Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Terminal Epstein-Barr Infection

connecting the dots eraoflightdotcomThe U.S. political dialogue of late has been dominated by Mossad pedophile blackmailer Jeffery Epstein and Bush-era Iran Contra cover-up artist Attorney General William Barr, and this is probably no coincidence.  The choice of Epstein and Barr may well have been a deliberate nod to the Epstein-Barr virus.

Also known as mononucleosis or the kissing disease, Epstein-Barr (EB) was one of the first viruses engineered by the Nazi faction to cause cancer in targeted victims, according to Japanese military intelligence.

In this case, we have a staged public fight between Deep State agents Epstein (Mossad) and Barr (Nazi/Mossad) that seems to be deliberately causing a fatal malfunction in the U.S. political dialogue as portrayed by the corporate propaganda media.

Let us look behind the botched Epstein operation to see if it is actually part of something much more sophisticated.

The staging of Epsteins suicide in a suicide-proof jail cell was immediately condemned by Barr, even though it occurred on his watch.

Immediately after the suicide, news was released showing that Epstein had a bone broken in his neck that usually only breaks when a person is deliberately strangled.

Following this, there was an official autopsy result showing that it was a suicide after all.

What is interesting about this operation is that opinion polls show that a majority of Americans, 42%, believe he was murdered, while only 29% believe the �official� story that he committed suicide.

This means that only a minority of hard-boiled Kool-Aid-drinking Americans still believe their government.

In fact, Pentagon sources say that Epstein Pretend his death in return for the unrestricted cooperation in the forthcoming abolition of the more than 300 of the best VIPs who visited his paedophile island.

The intentional Epstein’s messed up suicide made it possible for the Investigation of the sex of minors by Barr in an The sources say that the murder investigation was transformed.

This gives the US internal and military police much stronger powers, they say.

The staged Epstein death was certainly quickly followed by an FBI Attack on Epstein’s island.

FBI agents on the scene deliberately opened up window so a drone can find a bloody bed in the temple on his island I was able to photograph.

It ll be on the video in about 2.22 minutes under the the following link.

On the information / disinformation page Sorcha Faal of the US Navy we also receive reports that naval divers have found the remains of Children’s bone on the seabed near Epstein’s island found it.

This means that the scandal is ready to be Celebrities who have sex with underage, but postpubertal girls to become the ritual victim of children, many of whom have been of puberty.

British MI6 intelligence sources warn that the use of Barr, as a key person in the Epstein investigation. that German DVD employees could be political opponents with Trumped-up paedophilia charges down.

In the sources it means it that Lord Edwin Brammal, the eldest living officer after the Queen of the British Armed Forces and others recently earned their reputation by of false paedophile charges. four-top-public-figures-falely-accused-by-nick

The same sources agree, however, that the world is a satanic enemy.

They said, We see the Satanism mainly as an extremist (fanatical) religious cult like everyone else, but even more than a compromise and control mechanism for the highest members of the social security system. order of the world.

The same sources also said that the Epstein case was a fiasco on global level at the highest social level and everything will be come out.

Also the son of the queen [Prince Andrew] is to the Example involved, with all others.

He wouldve been afraid of the sex addiction. be treated and appropriately treated during his detention should.

While this source of British Royal given the impending of high-ranking pedophiles is clearly nervous. Barr is in favor of secret military tribunals, when the world demands public and fair trials.

Even though it’s good to arrest high-profile pedophiles. still no discourse in the media about the persecution of War crimes like September 11th or mass murder in countries like Iraq and Japan.

The other dimension of this threat to the mass arrest of Pedophiles are of course financial in nature.

Essentially, it can be said that the argument of the Washington DC establishment in one dimension summarize: If you make us bankrupt, we will for pedophilia.

The increasing pressure on paedophiles and people who are being treated by Epstein have been arrested, hangs with a UK-led Bloodline trial together, against a large liquidity pool outside the EU, according to the sources of MI6.

This is a legal mechanism for controlling the banking cartel, explains the source and warns that many of the bankers have died because they tried to use this mechanism.

What people need to understand is that the bankruptcy of the Fiat bankers, the Washington, DC, EU and Japan own, the healthy part of these countries, including the non-corrupt bureaucrats and Politician, not endangered.

Actually, bankruptcy would put these countries from the Babylonian debt slavery, which many in the Western military / intelligence world.

The U.S. military will be during the forthcoming new campaign to the political circus in DC and its Ring Masters in Tel Aviv and the to ruin Switzerland once and for all.

This can be done by the oil exports of the US military protectorate Saudi Arabia to China and the cash will be paid.

According to , the oil tanker and shipments on the basis of satellite imagery and automatic identification systems of the ships, Saudi Arabia exported 1,802,788 barrels per day to China in July 2019, an increase of 96% compared to 921,811 barrels per day in the previous year In August 2018 exports to the USA in July were 262,053 Bpd, which corresponds to an increase of Decline of almost 62% compared to 687,946 bpd in August last year year.ändern- des- Oil-exports-to-china-and-den-us.html

The proposal of Saudi Arabia to create there a new country of the size of Massachusetts with 500 billion U.S. dollars to create the existing taboos against the genetic improvement of humans and all sorts of other suppressed technologies. shows that the US Central Command is at least attempting to create a to found new land renegade civilization. land-size-massachusetts-worlds-first-independent

The DC establishment is getting more desperate every day.

In Germany an increase in mass shooting incidents (whether real or real) counterfeited) is associated with declining revenues, as the public is in favour of the she goes deaf. An attempt to get in Portland, Oregon, right / left to start a staged riot has also failed.

After unsuccessful efforts to change the regime to produce oil from the Venezuela, Syria, Iran and other countries, hopes to steal the DC Neocon amount now to avert bankruptcy by selling Greenland from Denmark. economic-adviser-says-trump-still-looking-buying-n1043701

They are also trying to destabilize Hong Kong in order to to gain bargaining power with China.

The protests there began as a legitimate step by the citizens of Hong Kong to repeal a law, that made the delivery to China possible.

Hong Kong is largely by people who fled from communist China so the law really hit a nerve.

After the Chinas withdrawal, however, degenerated the protests, according to the Asian secret society to violent actions of provocateurs paid by the Zionists.

The goal was to bring China to force excessive use of force and to be with it the CIA sources admit.

The However, the Chinese learned of the protests on the square of the Heavenly Peace in 1989 and turning conventional counterinsurgency strategies such as water cannons and the to arrest violent people to keep these protests civil.

The step to Hong Kong came as Trump from the native Opposition was forced to suspend customs duties on Chinese goods in value of $300 billion. Anyone who knows the real world, understands that a bankrupt person who has unpayable debts used to buy things (such as the US companies), not in a strong negotiating position.

The people who are the sales people cheap Chinese goods in the USA, understand this. contracts-8th-month-predicts-negative-gdp-q3q4 tariff-delay-proof-he-losing-trade-was

The US now pays 94% of all global returns as it desperately trying to keep themselves alive.

On the financial markets the payment of more interest than for others is a clear sign for a deterioration in creditworthiness. has-climbed-94

The U.S. corporate government has decreed until the beginning September on financial resources, but there is a growing consensus on an actual insolvency of the US American corporate government this fall.

Unnecessary to that the DC people have so far succeeded in implementing this scenario. and that they could make it back this fall.

However, this year there will be a tremendous struggle, which the EB-infected political circus in Washington, DC, the last I could polish it.

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