Quan Yin: Consciousness is Creation

quan yin eraoflightdotcomThere are support systems that are grounding through to everyone right now. Your bodies are transforming in this process of creating new energy systems for this Earth. Everyone is transforming in continuous acceleration.

Everyone is enlightening each other. It is time to remember that about yourself. It is time to transform the Earth together. It is time to accelerate in continuous connection to Source.

It is time, Dear Hearts, to transform everything in your world. It is time to experience magnificence in continuous acceleration. Say yes to that. Let that be what is occurring in your body. Let that be what is occurring for the Earth. Let it be simple. Let it be exciting.

Let there be no hardship in the process. And let yourself experience complete and continuous enlightened support. Amma. Thank the Gods for this transformation, and let yourself be continuously accelerating in God conscious support. Amma.


» Source » Channel: Lee Lizak