The Collective: Raising Yourselves

the collective eraoflightdotcomGreetings, friends! We are very glad to have this time to speak with you today.

We are aware that many of you have questions regarding what is going on in the “halls of power” as they are called.

You likewise have questions about what is happening to your planet, in terms of climate change, and in terms of the expected extinction of different insects, plants, and animals.

We will again request that you not take on these issues as areas to stress or brew over.

Far from empowering your sovereignty, anger against someone or something only ties you more closely to the thing you are angry at.

You have seen this in relationships where you feel to have been exploited, victimized, misunderstood, or unappreciated—the aggressor or predator falls into the “bad guy” category of your judgments, and you therefore launch anger and resistance against them.

We can tell you that far from freeing yourself from their oppressive behaviors, you are then only sunk further into them, playing the anger/passivity role that you unconsciously assigned yourself in that situation.

It is fine to have awareness, and to use that awareness to stay awake and fully conscious of what is happening to you and others.

Yet know that an anger reaction is actually a loss of your life energy, and at this time on Earth and in your life path, you require your life energy for far higher purposes than reacting with emotional density to what someone else has said or done.

Those who occupy the “halls of power” have, as we’ve noted before, never been more terrified of losing their eons-long hold on Earth and Her beings.

They are engaging not only in in-fighting amongst their factions, but a no-holds-barred “May Day” scenario, in which lower energies are being drawn out of pockets of Inner Earth and the lower realms, in an effort to add greater fire power to their suppression efforts against human Ascension and awakening.

Of course they cannot win; the energies reaching Earth, and humanity’s and Earth’s own decision to Ascend cannot be rescinded, even if it appears to be slowed or hampered at times.

And yet they continue, calling upon all aspects of human lower nature to expend energies that support their machinery, both physical and etheric.

This is in an effort to suppress and hamper the Light you have brought in, which you have been using to magnify and intensify the Light in one another and throughout your Universe.

We would say, in addition to assuring you that your missions remain intact and on track, that it is vital now for your own well-being that you be conscious and aware when your energies are being funneled into what we will call shadow machinery.

These seek out and draw from lower emotional resonances, to power a lower agenda.

They may be the energies of anger, fear, sadness.

They may have to do with shadowed sexuality, ego-mind obsessions, or centuries-old cycles created by much-repeated patterns between you and a loved one.

They may be disguised as certain cultural labels, political parties or movements, or unlabeled responses running through the populace as panic regarding the well-being of animals or children, the environment, or abused Earth “energy sources” such as oil or coal.

Watch carefully that you do not agree, energetically, with the news headlines or commentary that announces that all bees are done for, or that all food carries inedible, dangerous chemicals. 

Be fully conscious as you watch a film or television show or video, or listen to music or radio or internet chatter.

Ask yourself if it is of the sort of transmission that brings your energies to a place where you wonder whether humankind will make it through the morass—and then, interestingly, watch to see if you don’t then wonder when a savior will burst through the clouds to save Earth and all Her beings.

Perhaps a ship of ET family members, or perhaps an Ascended Master, or group of Archangels.

Perhaps your own soul family and all they work for now.

Yet you do not need a savior, for you are raising yourselves to the new and higher level you envision, if you will allow yourselves to see that.

Think of your own liberation first, dear ones, and let the world and Her people resonate with your own high vibration.

Keep yourself inspired, and looking for that which is kind, good, beautiful, and stands on its own in the world as a symbol of balance, symmetry, and Light.

Know that the machinations of those enslaved to the lower order and their own desperation for power will land them exactly inside what they are creating, through their own narrow need for excitement and worship.

Give them the space they need to express their imbalance and lost memory of the higher realms.

For you cannot walk their paths for them, so do not expend energies trying to reroute their efforts with your own grit determination and horror reactions at their behaviors.

No one is so small and vulnerable as they appear, in the fullest sense.

Even a fractured and fragmented soul is able to heal and return to full strength, with the proper healing and support.

Even a supposedly extinct animal, flower, or insect is able to reappear in Earth life—many of you shall witness this for yourselves, as those thought extinct (or previously unknown) reappear from Inner Earth, or from parallel timelines and Universes, to once again walk the Earth.

There are unseen helps for you now, which this recent 8-8 Lion’s Gate portal and other astrological configurations have opened the doors to.

These are giving your higher selves the platform for assisting you all the more in developing your mastery more fully, more quickly, and more powerfully.

Decide what forms of mastery you require for your path now—ask for Wisdom for this, so that you do not ask out of ego need, but out of desire for growth, to know your true self, and to assist the planet.

Perhaps you are calling forth complete freedom from all energetic interferences, past life and current life trauma, past vows and allegiances, and wrong identities.

Perhaps you are calling forth complete release of all matrixes and their control over your and humanity’s inner direction, emotions, and thoughts.

Or asking to master manifesting by using visualizing, expectation, giving thanks, and understanding of Universal creation laws.

You may be clearing a path for those who have not yet realized that they do not need to belong to a particular camp or cultural group in order to feel loved and accepted by others as they follow their path.

Or you may be asking for more Joy, more creativity, more in-the-moment realization of how good it is to be alive.

Most assuredly, if you are feeling angry or disturbed now, and asking for the kind of answers that the logical left-brain requires, though it is never satisfied with any answer—then none of this will register as important or even slightly relevant to you.

And so we would say, walk into that feeling of upset and feel it fully.

Give it credence. Listen to what it is telling you.

Then decide if that is truly Who you are, and what you came in for.

Namaste, dear ones! We are honored to serve beside you in this, Earth’s and your own most vital mission, and most vital hour.


Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan