a new breakthrough. She is on her way into the realm of the bright kingdoms and a new and larger energy flow of lighter energies has reached Earth. A new “gate” has been opened and you are now taking all of its light. This puts it a little bit close, since gravity is now slowly being converted into lighter energy. It is in the resistance that you can see the negative effects that are happening on Earth. It is when you follow the flow that you can see the positive effects of this energy. This is when your creations will benefit yourselves and your Earth.

That is why I ask you to be patient with yourself, and that you let in the light energy so that it can transform you from the heavier energy to the lighter one. This has been going on for a while but now it is time you see and receive it yourself. It means that you should look with loving eyes and try to do good deeds for yourself and your fellow human beings. This means that you must understand the true nature of the judgment. Everything condemning is a form of an act of war. It can be on a small level as well as on a large level, equally it is a threat to your inner peace of mind.

I want to ask humanity today to watch their thoughts and, if possible, to observe when you judge yourself or any fellow human for something you have said or done. This can also include your thoughts. The judge is so ingrained in everyone today, so it can be difficult to detect them, at least on a finer level. We have all judged ourselves or others for things that we have said, thought or done. It is now that we consciously let go of our judgment and open our minds to the truth instead.

The truth is that we are as God created us, and we are all perfect and loving beings. Now let’s remove the veil from our face and see the naked truth of who we really are. We are God’s holy children who are now to trumpet the truth throughout the world. The truth that consists of peace, love and joy.

Great love



» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg