Ivo of Vega: Inner Work

ivo of vega eraoflightdotcomMe: Ivo, why does this happen when I’m trying to rest? This great video idea comes up and I have to move on it quickly. – Ivo: You can have a break afterwards my dear. Me: Okay, so Ashtar just channeled something that was one of the puzzle pieces I was looking for…. how do you tell people how to do their inner work? They often don’t know where to start.

Ashtar said that to reach fifth dimensional vibration, try wishing everyone their highest good. You want the best for everyone on this planet, you wish them joy, happiness, peace, abundance and a wonderful life. That aligns with a fifth dimensional vibration.

So suppose you have a neighbour, or an ex-friend you’re at odds with, or a family member. First of all, do you have to wish them this goodwill because after all, they did this, they did that, they did whatever, they said this, they stole this…. they ruined your life, etc etc. Do you have to wish them goodwill?

Ivo: My dear, the answer to that would be, you are not attempting to get them to the fifth dimensional level, you are attempting to get yourself to a fifth dimensional level. So forgiving them of their transgressions benefits both of you, but your primary task is to heal yourself of your grudges. This will eliminate much pain in your life, it will eliminate the necessity of this situation to continue to plague you, and will help raise your vibration to fifth dimensional frequency.

Me: Wait! Wait! Wait! I’m getting so much thrown at me right now. Hold up, H.S. Hold up!

Ivo: Yes, it comes flooding in when you need the information.

Me: Well, I’m typing so it’s coming in too fast. Even for my quick fingers. So you’re saying, Ivo, that the reason you forgive others is for yourself, not even for them necessarily, although my understanding is that they benefit as well.

Ivo: Yes. You forgive to allow yourself to heal. Forgiveness can come in stages as well. When that same resentment keeps popping up again and again, then you must go deeper. There is more that this person can teach you about yourself, not about them. It is all about you. As long as you cannot wish this person the abundance and happiness of heaven, then you have an issue with them.

Me: Aha!

Ivo: Life is cyclical. So is energy.

Me: Yes, I’ve had a few just keep coming back again and again. I’ve harboured resentments against guys I dated almost 40 years ago.

Ivo: And the thing that you needed to learn is that they were a teacher. This person you were resentful of had a mantra of, “I will not beat a woman!” and after he repeated that over and over one morning, you still had relations with him.

Me: Yeah, pretty unbelieveable now.

Ivo: So you can thank him for your safety now. Your good boundaries. And your refusal to associate with violent men. You finally heard his message. He was trying not to hit you at the very moment he did this. You had a habit of being with men who did not honour and value you.

Me: Yes, this comes from my father, of course. But like we said in the other video, draw a horizontal line and put vertical marks on it delineating relationships or situations in your life. See how you’ve progressed from rock bottom to being where you are now. Or see where there is more work to be done. This timeline can show you.

I think that there’s another thing we need to clarify here too, Ivo. And that is, you don’t have to like everybody. I think some people feel that to be spiritual you have to like everybody.

Ivo: There are so many variances in vibrational levels on your planet, it would be difficult to like everyone. If you can manage that, more power to you. But loving everyone is not the same as liking everyone. You can love someone you do not like. Such as the case of your family member. She is a troubled person, causes dysfunctionality within her own family, and has a business that does not align with anything you are interested in. You understand she is troubled and that much of it is inherited. She needs to do her inner work but instead blames everyone else. You can be understanding of her projection but still love her. Liking is a question of personal preference and vibrational alignment. Who you prefer to be around depends on having a similar frequency because this relationship will be more harmonious, but you can love everyone.

Me: But wouldn’t that mean you could choose to be around everyone?

Ivo: No. It does not. You have personal preferences and you align with certain people for certain reasons and this has to do with vibrational alignment. You can love a rapist but would not prefer to be around one due to threat of harm because of their low vibrational expression. Do you understand?

Me: Yes. But couldn’t someone be of such high vibration that others wouldn’t harm them?
Ivo: Yes, but not at the level you are at.

Me: Okay, I think I get it.

Ivo: My dear, as a galactic, you are used to living with others who would never seek to harm you. Sometimes your multidimensionality clouds your judgement on 3D earth. When you can radiate enough light to calm those around you and raise their frequency, you could conceivably not be harmed by anyone. However, when you are of that frequency in the physical expression, you would rise to a higher dimension where the possibility of harm would be eliminated anyway.

Me: Yes. The fact that I can sense the soul energy of even the worst types of people doesn’t seem to help either. Because then I get hooked into thinking that they’re better than they appear to be. I’ve had to learn to see people as they act on earth, not for who I sense the goodness of their soul to be. I have to remember WYSIWYG in this physical plane.

Okay, so that’s people you’re angry at. What about people, principles or things you fear? What do you do then? (I know the answers, I’m playing devil’s advocate here)

Ivo: The answer to that is you must ask yourself, “What must I change within myself to allow X to enter into my house and to be at peace with them?” That is the question because peace and love are the opposite of fear. So if there is someone you fear, then ask what you must change within yourself to learn to love them. I use your house as a reference, because for many their home is their safe place. So to allow someone into your safe place, you must not fear them.

Me: But, Ivo. Let me tell you that the ego doesn’t see the person as being flawed – they see the other person who they feel harmed them as being flawed and in need of change! We all do it!

Ivo: This is true, my love. However, as I said before, it is not the other person you are attempting to change. It is yourself you are attempting to bring peace to. And you are the one with the issue, so you must change. Not the other.

