Mom Thrown in Jail, Her Child Stolen, for Successfully Treating Her Cancer with CBD Oil

the truth must be told eraoflightdotcomIn the land of the free, parents whose children voluntarily wish to abstain from chemotherapy and have their parent’s consent, can and will be kidnapped and their parent jailed. This is exactly what is happening to Christina Dixon and her daughter Kylee — in spite of the fact that stopping chemo and using alternative treatment has worked.

“The only reason I’m in this position is because I stood up for my daughter’s life when she was on her last breath,” said Christina. “I’m literally getting punished for saving my daughter’s life.”

When Kylee was 11-years-old, she was diagnosed with Undifferentiated Embryonal Sarcoma, a rare kind of liver cancer that happens mainly in children. For several grueling months, Kylee underwent chemotherapy for the cancer, which they said began to kill her.

When Christina and Kylee decided that Kylee had enough of the chemo, they decided to stop and refused the doctor’s orders. For making their own decision to stop the chemo and switching to an alternative treatment — which according to Christina, literally saver her daughter’s life — Kylee was kidnapped by the state.

The act of stealing someone’s child over medical decisions happens so often that there is a term for it: medical kidnapping.

“When you separate a parent from a child based on medical reasons—to me that’s concerning,” said Christina.

Christina had no ill intentions in mind when seeking out alternative treatments and explained that her daughter’s chemotherapy was agonizing and all she did was suffer.

“The best way I can describe it is like my kid was on death row,” said Christina. “Every single time — you literally feel your kid’s life getting taken away.”

They stuck out the chemotherapy for six months, but it was far too painful and evidently not working. So, they both made the decision to stop it and seek a different treatment.

“I couldn’t do it anymore and my daughter wanted to go home. She had enough too. She begged me to take her home before they did more chemo,” said Christina.

In June of 2018, Kylee left the hospital and began her natural treatment using vitamins, herbs, and pure CBD oil for the cancer. And, according to the family, it worked.

“It started reversing her tumor for the first time,” said Christina, who claimed the tumor reduced in size by 90% during the past year.

“My daughter’s cancer has not spread. And no, she hasn’t had chemotherapy or any other treatments for the last 11 months,” explained Christina. “She is thriving, surviving and doing better than ever.”

Despite the dramatic improvement in Kylee’s health after they abandoned chemotherapy, the state still felt it necessary to intervene. In June, they came looking for the mother and daughter, with police claiming Christina had kindapped her own daughter and was treating her against her will. All of this, of course, was lies, according to Christina.

On June 10, 2019, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office issued bulletin titled, “MISSING/ ENDANGERED JUVENILE.” The alert included photos of Kylee Dixon and her mother, Christina along with a description of a car they might be driving, as KGW8 reports.

“Kylee is in need of medical attention. Christine may have absconded with Kylee after failing to abide by court orders to follow through with necessary medical care for Kylee,” the police bulletin read. “If you know where these individuals are at this time, call 911.”

Police were treating this family like criminals, all because they were seeking to treat their cancer in an alternative way — which happened to be working. Nevertheless, to “protect” Kylee, when police finally caught up with them, they kidnapped her.

Then, last week, while fighting to get her daughter back, Christine was kidnapped as well and thrown in a cage. She was charged with two counts each of first-degree custodial interference and first-degree criminal mistreatment at the Clackamas County Jail, according to FOX 12.

A reporter from FOX 12 spoke with Christina last week and asked if she ever thought she’d be in jail over this incident.

“No, definitely not. Cause I wouldn’t think this is possible for any parent to go through, for getting charged for helping my daughter live makes no sense,” Christina told FOX 12. We agree, yet we are witnessing it unfold right now.

Adding to the insidious nature of the charges, the Oregon Department of Human Services released a statement as to why they went after the mother and daughter and specifically cited CBD.

“The child has been previously diagnosed with cancer, specifically an embryonal sarcoma, after initially seeking treatment, mother withdrew the child from treatment against medical advice, and mother has failed to follow through with recommendations of child’s medical team, which creates a risk of harm to the child.

The mother has elected to treat child’s cancer exclusively with CBD oil, which is not a medically recognized treatment for the disease with which child has been diagnosed, will have no efficacy in treating child’s cancer, and child’s medical team and specialists in pediatric oncology have stated that without further treatment child will die of the disease, which creates a risk of harm to the child.”

On Monday, Kylee is scheduled to go before the DHS to plead her case. Currently, her daughter is in California and she can only talk to her mother by phone.

In the land of the free, your child can be stolen from you by the government and you can be thrown in a cage for treating your daughter’s cancer — successfully — in a manner in which the state disapproves. And we call this “Freedom.”

Shameful indeed.

If you would like to keep up with “Kylee’s Fight,” you can do so on their Facebook page setup here.


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    Hey State Of Oregon are you proud to rip kidnap another child from their homes especially a child with Cancer and who knows how much time she has before she passeaway and it is her free will to choose to be in the comfort of her home and what time she has left to be with her Mother.You couldn’t have compassion on this Mother and Child’s time is short and being sick.You State Of Oregon Department of Human Services Child Protective Services kidnapped my child because I homeschool her and then my lawyer Gardner Asmanskis tried to talk me into not going to my Court hearing to face my accusers I stood my ground and then he said Katie Holmes DHS case worker and Jennifer McGowan my daughter’s juvinelle lawyer wanted to talk to you outside of the court room.So I did and the only thing agreed was that Jennifer McGowan couldn’t wait to tell my daughter I was going to focus on my child and that my child would be returned to me in a few days and Katie Holmes said she knows that my husband and I were not the abusive parents that my daughter admitted it was her attacking me in her CARE therapy session now this little off the court record we 3 had was my lawyer saying they wanted to talk to me before going back I to the court room.When back in the court room the only time a different judge my lawyer happily informed the Judge and the DA Karen Hollbrook,Katie Holmes DHS workers my husband’s lawyer,Jennifer McGowan my daughter’s lawyer,Casa workers,that was in the court room when my lawyer said I would not be going to my Court case that following Monday.So I figured that I would not have to cancel my court since my lawyer and the DAs of those who accused me.My lawyer failed to counsel me on that if I didn’t go to my Court Case that would automatically be held guilty of the charges against me and that I would have to do what DHS wants me to to get y daughter back.This was in July 2013 and I couldn’t understand how they got custody of my child that I never consented to until 2016 my life work therapist said that I missed a court date so that’s how the State got Custody I said I never missed except the one I thought my lawyer knew I was not going to be there.And they did not put a public notice in the paper that I could find that says the state vs me etc about missing a court date.Gardner Asmasnki quit being my defender for that conflicti of interest excuse because I confronted him about this and I wanted to give him.For 7 years of there low down ways I was without my child.To this Mother they are going to say you missed a court date for being in jail so that way the State can get Custody.But don’t worry you have the best Lawyer to defend you and I have all the AUTHORITY OF HEAVEN and EARTH of Truth be and Justice and to free the capitives and to hold those responsible for injustice .I am closing the doors of foster care and DHS And Doctors are legalized drug dealers and pushers they are no different from a illegal drug dealer and I have no clue of the difference except free will.It burns me so bad that They kidnapped your child It’s in the hands Of YESHUA for he paid with his blood to free us and we did Your child will be back in your arms within two weeks all safe and 100%cured of cancer.The doctors know the healing of the oil and natural ways that work but don’t want the world to know then they think they loose patients,jobs and the big pharmacial companies loose money.I am here to heal those who choose me if there free will..I am not playing give back all the children you have stolen today. ERA OF LIGHT(Juanita Ellis) Copyright©2019 Era Of Light All Rights Reserved