Ivo: People are just people. They are doing their daily living, going about their business. When you clash with them, or you fear them, you are the one who has the issue. Do not worry about them.

But beware: This work does not necessarily mean that you will have relations with them again. Perhaps you do not even find that you enjoy the person’s company. Or if they are violent, even emotionally violent, you should not be around someone who is harmful to you.

Me: But if you were healed enough, you could be around someone who is emotionally violent?

Ivo: You could, but then why would you want to? If you indeed have a choice, it is best to live by your preference.

Me: Got it.

Ivo: But what you must do is use your issue with them to learn about yourself, and put the issue to rest.

Me: Ivo, last night I was sitting out in my backyard, grounding, when my neighbour came along. He started asking me about the stuff I was growing in my garden and I told him. It was pretty clear his curiousity was selfish, and he ended up asking me for some of the rhubarb I have, which I gave him. He didn’t stick around after that either. Once he got something from me, he left. So he wasn’t there for conversation.

I’m thinking today that it’s not a good idea to establish relationships with people who just see you as a provider of stuff they want. That’s codependent, for starters, but the last few people I made that kind of mistake with started running my life. One just started doing stuff on my property without even asking first! Because I had helped her a couple times. The other one looked at me as his food and drug store and never bothered providing for himself because he knew he could ask me for mine. I used to fear that. I find I don’t anymore. I know when this guy comes back for something else the answer will probably have to be “no” because I’m not about to make a habit of providing for him. I know these things can get out of hand and I won’t have it.

Ivo: So you do not fear because you have confidence in your ability to handle the situation.

Me: I’m seeing the potential of where this could go. Yes. And I know I can deal with it.

Ivo: So that is why you fear – because you lack confidence in yourself. When you trust yourselves, you do not fear.

Me: True. I’m happy to give but when giving becomes a pipeline from my place to his…. when it becomes excessive or the entire basis of the relationship, when it becomes the rule and not the exception, then he’s got the wrong idea about me. One way giving relationships I’m not into. That’s just vampiring. Energy vampiring.

Yes. So, these are good questions.

Ivo: They are all that is necessary to ask. If you should find yourself in a situation and your behaviour falls beneath a standard of loving yourself, for example, you become impatient in the line-up at the grocery store, you must understand that sometimes energies are free floating and picked up from others in the line. Attempt to transmute and see if you can raise the vibration of all in the line-up. If it is in fact your temper that has flared, understanding is essential. Understand that for many, the way to learn to be patient is to practice. So you are given opportunities.

Do you believe that the masters are impatient, petulant beings? No. They are not.

Me: Like Ashtar, when I question anything he’s channeling to me, he just gets silent and waits. I think he may be sending me some energy to raise my vibration so I can align with the truth he’s telling me, but he’s patient.

Ivo: And the channeler can only channel to their vibrational level. So some channelers will work for you and others messages you will not enjoy. Yes.

My dear, when you see the opportunities that are provided to you daily to help you change. These opportunities will start small and then grow the more you ignore them. There is a person annoying you in the workplace and the minute you learn to smile and move on, they stop bothering you. Yes, that was what they were placed there to do: to help you to better yourself.

Me: It’s kind of magical.

Ivo: My dear, I never thought I would hear you say that.

Me: Me either. LOL

So let’s reiterate: 3 questions. What is standing in the way of my wanting all the joy, abundance, love, happiness and bliss for person X? What must I change within myself to allow X to walk into my home in peace and love? The third situation is that of a foul mood: What must I change within myself to alleviate this bad mood?

Remember that we’re not saying to invite all the people back into your life that caused you this pain, especially if they’re violent, disrespectful or you could be compromised in any way. This is about healing past situations and moving on, about not dragging your past forward to keep creating your future.

Me: Yes, I sat with a few potential boyfriends who could never leave their ex out of the conversation. They clearly hadn’t moved on although they claimed to. I’ve often said that after every break-up a person should spend time in reflection, not on what the other person did wrong, but on what they feel they did wrong. It takes two to tango, they say.

Ivo: Yes, and you are potentially both learning from each other, if you so allow yourselves to.

Me: One last thing I want to say: The cabal are getting their highest good. Those not on the soul matrix are being arrested and not allowed to do anything wrong anymore. So hopefully they’ll get on the right path from here.

Ivo: Yes, your world is changing around. And high time. Everyone can do their part, and the lightworkers are the higher energies. What you do for yourselves can affect the world greatly.

Me: Thank you Ivo.

Ivo: My love, I feel so positive about our future together.

Addendum: I wrote this post the next morning. Obviously, I’d talked to Ivo about this during my sleep and I ended up understanding that which I was questioning yesterday.

Further to my post of yesterday where Ashtar was saying to love everyone unconditionally (because the conditions that you create stand in the way of your rising to 5D vibration).

Just imagine, we’re born into this 3D world run by the cabal, violent, aggressive and unloving. Yet we never get upset enough to want to do anything about it and we all live here as slaves for eternity. No thanks.

So thank you my parents, thank you Doug, thank you Glenn, thank you Vicki, thank you Bruce, thank you to the creepy guy in Hyde Park, thank you to the guy who started rubbing my back on the Tube, thank you to all the people who fat shamed me, trolled me, hated me, were jealous of me…. thank you all!! I love you. (there’s more, a lot more, I haven’t put them all down).

Do I want to hang with you? No. I don’t. I’ve learned enough through your abuse to understand that the people I want to hang with DON’T treat me the way you did.


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